How To Buy Hosting From Bluehost | In 7 Easy Steps – 2022

These services are completely optional however they might attract your attention as these services are really amazing (In terms of their benefits.)

If you’re on a tight budget then you may not interested in any of these services but still, it will be worth discussing these Bluehost Hosting addons.

Sometimes these add-ons can be proved as life-saving add-ons.

Bluehost addons

So, Let’s take a look at these services –

1 – Domain Privacy Protection ($11.88 a year) :

This Bluehost hosting addon will help you to get your domain name information hidden from the world.

Suppose you purchased a domain name by giving some details like your name, email, phone no, address, etc.

Then these details will be available publicly and anyone can contact you through these details.


But if you purchase the Domain Privacy Protection add-on, Your private information will be hidden from the world.

2 – SiteLock Security ($23.88 a year)

It will help you to protect your website from basic spam, malware, and blacklist scans. This Bluehost addon also provides you the Sitelock SSL certificate that also makes your website genuine in front of website visitors.

Alternatively, You can do the same task with one of the WordPress security plugins (Wordfence, Cloudflare, etc.) for free.

Here is the detailed Bluehost Sitelock security review you should read.

3 – CodeGuard Backup ($2.99 a month)

It might be the life-saving addon while buying Bluehost hosting. This addon will store your website’s daily backup in your hosting’s file manager.

So, In the worst case where your website is hacked and all the data has been erased, You can easily restore your website with CodeGuard backup.

Alternatively, You can install various free website backup plugins like UpdraftPlus to do the same task manually.

4 – Bluehost SEO Tools ($23.88 a year)

If your main intention is to hit the SEO industry through blogging, Content marketing, etc. then this Bluehost addon will help you.

This add-on will help you to know how to optimize your content well to get a higher ranking in Search Engine. It will provide you the insights into the proper SEO of your website.

For beginners, It might be a good option to learn the basics of SEO and content optimization.

This Bluehost SEO tool will better work with RankMath SEO Plugin.

However, you can learn the same level of SEO basics for free with YouTube.

5 – Office 365 Mailbox (Free one month trial)

This office 365 Mailbox tool will help you to Access business-class branded email, professional calendars, and many high-end services.

As a beginner, You don’t need this addon.

I must say, The only addon you can consider for buying is Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection, rest all the addons are useless due to their alternate free method.

Note: The above Bluehost addons are best described for the Basic Plan of Bluehost hosting.

If you choose the Plus or Choice Plus plan then some of these addons will be free with your Hosting Package.

These Bluehost addons are completely optional so you don’t need any of them to run your website with Bluehost hosting.


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