Do You Need a Website for a Blog? (3 Ques Answered!)

Blogging is a lucrative online business that anyone – including you – can start today.

You don’t need a lot of things to be a blogger. 

That said, allow me to answer this question:

You can build your blog on a website you create yourself or an existing website where users can publish content.

More on this later. 

For now, let’s talk about the reasons why bloggers need a website.

Why do bloggers need a website?

Here are the reasons why you need a website to start a blog:

  • Build your own brand – If you believe that blogging is a business, having your own site is the way to go. It will make your brand look more official and credible, especially with a professional-looking design. 
  • Distribute content online – One of the advantages of blogging is that you can reach an international audience. Websites make it possible for potential readers from other countries to access and consume your content.
  • Make money with your passion – A website opens up opportunities to earn from writing about what you love. You can display advertisements, promote other companies for a fee, sell your own products, and more. 
  • Let readers find and connect with you – There are several ways to connect with your audience through your website. This includes building “contact us” pages, enabling post comments, and sharing your contact information or social media links. 
  • Be visible – A website makes you more discoverable to professionals, influencers, and other companies you can work with. These valuable connections can help you grow as a blogger and authoritative figure in your industry.

While having your own website lets you make the most out of blogging, you still have other options. 

Let me explain. 

Is it possible to write a blog without a website?

It’s impossible to build a blog without a website, but you can be a blogger without YOUR OWN website. There are platforms like Medium, Quora Spaces, and LinkedIn Articles that allow you to write and publish articles online. 

Using third-party platforms to start a blog can be convenient. 

The only problem is, it won’t be your property.

Publishing content on a website you don’t own is called “digital sharecropping.” That means you have almost zero control over the website, including its speed and design.

For full ownership and control, I strongly suggest using your own website that hardly takes 30 minutes to set up.   

Other than that, here are a few more reasons why you need your own website for blogging:

  • Make your website last – Another risk of digital sharecropping is that the platform you use may go offline. This happened with sites like GeoCities and Google+ that shut down, bringing down millions of pages with them.
  • Use your own domain name – With creating your own website, you’re free to use your own “domain name,” which will be used as your web address. This will significantly improve your blog’s image, making it more brandable and authoritative.
  • More opportunities and freedom – If you have your own website, you can explore opportunities to grow and make money without limits. You can sell digital products, manage advertising spaces, allow guests to publish content, and more.
  • Fully customize your website – Having your own website lets you change every single detail, like fonts, buttons, colors, and page layouts. Don’t worry – with the right tools, you don’t need to be an experienced web developer to do all this!
  • It’s easy and cheap – If you want to blog on another site “because it’s free,” owning a site won’t break your bank, either. In fact, you can get a fully functional website up and running for less than $30.

Here’s how you can start your own blogging website

Ready to build your own website and become a full-fledged blogger?

I know what you’re thinking.

Where do I sign up?

You see, my job here is simple: to guide you through the steps of building a profitable blog.

Good luck, and I’ll see you soon. 👍


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