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Last Updated | March 31, 2023

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Known to be a leading platform with cloud functionalities, BigCommerce has become a promising option for businesses that have established themselves in the market or are growing rapidly. 

It is integrated with market-standard performance, app-based ecosystem, and open architecture, which supports businesses in increasing their sales funnel while reducing the cost and time needed. 

It’s evident that BigCommerce integration services are constantly helping brands and merchants increase sales, irrespective of the level of business growth they are at. 

So, if you need to opt for BigCommerce migration from other platforms but don’t know what it has to offer, we are sharing it below. 

BigCommerce – An Open SaaS Platform

Before we tap into the world of BigCommerce features, it’s important to gain an understanding of what BigCommerce is. This is an open SaaS platform that allows businesses to develop, grow, and innovate. It allows businesses to create seamless and user-friendly store experiences. The BigCommerce website design is beginner-friendly, making it suitable for non-tech people.

There are various design tools to optimize the store’s outlook. In addition, the platform is secure, given the advanced encryption technology. It’s clear that they are offering advanced commerce experience to businesses, so they can keep increasing their reach. 

BigCommerce Features and Capabilities

To help you understand more, we are now sharing the BigCommerce features and capabilities in detail:

1. Design 

One of the best BigCommerce headless commerce is its ability to customize the stores. There is an array of free and paid themes available for the stores – these themes are customizable, which means the brands can build their store with the help of themes. In addition, the drag-and-drop editor makes it convenient to add carousels and widgets. The easy and intuitive interface makes the store customization convenient too. 

Honestly, the basic customization features are enough for beginners, but you can hire coders or BigCommerce development services to enhance the functionality because the sky is the limit with BigCommerce. 

2. Products 

Another feature is that the store owners can add the products to the store. With the information tab, you can add the product name, price, weight, SKU, type, videos, pictures, and descriptions. Another option is to add information about the product variations and customizations. With the storefront feature, the brands can streamline the product listing by infusing the keywords. 

Also, rather than hiring BigCommerce support and maintenance services, you can leverage the SEO and sharing features to optimize the URL of your product pages. In addition, you can add meta titles and meta descriptions. 

3. Order Management 

The third biggest thing on the list of BigCommerce features is the availability of centralized order management. It can be connected with the order management systems to make sure the orders are processed, and it’s possible to search for the orders. The store owners can collect the order details through the advanced settings. 

It allows the store owners to design and provide gift vouchers for the customers as well based on their buying.

4. Checkout & Cart Handling 

The checkout and cart handling features are extremely important for an eCommerce store, and BigCommerce has an abandoned cart and a streamlined checkout process for it. To begin with, the abandoned cart feature makes it possible to send three emails automatically – it sends emails to people who added products to the cart but didn’t complete the buying process. 

There is a persistent cart feature available, with which the cart will be saved on the customer’s device (the products won’t be deleted from the cart if customers close the tab). As far as the checkout process is concerned, it’s extremely clean and inviting. This is because there is a one-page checkout, but it can be customized if you Hire BigCommerce Developers like Folio3. 

5. Storage 

BigCommerce has unlimited storage, whether you choose the premium plan or the basic plan. This is a great option since other platforms have storage limits. It means that you can store product catalogs, customer data, videos, images, and inventory, without slowing down the loading time of the website/store. This is because it’s a cloud-based platform that can handle excessive data load. 

6. Performance Analysis 

When it comes down to running an online business, data-centric insights play an essential role in identifying the weaknesses and strengths of the store. There is an analytics page on the dashboard, so you can get information about the orders, carts, marketing outcomes, merchandizing, customers, searches, and tax reports.

In addition, you can create and download the performance reports, so you can keep an eye on the online store’s performance. Also, there are graphs and charts available for people to understand the store’s performance if they cannot make sense of numbers. 

7. Marketing 

Many people only focus on basic features during BigCommerce app development, and they forget about the exceptional features available. First of all, store owners can create banners to advertise limited-time offers, products, and discounts. In addition, it can automatically send discounts and coupon codes to new customers to increase the chances of sales. 

With the marketing feature, you can create gift certificates for a customer, depending on their purchasing history and habits. 

8. Security 

This is one of the best BigCommerce features because it’s highly secure. This is a PCI-compliant store, and you can integrate the SSL certificate for improved security standards. It can easily handle the influx of traffic during sales, completely eliminating the chances of the store collapsing. 

9. Shipping 

BigCommerce has set up multiple shipping features, such as in-store pickup, shipping by weight, free shipping, and flat shipping rate for a specific product. Depending on the operational scale, online stores can select the best shipping method, but we recommend using the shipping costs according to the weight if you cater to overseas customers. 

In fact, the businesses can partner up with UPS, USPS, and FedEx to complete the shipping process. Once you partner up with the commercial shipping company, you can also print the shipping labels from the dashboard. 

The Bottom Line 

We can say that BigCommerce is a promising cloud-based platform for operating your online store, and it’s suitable for non-techy people as well. However, if you hire a development company, we are sure you can create a store that competes with top industry leaders.


What are the Top Features of BigCommerce?

Some of the most popular features include a one-page layout, unlimited products, multi-channel sales, and mobile payments. There are more, but these features give them leverage.

Can You Explain the BigCommerce Essentials?

These are basically the paid plans of BigCommerce, such as Pro, Plus, and Standard. These plans are focused on B2B and B2C.

Which Technology does BigCommerce Use?

They have 80 different technologies, including but not limited to Google Analytics, HTML5, LetsEncrypt, Viewport Meta, and jQuery.

Can People with No Design Experience Use BigCommerce?

Yes, they can because it’s a beginner-friendly platform. 


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