GeneratePress Review: Is It The Conqueror of All WP Themes? [2021]

GeneratePress Premium Version

We have crafted this Generatepress Review by keeping in mind GP Premium. GeneratePress Premium is a WordPress plugin which you need to install on your website to activate its premium customization.

By installing GP premium, You enable all its premium customization options  and after that, You can edit any area of your website (which was not possible in the free version of Generatepress.)

Some of the paid addons are –

Generatepress Review: Generatepress add ons

Below is the list of GeneratePress premium features and benefits –

1 – Site Library

Generatepress has more than 33 premium theme demo sites which you can use to make your dream site or their structure using these theme demo sites.

Generatepress site library

These premium theme demo sites cover all the niches so, You don’t have to worry about your niche.

2 – Colors

A website with the right color combination can decrease your bounce rate. Generatepress premium comes with a 60+ color option to edit any area of your site.

3 – Blog

It is very boring now to see the traditional blog post list now and that’s where GeneratePress premium exists.

GeneratePress premium comes with 3 different new layouts for blog post listing.

4 – Elements

Elements are the most popular feature of the generatepress premium theme. This is the only feature that makes it unique from others.

For Ex –

When you install the Generatepress theme on your website, Your website post header will look like this

Generatepress Review

But, Elements makes it possible to make your post header like this

Generatepress Review

That is the one use of Elements. There are a lot of unique and amazing things you can do with Elements.

Isn’t it Amazing?

5 – Background

If you want to change your website background or you want to insert an image in your website background, You can do it easily within 1 or 2 clicks.

6 – Typography

Perfect typography increases your blog readability and Its premium version comes with 70+ typography options.

You can customize and decide the fonts of any area on your website.

Generatepress review - Typhography

The most popular typography is MULI for bloggers.

7 – Spacing

Most of the wordpress premium themes do not provide this feature but, With the Generatepress premium, you can decide the spacing between the widgets.

Even you can decide the space between your featured image and post title.

Generatepress Review Space between widgets

There is a lot more to do with this feature. Try your own experiment.

8 – Modules

Modules are very useful. You can activate or deactivate various functionalities of your website by using modules.

Generatepress review - modules

For Ex

You can deactivate WooCommerce, Site Library, or backgrounds modules. It is my choice and, It is up to you which module you want or which module you deactivate.

9 – Copyright Text

You can change the copyright text of your wordpress theme. This is not possible in the GP free version.

Generatepress Review - Copyright remove

10 – Import/Export

This will be a very useful feature if you handle multiple websites. This feature will help you to migrate the setting of one wordpress website to another wordpress website with just 1 click.

It will save you precious time.

11 – WooCommerce

If you are creating an eCommerce website with the Generatepress premium theme then you can enable this element. This element will convert your whole website into an eCommerce site.

12 – Mega Menu

This module will help you to create an advanced menu. This module will enable you to create sticky navigation, a separate header for mobile, slide-out navigation, and a lot more.

The best part of our Generatepress Review is, With other premium themes, You have to install a wordpress plugin to create these types of advanced menus but with the GP premium version, All these advanced features are possible.

13 – Hook And Filters

Only a few themes provide this feature. With this feature, You can insert a PHP code or a shortcode at any area of your wordpress theme.

The best part is, You don’t need a web developer to add custom codes to your wordpress website.

Even if you are a beginner, You can do it by yourself by using the Hooks.

14 – Anything Is Possible

You can’t believe, You can make any type of website with GP Premium with its customization rich elements and modules.

15 – Documentation

Generatepress Documents is available for both free and premium users. Its knowledgeable documents show the step by step process on how to customize or do something.

Most of the time the problems which you are facing can be solved with their documentation.

But, Sometimes you need instant support for a query with your Generatepress Theme that is 24/7 instant support.

16 – 24/7 Support

Generatepress doesn’t provide instant support to all of the users. It only provides instant support to its Paid users.

But, The main thing is in your favor because 99% of problems which you will face while customizing your website is clearly explained in its Knowledge rich Documentation with perfect and easy solutions.

If still, you want to contact them, Then you have to purchase their license and you can 24/7 instantly chat with them.

Generatepress Premium Pros and Cons


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