Is Grammarly Premium Worth It? [9 Ques Answered!]

Millions of people use Grammarly’s free version.

But, is Grammarly Premium worth it? 

Let’s find out.

What makes Grammarly Premium worth it?

Here is a closer look at the benefits of Grammarly Premium over the free version. 

1. Trigger the right emotions with your writing

Grammarly Premium ensures you make the right impression with your articles.

Whether you need to sound more confident, positive, constructive, or formal, Grammarly Premium’s “tone suggestions” feature will help fine-tune your sentences in one click. 

Tone suggestions are embedded in the “Delivery” section of the advanced writing assistant. In addition to the suggestions, Grammarly Premium also includes a short lesson to help improve your writing skills. 

If you only use Grammarly Free, the “Delivery” section of the writing assistant is closed off. You can only access the “Correctness” and “Clarity” suggestions to improve your writing. 

For more information on the differences between the grammar suggestions of Grammarly Premium and Grammarly Free, read Grammarly Free vs Premium: Detailed Comparison

2. Make sure you publish 100% original content

Grammarly Premium comes with a built-in plagiarism checker that scans the web for matching text. This feature isn’t available in the free version of Grammarly.

This is helpful if you’re a business that outsources content from freelance writers and content agencies. It also helps students avoid unintentional plagiarism through semantic similarities between ideas and improper citations. 

When detected, Grammarly Premium highlights the potentially plagiarized text. It also includes a link to the web pages that contain matching text. 

From there, you can choose to delete or rephrase the matching text in your draft. Another alternative is to include a proper citation (the “Click to copy reference” box makes this process a breeze). 

3. Save money from buying multiple writing software

You don’t have to pay for multiple tools or services to complete your writing software ecosystem. Everything you need can be yours with a single subscription plan. 

Grammarly Premium packages its plagiarism checker with the online grammar checker. Apart from the Grammarly online editor, the writing assistant is also designed to work as a browser extension, Microsoft Word add-in, and desktop app. 

Not to mention that you can get a 25% off on any Grammarly Premium plan (click here for details).

4. Enrich your vocabulary with word choice suggestions (great for non-native English writers)

Grammarly Premium includes vocabulary enhancement suggestions that improve the engagement factor of your articles. 

In the “Engagement” section of the writing assistant, you’ll find suggestions targeting your word choices and variety throughout the piece. This will prevent you from using commonly-overused words, making your article sound boring and repetitive. 

These suggestions help non-native professional writers broaden their vocabulary, sharpen their language skills, and build their own writing style. 

In the “Delivery” section, they can find suggestions that encourage the use of inclusive language while avoiding potentially offensive or discriminatory words. English fluency suggestions, which can be found in the “Correctness” section, also ensure they use the correct words to avoid being misinterpreted. 

5. Save a ton of time

Grammarly Premium is equipped with features that will shave hours off of your proofreading process

Copy-paste citation suggestions are just one example. 

With Grammarly Premium, you can rewrite full sentences in one click—as opposed to proofreading one word at a time. 

Full-sentence rewrite suggestions target hard-to-read sentences, boosting the overall quality of your content. This is perfect for freelance writers, students, teachers, and copywriters who need to discuss technical topics. 

Are there any cons to Grammarly Premium?

No, there are absolutely zero downsides to upgrading to Grammarly Premium (save for the fact that it isn’t free). Grammarly Premium’s features, including the plagiarism checker and advanced suggestions, are seamlessly integrated into the app interface —preserving the user-friendliness and accessibility of the free version. 

You can use Grammarly Premium to polish punctuation, spelling, and grammatical mistakes via a browser, desktop app, or Microsoft Word add-in. Upgrading to the premium version doesn’t affect the performance of these Grammarly tools in any way.

How much does Grammarly Premium cost?

Grammarly Premium costs $30 per month if you choose a monthly billing plan. This is reduced to $20 per month with quarterly billing or $12 per month with yearly billing. Just take note that quarterly and annual billing plans are paid upfront.  

Also, remember that you can get a 25% discount on all Grammarly Premium plans. Just use this link to get to the store page — the exclusive Master Blogging discount will be automatically applied! 

Does Grammarly have a free Premium trial version?

According to their website, Grammarly occasionally offers limited-time free trials of their grammar checker. This gives new users an opportunity to try and test the paid version of the app with zero risks. 

Unfortunately, Grammarly free trials aren’t always available. But you can always use the free version to check basic grammar mistakes, set standard writing goals, and enjoy this popular writing tool. 

Is it easy to cancel Grammarly Premium?

Yes, users of the paid version can easily cancel their subscription from the “Subscription” page of the Grammarly website. Just log in to the Grammarly dashboard, click ‘Account,’ go to the ‘Subscription’ tab, and click ‘Cancel Subscription’ at the bottom of the page. 

Follow the on-screen instructions to cancel your Grammarly Premium plan and downgrade to the free version. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get Grammarly Premium for free?

No, there’s currently no way to get Grammarly Premium for free. Tools such as the Grammarly browser extension, Grammarly keyboard, Grammarly web app, and MS Word add-in, however, are available at no charge. 

Is Grammarly Premium worth it for college students?

Yes, Grammarly Premium is worth it for college students who want to fix spelling and grammar errors, correct punctuation mistakes, hone their writing skills, and avoid plagiarism. Plus, they can get Grammarly premium at a 25% discount using Grammarly discount offer.

Is Grammarly Premium worth it for writers and authors?

Yes, Grammarly Premium can help freelance writers and authors. Apart from avoiding writing mistakes, Grammarly Premium also lets them set customizable writing goals with flexible grammar rules (be it for creative, business, casual, or email writing). 

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