Top 10 Gravity Forms Alternatives You Need to Consider in 2023

In the market for Gravity Forms alternatives?

I think you will agree that finding the best online form builder is a bit tricky, especially with the many options out there.

One such option is Gravity Forms, a well-known form builder in the game. But even with all the rave reviews, is it the best software to create online forms?

I mean. Are there better and cheaper Gravity Forms alternatives? Also, is Gravity Forms suitable for your specific needs as a beginner or a developer?

For instance. We came across many newbies complaining about the lack of a free version. It means you can’t create free Gravity forms, which is meh when many WordPress form builders offer free versions.

Other complaints from verified Gravity Forms reviews included a steeper learning curve and pricier plans compared to some competitors.

Which, again, begs the question: Are there better or cheaper Gravity Forms alternatives? The short answer is yes, there are plenty – in fact, more than 10.

To uncover our top picks, join us as we test some of the best online form builders based on features, ease of use, pricing, and more.

Let us dig in.

What Does the Gravity Forms Plugin Do?

gravity forms home page gravity forms alternatives

The official website touts Gravity Forms as a “powerful data capture” system to connect with your users and expand your reach.

But to cut to the chase, Gravity Forms is just a WordPress plugin that helps you build custom forms for your site.

The plugin ships with a ton of options to create an assortment of forms, such as:

  • Lead-generation forms;
  • Event registration forms;
  • Surveys;
  • Payment forms;
  • And more.

The company offers users a 14-day demo to test some features, including official add-ons, and some pre-made form templates. Sadly, you can’t try 3rd-party add-ons.

That’s right. You must purchase third-party add-ons separately, even if you have Gravity Forms Elite License.

The Gravity Forms user interface (UI) is straightforward and easy to use. To add a new form, I navigated to Forms → New Form. Alternatively, you can click Add New:

gravity forms user interface - gravity forms alternatives

Next, you can start with a blank form or choose a pre-made form template.

gravity forms templates

Note that out of 15 pre-made form templates, the Gravity Forms demo allows you to test only five. That sucks because “Aren’t we supposed to test the full set of features?”

For illustration, I went with a blank form. The plugin prompted me to enter a form title and description. Enter the necessary details and click Create Blank Form:

how to create a blank form in gravity forms

Doing so redirects you to a simple drag-and-drop form builder with many features. Next, add your form fields, change whatever you want, and click the Save Form button at the top.

gravity form drag and drop form builder

As you can see from our painless example, it’s easy to create a form in Gravity Forms. You can create more forms, including complex ones, similarly.

Adding your new form to a page is easy as well. Create a new page, add a Gravity Forms block, select your form, and hit Publish.

gravity forms test form

We’re using the Gravity Forms demo website, which explains the form styling. Your form will look different depending on your theme and style.

Notable Features

  • Conditional logic;
  • File uploads;
  • Secure data collection;
  • Templates;
  • Integration with 3rd-party apps.

Gravity Forms Pricing

“Is Gravity Forms free?” was a popular question during our research, and the straight-in-your-face answer is “No.”

Gravity Forms is a premium WordPress form builder plugin with three pricing plans ranging from $59 to $259 per year.

gravity forms pricing plans

There is a ridiculous feature variation between the Basic and Elite plans your head will spin. That’s a nice way of saying you must shell out $259 to wield the full power of Gravity Forms.

Oh, sorry – I almost forgot you still don’t have access to third-party add-ons. As we hinted earlier, you must purchase these separately.

More than that, there is no free version, just a basic online demo. A free version to create a couple of forms would have made much more sense if you asked me.

Gravity Forms Alternatives: Why Do Folk Jump Ship?

The main selling point of Gravity Forms is the ability to create almost any form you can imagine. It’s suitable for power users who need advanced forms. For an agency, for instance, the Elite License is just perfect.

But if the plugin is so good, why are many people out here hunting for Gravity Forms alternatives?

Without the free version, Gravity Forms is out of reach for newbies still learning the ropes. Why lie – it’s also pricey for advanced users who can score the same (or better) features at a cheaper price.

Besides, Gravity Forms is overkill if you want a simple solution for specific use cases, e.g., user registration forms.

In such cases, the extra features get in your way, and the required User Registration Add-on means springing for the costly Elite License.

Summing up, people seek Gravity Forms alternatives because:

  • There’s no free version;
  • It’s hard to use, especially for perfect greenhorns;
  • Gravity Forms pricing.

Now let us look at 10 Gravity Forms alternatives.

Top 10 Gravity Forms Alternatives You Need in 2023

Looking to start with a Gravity Forms free alternative to save money? Perhaps you aren’t tech-savvy and want a simple Gravity Forms alternative. Or maybe you simply want to avoid the feature bloat that is Gravity Forms.

Whatever the case, we have your back. Read on to discover the online form builders giving Gravity Forms a run for its money.

Profile Builder

profile builder pro home page gravity forms free alternative

Profile Builder is a powerful WordPress plugin for user registration and management.

It’s a free tool to customize the login, user registration, and edit profile forms on your WordPress site. You can then display the custom forms anywhere on your website in several ways.

Additionally, the plugin allows you to manage user permissions and restrict content based on user roles or logged-in status.

Profile Builder is a fantastic Gravity Forms alternative since it has a fully functional free version. It is also easy to set up and use.

As a fact, it comes with a simple setup wizard that helps you to create the form pages automatically.

Unlike Gravity Forms which deals with many forms, Profile Builder focuses on just three. This affords the developers enough creative room to come up with brilliant ideas.

For instance, you can use Profile Builder to turn old and boring WP user registration forms into something like…

profile builder frontend user registration form

…whip up login forms, such as…

profile builder login form

…and keep your users engaged with edit profile forms, such as this one:

profile builder edit profile form

Profile Builder comes with three pre-made form designs but you can furthermore style your forms however you like within your theme.

Installing Profile Builder

To enjoy the plugin, install and activate the free version of Profile Builder from

*Aside: You can use the free version to create a custom user registration form. To do the same with Gravity Forms, you need the Elite License plan which costs $259 per year.

Next, click Create Form Pages, as shown below.

creating profile builder form pages automatically

Next, you can view and edit each page.

profile builder form pages

Later, you can access form pages by clicking View Form Pages within the Profile Builder admin UI.

view profile builder form pages

Now that we have the pages, let us install Profile Builder Pro for extra features.

What to do?

Buy Profile Builder Pro, and download the .zip file from your Cozmoslabs account.

download profile builder pro

Next, log in to your WordPress admin and navigate to Plugins → Add New.

installing a new wordpress plugin

After that, click the Upload button, choose the Profile Builder Pro .zip file on your computer, and hit Install Now.

uploading profile builder pro to wordpress

Without delay, activate the plugin.

After activation, navigate to Profile Builder → Register Version, enter your serial number, and click Activate License.

activating profile builder pro license

Now you’re ready to rock and roll. Want to see Profile Builder settings and change your form options? Navigate to Profile Builder → Settings:

profile builder pro settings

Do you want to edit the Profile Builder fields that show on your forms? Go to Profile Builder → Form Fields:

manage profile builder form fields

To view and activate add-ons (and there is quite a number), navigate to Profile Builder → Add-Ons:

profile builder add-ons

Evidently, Profile Builder Pro is packed with so many features that we would need more than one article to cover everything. For a quick overview of what to expect, please check out the official Profile Builder page.

At this point, you now have full access to all Profile Builder Pro features.

Notable Features

Profile Builder Pricing

Profile Builder offers a compelling free version to create impressive user registration, edit profile, and login forms. For more features and add-ons, go for the Profile Builder paid version which comes in three flavors.

profile builder pro pricing

You have Basic (€99/$110), Pro (€169/$188), and Agency (€299/$333). Pricing options are billed yearly and you may cancel at any time.

So, what makes Profile Builder a great Gravity Forms free alternative? Well, it all boils down to cost and ease of use.

Unlike Gravity Forms, Profile Builder has a remarkable free version that allows you to create user registration, login, and edit profile forms in a jiffy.

For the same function, you’d need to purchase the Gravity Forms Elite License, which has the user registration add-on.

WordPress user registration and management are already hard tasks for many people. But Profile Builder makes the entire process super-duper easy, something we can’t say about Gravity Forms.

Additionally, Profile Builder has a better online demo that allows you to test all the pro features, including add-ons.


jotforrm home page gravity forms free alternative

Are you still looking for a free alternative to Gravity Forms? Besides Profile Builder, Jotform is another online form builder that doesn’t disappoint.

With a long list of powerful form-building features, it’s indeed easy to see why more than 20 million users trust Jotform.

It’s incredibly easy to create a Jotform form. Just head over to their website and sign up for a forever-free plan using your email, Facebook, or Google.

You’ll be led to a simple UI to create a form from scratch, use form templates, or import existing forms. That means you can migrate forms from Gravity Forms with just a click.

Did I mention Jotform offers you 10,000+ pre-made templates in the free version? That’s quite generous considering Gravity Forms offers 15 templates. In addition, Jotform offers 150+ and Zapier integrations for free.

jotform form templates

This Gravity Forms alternative allows you to create a wide range of forms, such as:

  • Fancy contact forms;
  • Product order forms;
  • Information request forms;
  • Hotel booking forms;
  • Payment forms;
  • Appointment request forms.

I found the Jotform form builder quite easy and thrilling to use. It’s intuitive and full of features.

jotform form builder

Once your form is ready, you can share it via a link or embed it on your website. They also have a JotForm WordPress plugin to embed forms. However, it doesn’t support adding or editing forms.

Meanwhile, the free version is severely limited in terms of capacity. For instance, you can only create up to 5 forms with a monthly limit of 100 submissions.

Additionally, you have only 1,000 form views/month, 10 payment submissions/month, and a measly 100 MB of storage. Further, free forms come with Jotform branding.

Notable Features

  • 10,000+ pre-made form templates;
  • Conditional logic;
  • e-signatures;
  • Powerful analytical tools;
  • A visually appealing UI.

Jotform Pricing

With many amazing features, Jotform is an excellent Gravity Forms alternative. However, the free plan is seriously limited, meaning you will likely upgrade to a paid plan.

jotform pricing

Jotform offers four plans as shown above; Bronze ($34/mo.), Silver ($39/mo.), and Gold ($99/mo.) billed annually. If your needs exceed the limits of the above plans, contact sales for a custom Enterprise plan.

Why – at these seemingly high prices – is Jotform one of the best Gravity Forms alternatives? Firstly, Jotform comes with a free version. Secondly, Jotform has a longer list of features compared to Gravity Forms.

And don’t even get me started on the smooth drag-and-drop form builder. It’s way better than what Gravity Forms has, allowing you to deploy working forms quickly.

Formidable Forms

formidable forms home page gravity forms alternatives

If you’d like a Gravity Forms alternative that is perfect for WordPress users of all skill levels, Formidable Forms might just be what you need.

The plugin is backed by some of the best brains in the WordPress community, including the likes of Syed Balkhi and Steve Wells. Moreover, it is trusted by more than 300k businesses, meaning you’re in good hands.

Formidable Forms offers an extensive list of features to create solution-focused forms. Additionally, it helps you to create a range of apps from your data, i.e., job boards, staff directories, house listings, and more.

Whenever you’re ready, you can get a good feel for one of the best Gravity Forms alternatives thanks to the Formidable Forms free version.

You can create forms such as:

  • Calculator forms that provide instant results;
  • Payment forms;
  • Registration forms;
  • Surveys and polls;
  • Lead forms;
  • Product order forms

Formidable Forms is easy to customize mainly due to the drag-and-drop form builder, visual styler, one-click add-ons, dynamic fields, and tons of form templates.

Setting Up Formidable Forms

Once you install the free version, you will see the following welcome screen:

formidable forms welcome screen

You can create a form from scratch or use form templates although most are only available in the paid plans.

The drag-and-drop form builder is clean and easy to use.

formidable forms lite form builder

Next, add the fields you need and click Update. When ready, hit the Embed button to add your form to any page you want:

embed formidable forms

Notable Features

  • Customizable form templates;
  • Dynamic fields;
  • Multiple integrations;
  • Display form data using custom views.

Formidable Forms Pricing

Formidable Forms offers a free version with basic features and four paid plans as seen below.

formidable forms pricing

You have Basic ($39.50/year), Plus ($99.50/year), Business ($199.50/year), and Elite ($299.50/year). Note that these are discounted introductory prices for the first year.

But what makes Formidable Forms a powerful Gravity Forms alternative? Well, I would say the free version, sheer number of features, and ease of use.


typeform home page

Typeform is an exciting free alternative to Gravity Forms. The service helps you build people-friendly forms and surveys that keep your audience engaged.

Instead of long old-school forms, Typeform uses conversational forms that guarantee more thoughtful responses and higher completion rates.

You’ve probably seen a Typeform form before, and you most likely filled out the form without thinking.

I mean. By showing one question at a time, this type of form is generally more fun to complete than a traditional form.

You can create all manner of forms, including:

  • Surveys, quizzes, and polls;
  • Lead generation forms;
  • Application forms;
  • Payment forms;
  • You can even use it as a chatbot.

Typeforms ships with built-in photo and video libraries, layouts, and themes that make your forms pop.

Thanks to conditional logic, you can ask the right follow-up questions and make forms more conversational.

Further, Typeform has many integrations for analytics, lead generation, marketing automation, payments, and other categories.

The service offers a forever-free plan.

How to Create a Form in Typeform

You can create a form from scratch, start with a template, or use AI.

creating a typeform form

I went with a template, which led to 100 ready-to-use forms.

choose typeform form template

Next, choose a template and click Use This Template.

choose typeform template to use

Give your form title and click Continue.

typeform form title and type

Next, you see a beautiful online form builder that’s easy to use. Everything you need is in one place. As a result, you needn’t move away from the form builder to connect to integrations, view results, or share your form.

Once your form is ready, hit the Publish button at the top.

typeform online form builder

Since there are many options to explore within the form builder, don’t hesitate to click around.

Finally, I created a fully functioning form and could view the results inside the form builder.

typeform results

Notable Features

  • A beautiful online form builder;
  • Share the form via a link or embed it on your website;
  • Lots of form fields;
  • Detailed insights.

Typeform Pricing

The free plan offers you 10 form responses per month, which is limiting. Paid plans offer more features and remove Typeform branding.

typeform pricing

The company offers four paid plans: Basic ($25/mo.), Plus ($50/mo.), Business ($83/mo.), and Enterprise (custom quote) – all billed yearly.

Typeform is a fantastic alternative to Gravity Forms due to its free version, intuitive form builder, and many features.


wpforms home page gravity forms alternative

WPForms is a brilliant WordPress form plugin by Awesome Motive, the same guys behind Easy Digital Downloads, WPBeginner, and All in One SEO.

It is used by more than 5 million people and has impressive ratings. But is WPForms a great Gravity Forms alternative?

WPForms offers a free version but it’s a bit pricier than Gravity Forms. But that’s probably because it offers more features than the latter. For example, it offers 600+ form templates and better spam protection.

All in all, it’s a superb plugin to create forms, such as:

  • Payment forms
  • Newsletter forms
  • Survey forms
  • Registration forms

WPForms makes it easier to create forms thanks to the drag-and-drop builder, and many form templates.

wpforms form builder

Once your form is ready, simply hit the Embed button to add it to any page.

wpforms embed forms

And in a few minutes, you’re done.

simple wpforms form

WPForms might look simple at first but it packs quite a punch in terms of features.

Notable Features

  • 600+ ready-made templates;
  • Entry management to view all leads in one place;
  • User registration (Pro & Elite plans only);
  • Lots of add-ons and integrations;
  • Smart spam protection.

WPForms Pricing

wp forms pricing

WPForms offers four plans: Basic ($49.50/month), Plus ($99.50/month), Pro (199.50/month), and Elite ($299.50/month). Note that these are discounted prices for the first year, and all plans are billed annually.

WPForms and Gravity Forms offer almost similar features. However, WPForms is better due to the free version, more templates, better spam protection, and an easier UI.

Microsoft Forms

Microsoft forms home page gravity forms free alternative

I bet few people think of Microsoft when considering the best form builder for WordPress. And why would they? Microsoft and WordPress are two worlds apart.

And to think Microsoft Forms would be a Gravity Forms alternative? Now that’s unheard of. But you’ll be interested in knowing that Microsoft Forms makes for a fun Gravity Forms alternative.

Why? For starters, it has a free version with a decent set of quaint features such as background music and live backgrounds. See this quick demo we made.

That’s not all, the form builder comes with 20+ templates to create surveys, quizzes, registration forms, request forms, and more.

Microsoft forms templates

While the form builder is a bit wonky (hello, Microsoft) and comes with just eight form fields, it’s relatively easy to use. Additionally, you can customize the colors, backgrounds, and a few settings.

Microsoft forms form builder

When done, click Collect Responses to share your form using a link, QR code, social media, or embed.

share microsoft forms

Next, you can view your report, which comes complete with nice charts and graphs under the Responses tab.

Microsoft forms responses

Microsoft Forms Pricing

For features such as premium templates, you need Microsoft 365 Business plans.

Microsoft 365 business plans

Microsoft offers you four plans:

  • Basic at $6.00/user/month;
  • Apps for business at $8.25/user/month;
  • Standard at $12.50/user/month;
  • Premium at $22.00/user/month.

Microsoft Forms would make more sense to businesses interested in the entire Microsoft 365 suite. Still, the form builder makes a great Gravity Forms alternative. It’s free and easy to use.

The premium plans are also cost-effective if you need the other Microsoft 365 tools.

Google Forms

google forms gravity forms alternative

As you can tell from the title, Google Forms is an online form builder from the tech giant Google. It is one of the best Gravity Forms alternatives with free and paid plans.

It’s also one of the easiest online form builders on our list. You can start from scratch or use any of the 17 customizable templates to create forms, such as:

  • Surveys and quizzes;
  • Party invites;
  • Event registration;
  • Order forms;
  • Job applications;
  • Worksheets.

To create a form, you need a free Google account. Then head over to Google Forms and choose a template.

google forms templates

After that, customize your form to your heart’s content. You have several features within the easy drag-and-drop builder.

google forms form builder is a great free gravity forms alternative

When your form is ready, click Send at the top to share your form via email, link, or embed it on your website.

share google forms

As can be seen below, you can view performance under Responses. The reports come with nice charts and graphs to visualize your data.

Additionally, you can link your forms to Google Sheets and other Google Workspace tools.

google forms responses

It’s quite simple, right?

Notable Features

  • Intuitive online form builder;
  • Templates;
  • Easy customization options;
  • Detailed reports;
  • Conditional logic;
  • Multiple form fields;
  • Integration with Google Workspace tools.

Google Forms Pricing

The free plan is great, but paid business plans offer you much more.

Google workspace pricing plans

Google offers four business plans:

  • Starter at $6/user/month;
  • Standard at $12/user/month;
  • Plus at $18/user/month;
  • Enterprise (contact sales for pricing).

The first three plans require a 1-year commitment and come with a 14-day free trial.

Google Forms is one of the best Gravity Forms alternatives mainly because it is free and easy to use. The Business plans are also quite generous for the price.

Ninja Forms

ninja forms gravity forms alternatives

Can we already agree that WordPress is the proverbial gift that keeps on giving? Even with services such as Google Forms, the best Gravity Forms alternatives are – undeniably – other WordPress form plugins.

One such plugin is Ninja Forms, a drag-and-drop WordPress form builder that makes you feel like a professional developer.

A medley of stunning features helps you to create beautiful and user-friendly forms, such as

  • Lead generation forms;
  • Newsletter sign-up forms;
  • Payment forms;
  • Event registration forms;
  • User registration and edit profile forms.

Unlike Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms has a free version.

Figuring Out Ninja Forms

After installing the plugin, click Add New inside the clean Ninja Forms UI:

ninja forms admin ui

Next, you can let your creative genius loose on a blank form, or customize one of the pre-made templates.

ninja forms templates

*Note: some templates require paid add-ons.

Use the drag-and-drop form builder to create your form, and click Publish once done.

ninja forms drag and drop form builder

Additionally, you can create a shareable public link to the form.

share ninja forms form via link or embed on your website using shortcode

Notable Features

  • Easy drag-and-drop form builder;
  • Lots of add-ons and integrations;
  • Premium support;
  • Conditional logic;
  • Multi-step forms;
  • Built-in spam protection.

Ninja Forms Pricing

The free version of Ninja Forms is great for simple forms. For more power, the plugin offers four paid plans.

ninja forms pricing

You have:

  • Personal – $49/year;
  • Small Business – $99/year;
  • Web Design & Dev -$199/year;
  • Agency – $299/year.

Note that these are discounted prices for the first year, and all plans renew at normal rates. Also, you can purchase add-ons individually instead of choosing a membership plan.

Ninja Forms is a popular Gravity Forms alternative. Membership plans might be pricier than Gravity Forms, but you have flexible payment options.

Besides, you have the free version, which is lacking in Gravity Forms. Further, Ninja Forms is easier to use and has more responsive support than Gravity Forms.

HubSpot Form Builder

hubspot free online form builder gravity foms alterntive

HubSpot is a powerful CRM platform offering you all the tools you need for content management, customer services, marketing, and sales. It integrates with many apps including the Gravity Forms alternatives on our list.

But that didn’t stop HubSpot from creating a free online form builder of its own.

The HubSpot Form Builder is a fantastic tool allowing businesses to create high-quality forms that boost conversions and generate leads.

You can create:

  • Contact forms;
  • Event registration forms;
  • eBook download forms;
  • Support forms;
  • Etc.

If it’s your first time, getting started is easy and free. Head over to the HubSpot form builder page and create a free account.

Once in, click Create a Free Form:

create new free form in hubspot form builder

Choose the type of form you want and click Next.

choose form type in hubspot

Next, choose a template and click Start.

choose template in hubspot form builder

You’ll be directed to a beautiful drag-and-drop form builder that’s laden with lots of features and settings.

Create your form and click Update:

hubspot drag and drop form builder

Next, review your form to eliminate errors and click Publish:

review and publish hubspot form

Finally, share via a link or embed the form on your website:

share or embed hubspot form

You’re done. The result is a clean and working form.

final hubspot form

To see how your form is performing, click Back to all forms:

go back to all hubspot forms

And choose your form.

choose form in hubspot form builder

And review your results.

hubspot form builder analytics

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Notable Features

  • A fabulous drag-and-drop form builder;
  • Seamless integration with the HubSpot CRM;
  • Workflow automation;
  • Multiple form styles;
  • Customizable templates;
  • Conditional logic.

HubSpot Pricing

The HubSpot Form Builder is forever free in all plans. HubSpot offers paid packages if you need their other tools.

hubspot pricing

They offer three plans:

  • Starter for $30/month;
  • Professional – $800/month;
  • Enterprise – $3,600/month.

All plans are billed yearly and come with a 14-day free trial.

HubSpot Form Builder is great as a free alternative to Gravity Forms. If you need other marketing and CRM tools, choose a plan that works for your business. form builder gravity forms alternative

I’m a sucker for innovative tech, so you can imagine my excitement when I discovered It is a free Gravity Forms alternative that’s quite a thrill.

More precisely, is an all-in-one online form builder that helps you create engaging forms, landing pages, surveys, polls, and quizzes.

While it might look simple at first, the tool offers hundreds of customizable templates, responsive designs, detailed analytics, and much more.

Since there is a free plan, join me for the test drive. First, head over to and set up an account. Secondly, choose a template or start from scratch. form templates

Thirdly, choose your project name and type, and click Start Editing:

choose project name and type in editor

The form builder is incredibly easy to use. Once your form is ready, you can preview, try the draft, or publish it.

publish forms

To view how your form is performing, click Responses inside the form builder. analytics

Notable Features

  • Hundreds of beautiful templates;
  • 100% responsive design;
  • A feature-rich yet easy-to-use visual form builder;
  • Detailed analytics;
  • Edit live forms in real-time. Pricing

The free version is quite a banger, and for the paid plans you have three options: Starter ($19/month), Professional ($49/month), and Business ($149/month). All plans are billed yearly. pricing

For all the features you’re getting, and the ease of use, is a refreshing alternative to Gravity Forms. It also gives you a 14-day free trial to test the waters.

Which is the Best Gravity Forms Alternative?

We hope you found this comparison post useful as you hunt for the best online form builder for your specific project.

It’s not an all-encompassing list by any means as there are many more Gravity Forms alternatives out there. Some are perhaps better or cheaper than what we have here. These are just our top 10 picks.

I hope this summary points you in the right direction as far as choosing a Gravity Forms alternative goes.

That said, please share your thoughts and favorite form builder tools in the comment section below so we can continue improving this post. Happy building!

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