8 Common Google Adsense Violations that you should Avoid in 2020

Google AdSense is probably the most ideal approach to monetize your blog. Obviously, you have to do a lot more work other than just preparing blog

most common google adsense violations

Google AdSense is probably the most ideal approach to monetize your blog. Obviously, you have to do a lot more work other than just preparing your blog before you apply for AdSense; you likewise need to ensure you follow each and every rules. Indeed, even honest unwanted missteps can put you in danger of being restricted or banned. 

Here are the absolute 8 most common Google AdSense violations or infringement that can get you banned. 

1. Content in an Unsupported Language 

The AdSense program is always expanding and now supports a lot of languages. On the off chance that you have a non-English blog, for example a blog written in your native language, ensure you don’t have content in a language that isn’t bolstered when you run AdSense ads

2. Utilizing AdSense with Banned Content 

There are specific sorts of contents that can’t be utilized with AdSense. The rundown of prohibited contents for AdSense publishers incorporates: 

  • Copyright contents 
  • Excessive foulness 
  • Content advocating against an individual, association, or group
  • Adult 18+ content that contains nudity
  • Stolen goods
  • Weapon or savagery related contents 
  • Content identified with hacking or cracking
  • Promoting professionally prescribed meds 
  • Illegal acts 
  • Gambling 

On the off chance that any page on your blog contains any of these restricted points and you have AdSense ads placed anywhere on your blog, you’re breaking the guidelines and violating Adsense rules.

3. Copyrighted Material 

There are numerous ways how you can abuse your agreement with AdSense with copyrighted material. Ensure there isn’t any copyrighted recordings, music, pictures, or contents on your site. This standard is frequently disregarded by bloggers who use copyrighted pictures for their posts by utilizing Google Images search and bloggers who post copy content aka plagarized contents.

4. Sharing Earnings 

Abstain from talking about your Google AdSense income in detail. While you can share net profit on the web, don’t share other details like your eCPM or CTR with anyone. 

5. Ads on Pages with Little to No Content 

Ensure you know where your AdSense ads are being shown. Try not to let ads run on 404 error pages“Thank you” pages“unsubscribe” pages, or some other pages with almost no contents. Google considers this misleading as visitors may accept the ad as the content. 

6. Inducing Ad Clicks 

Ensure you aren’t misdirecting traffics or attempting to actuate ad clicks by requesting those visitor to click on your ads or attempting to attract the eye to the ads with animated arrow or things like that.

7. Clicking Your Own Ads 

While this is absolutely the most obvious rule which you shouldn’t break, it’s amazing how, many of the bloggers click on their own ads hoping to get some extra bucks. By no means should you click your own ads, utilize tricks like signing in with a different IP address to click ads, or getting friends to click ads for you. In the event that you need to visit a page shown on an Adsense ad, use the AdSense Publisher Toolbar to “test click ads” without disregarding any rules.

8. Hiding Ad over an image

Lots of publisher decrease the opacity of an ad to zero and put them over some attracting images, thus inviting the visitors to click on the ad without them knowing it. This kind of behavior will surely get your Adsense account banned for good. Ensure that your Ads are not misleading at all.
You can read more about Google Adsense Violations here

Final Words

We all want to earn money from our blogs or website, some choose to follow the rules and some choose to break the rules. But, using some unethical means to earn some extra money will only result in getting your account banned for good.  
I hope this article will help you in your Adsense journey, and if you liked it, share it with your friends. If you have any questions or opinion, let me know by commenting below.

Source: https://www.bdbloggerhub.com/2020/06/8-common-google-adsense-violations.html

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