7 Best Twitter Tools to Unfollow Your Non-Followers (Updated 2023)

Trying to get more Twitter followers?

You’ve probably heard of the “Follow-Unfollow” strategy.

Basically, the goal is to have as many eyes on your Twitter profile as possible. And to do this, you have to follow a ton of other users.

This used to work because of the simple fact that Twitter users are notified whenever someone else follows them.

In turn, people will see your profile as soon as you hit that “follow” button.

If they like your tweets, chances are they’ll follow you back.

Following a lot of people to build your Twitter presence is still a viable strategy.

However, there are a few caveats:

Things To Remember When Following on Twitter

Today, Twitter sees the “follow-unfollow” strategy as an abusive practice.

In the past, brands can confidently execute this strategy as long as they observe Twitter’s technical following limits.

Twitter has since updated their technical follow limits:

You can read more about Twitter’s follow limits on their official help page.

While reasonable, these limits are particularly painful if you’ve followed a lot of fake or inactive accounts – intentionally or not.

Once you hit the 5,000-account limit, it’s game over.

To avoid this, here are tools that can help you unfollow users and de-clutter your list of followed accounts.

1. Circleboom

I’m definitely a fan of platforms that add a bit of humor to the things they do.

That’s exactly the case with Circleboom – a social media management tool specifically built for Twitter.

This fun little tool is designed to detect four types of accounts: inactive, overactive, fake, and “eggheads.” Circleboom can also help you find connections that don’t follow you back.

How to unfollow accounts using Circleboom

Looking for accounts to unfollow with Circleboom is as easy as logging in.

The lists of your inactive, overactive, fake, and egghead connections are displayed right off the bat.

By the way, an “egghead” is a Twitter account that’s either suspended or locked. These are also the accounts that typically don’t have a profile picture.

If you want to look for non-followers, you need to click ‘The Circle’ from the main menu. From there, select ‘Not Following Back.’

After finding your non-followers, you can add them to your whitelist, blacklist, or a custom list. Of course, you can also pay them a visit on their Twitter page where you can unfollow them.

Circleboom’s other features

Social media publisher tool – With Circleboom’s publish tool, you can look for shareworthy content as well as establish the perfect tweeting schedule.

Manage your own tweets – You can use Circleboom to clean up your own feed, specifically your retweets, likes, old tweets, and archive.

Advanced user analytics – Take a deep dive into user analytics like gender data, language stats, growth rates, and more.

How much does Circleboom cost?

Feature Free Pro Multi Enterprise
Price $0 per month $34 per month or $17.99 per month with annual billing $109.99 per month or $54.99 per month with annual billing Contact them for pricing
Number of Profiles 1 1 5 50+
“My Tweets” Tools Yes Yes Yes Yes
User Analytics No Yes Yes Yes

Use code “masterblogging35” to purchase Circleboom at a 35% discount. Annual plans are more advantageous with this discount.

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2. Audiense Connect

Important: If you want, you can skip ahead to the recommendations section. There, I highlighted the best choices depending on what you need.

Audiense Connect is a comprehensive Twitter marketing platform. It has advanced features like chatbots, community management, and built-in analytics.

Most importantly, it can help clean up your Twitter profile by pinpointing inactive users, spammers, and other accounts worth unfollowing.

How to unfollow accounts using Audiense Connect

Audiense Connect has a powerful community management tool that can easily detect accounts to unfollow.

With a few clicks, you can view the complete list of accounts that you follow, but don’t follow you back.

From there, you can unfollow accounts one by one by simply clicking the red ‘Unfollow’ button. Alternatively, you can choose to engage them by sending a direct message or adding them to a lead segment.

You can also weed out inactive users by filtering your list based on their last tweet.

Audiense Connect’s other features

Best time to tweet – Use data to determine the best times to send out tweets for maximum engagement.

Competitor analysis – Compare different Twitter accounts to learn the most effective practices in your industry.

Community insights – Get to know your followers on a deeper level through data like time zones, recent activity, language, and so on.

How much does Audiense Connect cost?

Feature Free Twitter Marketing Audience Insights
Price $0 per month $99 per month or $79 per month with annual billing $1,499 per month or $696 per month with annual billing
Community Analytics Basic Advanced Advanced
Tweet Analytics No Yes Yes
Audience Manager (Including Unfollow) Yes Yes Yes
Engagement Features No Yes Yes

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2. SocialBee (Get 30% OFF Here!)

While platforms like Audiense Connect focus on Twitter, SocialBee has features for all major social networks. 

SocialBee can provide you with a visual interface to track, manage, and grow your social presence. That includes maintaining a healthy followers-to-following ratio on Twitter.

How to unfollow accounts using SocialBee

After a detailed onboarding process, you can start cleaning up your Twitter account by going to the “Audience” page.

From there, you can instantly find accounts you can unfollow by clicking ‘Non-followers’ under the sub-menu.

SocialBee then allows you to access each account’s Twitter page where you can unfollow them yourself. You can also add them to your “whitelist” in case you really need to pursue a connection with them.

Using filters, you can also find inactive accounts that haven’t posted anything within a specified time period. Feel free to combine multiple filters so you can further refine your list.

SocialBee’s other features

Supports multiple social media networks – SocialBee comes with features that can help you manage your account not just on Twitter, but other networks as well.

Content sharing scheduler – Schedule your posts according to your audience’s usage patterns to maximize their visibility.

Curate content and automate your posts – SocialBee makes it easy to curate shareworthy content through automated integrations – from RSS feeds to automation platforms like Zapier.

How much does SocialBee cost?

Feature Bootstrap Accelerate Pro
Price $19 per month $39 per month $79 per month
Social Networks All All All
Workspaces 1 1 5
Social Profiles 5 10 25
Posts Per Category 1,000 5,000 5,000
Twitter Audience Tools (Including Unfollow) Yes Yes Yes

If you are interested to learn more about SocialBee, then consider checking my in-depth SocialBee review or buy it at a 30% discount.

4. Tweepi

Tweepi is a straightforward Twitter marketing platform with tools to help you analyze and optimize your account’s performance.

From the get-go, Tweepi can help clean up your followed accounts list by identifying your non-followers. It’s also one of the few products available that can provide you with AI-powered Twitter unfollow recommendations.

How to unfollow accounts using Tweepi

Upon logging in, Tweepi can show you the full list of users who don’t follow you back. You can quickly unfollow each of them by clicking the ‘Unfollow’ button under their account name.

Take note that you can also use this interface to look for inactive Twitter accounts. All you have to do is configure the right filter and you’re good to go.

Lastly, you can also use Tweepi’s AI-driven follower management feature that can provide actionable suggestions. Depending on your subscription, you can get 300 or 600 daily action recommendations to optimize your Twitter account over time.

Tweepi’s other features

Multiple languages – Tweepi is one of the few Twitter marketing tools that can help you reach users using multiple languages.

Force users to unfollow you – A “forced unfollow” occurs when you block and unblock another Twitter user – a process that Tweepi can automate.

User search – You can use Tweepi to search for users by their interests or keywords in their bio.

How much does Tweepi cost?

Feature Silver Platinum
Price $12.99 per month or $10.75 per month with annual billing $24.99 per month or $20.75 per month with annual billing
AI-Driven Recommendations 300 per day 600 per day
Hashtag and Competitor Tracking Up to 15 Hashtags and 15 Competitors Up to 25 Hashtags and 25 Competitors
User Search Up to 100 Users Per Page Up to 200 Users Per Page

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5. iUnfollow

I know some of you only need a simple Twitter unfollow tool.

You’re not really interested in post scheduling, content curation, or anything fancy. And in terms of simplicity and ease of use, iUnfollow takes the cake.

It is a clean and lean tool built for the sole purpose of helping you decide who to unfollow. You won’t find an analytics tool, post scheduler, content curation, or follower management feature here.

How to unfollow accounts using iUnfollow

By simple, I mean really simple.

Just log in to your account and you’ll immediately have access to the unfollow feature.

To look for Twitter users who don’t follow you back, just go to the ‘Non-Follow Back’ page.

Just like before, iUnfollow will take you to the unfollow tool. Simply click the bright red ‘Unfollow’ button next to the account you want to unfollow.

iUnfollow’s other features

Whitelist – iUnfollow has a whitelist feature that can help you prevent unfollowing someone by accident.

Follow Back – In case you receive an influx of new followers recently, iUnfollow’s “Follow Back” feature can help you respond ASAP.

How much does iUnfollow cost?

Feature Free Paid
Price $0 per month $3.33 per month or $9.99 per year
Daily Unfollows 50 per day Unlimited
Daily Follows 50 per day Unlimited
Daily Cancels 25 per day Unlimited
Whitelist 5 per day Unlimited

Click here to try iUnfollow!

6. Unfollower Stats

Unfollower Stats is yet another minimal Twitter management platform.

It can help you find your non-followers as well as manage the accounts you’ve muted or blocked. The platform also features a tracker that automatically detects recent unfollowers so you can unfollow them in return.

How to unfollow accounts using Unfollower Stats

To look for non-followers, simply head to the “NonFollowers” page from the main menu.

You can reveal the ‘Unfollow’ button by hovering your mouse over the ‘Following’ icon.

Unfollower Stats also makes it easy to find inactive accounts on Twitter. Just look for the “InActive” page from the main menu and you’re pretty much halfway done.

Unfollower Stats’s other features

Friendship Check – Unfollower Stats has a small, cool feature that lets you check the follow status of two different accounts.

Whitelist and blacklist – Easily add Twitter accounts to your whitelist or blacklist from Unfollower Stats’s visual interface.

Basic account analytics – On the Unfollower Stats dashboard, you can view analytics data like your account growth, mentions, top-performing tweets, and more.

How much does Unfollower Stats cost?

Feature Free Premium Pro
Price $0 per month $4.99 per month $7.99 per month
Follows 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Unfollows 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Whitelist and Blacklist No Yes Yes

Click here to try Unfollower Stats!

7. Unfollowspy

Not every blogger is willing to spend money on a Twitter management platform. As such, I made sure to include an unfollow tool that’s 100 percent free.

That tool is Unfollowspy.

How to unfollow accounts using Unfollowspy

After setting up your account, you’ll be taken to your Unfollowspy dashboard.

Here, you can view basic metrics on your Twitter account, like your new followers, unfollowers, and so on.

To look for accounts to unfollow, click ‘Manage Users’ from the main menu.

When looking for accounts to unfollow, the two pages you should check out are “Doesn’t Follow Back” and “Unfollowed.”

Unfollowspy will then present you with a simple list of matching accounts. More importantly, each account card has a big bright ‘Unfollow’ button.

Go ahead and unfollow away.

Unfollowspy’s other features

Whitelist – Thankfully, Unfollowspy also has a whitelist feature that will help you avoid unfollowing high-priority accounts.

Tweet scheduler – Despite being a free tool, Unfollowspy’s developers managed to include a fully-functional tweet scheduler.

Google Alerts to Tweet – You can also use Unfollowspy’s “RSS Feed To Tweet” feature to automate tweets by pulling content from Google Alerts.  

How much does Unfollowspy cost?

Unfollowspy is a 100 percent free tool that doesn’t offer a paid plan. You’re free to use it to manage your Twitter account without limitations.

Click here to try Unfollowspy!

What Twitter Unfollow Tool Should You Get?

Hopefully, you already decided which Twitter unfollow tool will work for you.

I did my best to cover the things you should know about each post. But if you still can’t make a choice, here are my recommendations:

If you’re a blogger who relies on Twitter to get a lot of traffic:

  • CircleboomCircleboom is a great, premium platform with lots of tools for growing bloggers on Twitter. It has advanced user analytics, follower insights, publishing features, and more.
  • Audiense ConnectLots of companies and marketing agencies use Audiense Connect for all their Twitter marketing needs. It’s a sound investment if you also have use for its community management, tweet scheduling, chatbot, and competitor research features.

If you want to save time and automate your Twitter marketing:

  • SocialBeeOut of all the tools that offer automated content curation and publishing, SocialBee impressed me the most. Apart from supporting a wide range of networks, it also utilizes integrations with third-party services like Quuu, Pocket, and Zapier.

If you want comprehensive follower management on a budget:

  • Unfollower StatsAlthough Unfollower Stats’s pricing is insanely cheap, all paid plans ship with unlimited unfollows and follows. For as little as $4.99 per month, you can unfollow as many inactive and non-follower accounts as you want.  

If you want a free tool:

  • UnfollowspyUnfollowspy is the only 100 percent free Twitter unfollow tool on this list. Despite this, it doesn’t skimp on features nor does it impose limitations.

How To Follow (and Unfollow) The Right Way? 

To avoid violating Twitter’s rules, the first thing is to make sure you’re following other users purposefully.

Don’t just follow other users with the intent to unfollow them later and inflate your follower count.  

Remember, you need to connect with users who can appreciate what you offer as a blogger. If you keep on following random strangers, your follower count will ultimately be meaningless.

That is if you can get them to follow back in the first place.

Additionally, try to avoid using automated tools that enable you to mass follow other users.

As much as possible, follow each person manually. Take a glance at their profile to make sure they’ll be interested in your blog while you’re at it.

Finally, avoid using third-party tools or services that automate dubious activities, like:

  • Magically add “followers” to your account
  • Create duplicates of other accounts and their followers
  • Following a large number of users, including those who aren’t interested in your niche

That’s it.


I hope this post helped you pick the perfect Twitter unfollow tool for your blog.

Just remember to manage your Twitter account responsibly. Abide by Twitter’s rules, build meaningful connections, and have fun tweeting.

It’s only a matter of time before you build an authoritative and influential presence on Twitter.

After Twitter, consider promoting your blog on other networks as well – perhaps Instagram could give your traffic a boost.

Anyway, I’ll leave a couple of useful links below so you can keep the momentum going.

Good luck!

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