How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program in 2020

While there are a lot of subsidiary programs out there with higher commissions than Amazon, the Amazon Affiliate program is still probably the best

how to make money with amazon affiliate program

While there are a lot of subsidiary programs out there with higher commissions than Amazon, the Amazon Affiliate program is still probably the best program out there for bloggers. Amazon is, as of now a very popular brand that purchasers trust and it’s anything but difficult to integrate with your site. While it’s not ideal for every blog, but Amazon sells nearly everything and Amazon Affiliate tends to be a successful method to monetize your blog. Below are a few tips for success:

Remain Relevant 

Ensure the Amazon items you are promoting in your blog are relevant to your visitors and your blog. Amazon won’t work for each and every niche out there, so don’t attempt to constrain it. On the off chance that you have a gaming blog, you can suggest the best kind of cheap and expensive gaming pc, laptops, keyboards, mouse etc. or must-have gaming things. In the event that you have a home decorating related blog, you can suggest your preferred couch, beds, lights, or things that can make a house look beautiful. You can research about which items have the best conversion rate. 

Do a little SEO

We all know how important SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is, when it comes to getting organic traffic. There is no alternate way better than SEO. Always try to be up-to-date with the latest SEO news and try to keep your blog SEO optimized so that your posts will get higher ranking in google or other search engines.

Include Multiple Links

It pays to add a few affiliate links to your post, particularly if it’s a very long and unique one. Ensure you include an amazon affiliate link close to the head of the article, in the middle between paragraphs and particularly at the end of your review, as this last link will probably bring about more conversion. Visitors who click the affiliate link at the end of the finish of the post, are more or less bound to purchase the suggested item. However, people who click on your link that is at the top of the post, are likely doing it to learn more themselves and they may purchase different items once they’re on Amazon. If they make the purchase within 24 hours of clicking the link, you will still get a commission.

Get Visitors to Click the Affiliate Link

Practically everybody knows about Amazon and trusts the brand. Amazon is as of now, really incredible at changing people’s mind to buy from their website too. With the Amazon Affiliate program, centre around getting visitors to go to Amazon, as a decent number will wind up purchasing something. You will end up earning your commission in the event that they purchase anything within 24 hours, regardless of whether it’s not the product you connected them to.

Be Genuine 

amazon affiliate program

Don’t write a review with just the positive sides of the product. You need to earn the trust of your visitors. Write down the negative side of a product alongside with the positive sides. Your post need to be genuine. The review should have the genuineness that people pursue while reading a product review, writing both pros and cons will actually increase the sales of the products.

Make a List of Popular Items

Tap into the visitor’s mindset. People are bound to purchase something if it’s what every other person is purchasing. Have a go at making a list of top of the line products in your niche. You can even link them to the review of the item you’ve published on your blog. Direct people to the list by adding internal links of it in different posts and via social media. 

Promote any Discounted Products

Amazon quite often lists a discounted retail price of a product, yet some of the time there are different kind of promotions on a specific item or on a whole category. Ensure you always watch for special discounts and promote them on your blog. Thus people will visit your blog more often to see if there is any discounts on their favorite product.

Add Multiple Images of The Product

At long last, ensure you add multiple pictures of items and link them to Amazon with your affiliate link. People are attracted to the pictures of the product and can get you more conversion rate compared to the text links. It is a very good way of getting more visitors to click your link and buy things if it suits them.

Final Words

Amazon Affiliate is still the best program to get some cash as it is very popular among the people all over the world. I hope this article helped you a bit to understand how to make money with amazon affiliate program. If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to comment down below. Thank you for reading.


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