Can You Start a Blog Without Hosting? (6 Questions Answered!)

Wondering if you need to pay for web hosting to start a blog?

Not confident enough in the profitability of blogs to pay for hosting?

These are the questions we’ll answer in this post. 

Let’s get right to it.

In addition to making your blog accessible online, here are few more reasons why hosting is necessary for blogs. 

Why is web hosting necessary for a blog?

Web hosting is a service that allows you to publish websites/blogs online. A web host operates servers that function as online storage spaces for website data. They are also in charge of delivering this data to users who need them through the internet. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re paying for it or not. If you own a blog that people from around the world can access, you are using hosting. 

Apart from that, web hosting service providers are also responsible for the following:

  • Maintaining server hardware
  • Implementing security protocols to keep data safe
  • Creating backups for added security

Are there any free web hosting services available, and should you use them?

Yes, there are plenty of companies that offer free hosting, like Free Web Hosting Area and 000webhost. However, serious bloggers should avoid these services at all costs.

First, free web hosting often comes with strict bandwidth and data storage limitations. For example, 000webhost’s free plan only provides 300 MB of data storage – nowhere near enough for a growing blog.

Other than that, here are other disadvantages of free web hosting solutions: 

  • Lower uptime
  • Slow blog performance
  • Possible monthly bandwidth cap
  • Forced ads 
  • Little to no customer support
  • Limited features
  • Unreliable security
  • Can be hard to migrate to a new host later

That’s a lot of downsides. 

Remember, the only benefit of free web hosting companies is that they’re free. That’s why they’re an inviting option for aspiring bloggers who don’t have a lot of capital.  

Unfortunately, saving a few dollars on hosting isn’t worth all the risks. That’s why, rather than using a free hosting service, it’s much better to use a reliable blogging platform

If you lack the budget for a proper web host, you can start with free blogging platforms like

Fun fact: Blogger is a Google product, similar to Gmail, YouTube, and Google Chrome. It’s a popular blogging platform that lets you focus on writing and publishing blog posts. 

Is hosting free on Blogger?

Yes, Google itself will provide free hosting through Blogger. You can build your blog and publish content without paying for anything.

Hosting your blog through Blogger is leagues better than using a free hosting service. 

First of all, there are no strict limitations when it comes to storage and bandwidth. Performance, uptime, and security are also better across the board than with an average free hosting service.  

Migrating from Blogger to a self-hosted blog is also easier – thanks to the migration tools offered by hosting companies. 

It may not matter to you now. But it’s definitely worth mentioning, especially if you plan to move to WordPress (WordPress is the world’s biggest CMS – used by almost every professional blogger) once you start making money. 

This leads to the next question: 

Can I use WordPress without hosting?

WordPress has two versions: and Just like Blogger, is a free blogging platform that doesn’t require your own hosting. itself is also free, but it’s built as an open-source CMS that requires your own web hosting account. is for professional bloggers who require complete ownership and control over their blogs. 

If you want to be a professional blogger, it’s advisable to choose a self-hosted blog using from the get-go. 

Sure, you can migrate from your free blogging platform to later. The only problem is, there’s always the risk of losing your blog’s search engine rankings after migrating.  

In professional blogging, investing money to be safe is much better than cutting corners and risk losing it all. 

The good news is, paying for your own hosting doesn’t cost a lot. 

There are hosting companies like Hostinger that offer super affordable hosting plans while providing a solid foundation for your blog.

I came across dozens of web hosting service providers throughout my 11-year blogging career. However, I can say with complete certainty that they offer the most affordable hosting packages for new blogs.  

Hostinger’s basic shared hosting service can cost as little as $1.39 per month for a 48-month plan. 

That’s an average of only $0.046 per day!

If you want their Premium Shared Hosting plan, the minimum you can spend is $2.59 per month for 48 months. This comes with boosted performance, more websites, unlimited bandwidth, free domain, and more. 

With the premium plan, you’ll spend an average of only $0.086 per day. 

Want to save even more bucks? Click here and use the coupon code ‘MASTERBLOGGING’ to get an additional 5% discount on your Hostinger purchase!

How can you register for web hosting?

Below are the steps in starting a hosting account with Hostinger:

1. Click here to head to Hostinger’s official website and click ‘Get Started.’

2. Choose whether you’re creating a blog for yourself or someone else. 

3. You can then specify whether or not you’re planning to sell products on your blog. Selecting the right options will help Hostinger recommend the perfect hosting plan for you. 

4. Specify whether or not you have experience in website creation. 

5. Hostinger will then show you the details of the plan that’s best suited for your needs. If you’re happy with the product, click ‘Add to cart’ – otherwise, click ‘Start over.’

6. On the payment details page, choose your desired payment period and enter your payment information. Don’t forget to scroll down and use the coupon code ‘MASTERBLOGGING’ for a special discount. 

7. Click ‘Submit Secure Payment’ to complete your purchase. Good luck with your blog!

Final words

TL;DR: Yes, you need web hosting to start a blog. And, no – you don’t need to pay for your own hosting. 

Want to share another tip that can help beginners start a blog without spending on hosting? What blogging question do you want me to answer next?

Leave a comment below and see you in the next post!


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