94 Beauty Blog Post Ideas (with 282 Post Title Suggestions)

Looking for fresh content ideas for your beauty blog?

I got your back. 

In this post, I compiled 94 beauty blog post ideas under key categories, namely:

  • Skincare 
  • Makeup
  • Nails
  • Hair
  • Fragrance
  • Beauty brands

I’m sure aspiring beauty bloggers are excited. 

But before we get to the juicy content ideas, here’s something you should know:

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Ready for your list of beauty blog post ideas?

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Skincare Blog Post Ideas

Keeping one’s skin vibrant and healthy is key in the beauty industry. And the internet can’t get enough content that will help them turn proper skincare into a fun and sustainable habit.

1. Different skin types

A lot of people, especially those who have never been to a dermatologist, don’t pay attention to their skin types. Remind your audience that skincare tips should depend if you have normal, dry, oily, combination, or sensitive skin.

Post title suggestions:

  • Understanding the Five Basic Skin Types for Beginners
  • What’s the Difference Between Oily, Normal, Dry, Sensitive, and Combination Skin?
  • How to Tell Your Skin Type

2. Your personal morning skincare routine

Sharing your morning skincare routine helps humanize your brand and make it more relatable. 

Post title suggestions:

  • My Morning Skincare Routine: Be Fresh and Glowing in X Minutes
  • X Crucial Steps in My Morning Skincare Routine
  • Things You Should be Doing in Your Morning Skincare Routine

3. Your personal evening skincare routine

An evening skincare routine is just as important as your morning routine. Your readers will surely appreciate it if you can offer skincare advice 24/7. 

Post title suggestions:

  • My Personal Evening Skincare Routine for Oily Skin
  • How I Created an Evening Skincare Routine for Me (And How to Do It for You)
  • Here’s My Derm-Approved Evening Skincare Routine

4. Skincare tips from dermatologists

Believe it or not, many people are hesitant to visit a dermatologist, especially if they have certain skin conditions. They’d rather look at websites for tips that a licensed dermatologist would tell them anyway. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Best Skincare Advice I Got from My Dermatologist
  • Top Skincare Advice from Licensed Dermatologists
  • How to Look for The Right Dermatologist For You

5. Improve your complexion

Sometimes, people just want straightforward tips that will help improve their complexion. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Tips to Improve Your Complexion Fast
  • How to Improve Your Skin’s Complexion Using Ingredients in Your Kitchen
  • Bad Habits that Ruin Your Complexion Without You Knowing

6. All-natural skincare tips

Natural skincare is a growing market that always has a demand for new ideas. It’s an evolving landscape, so always be ahead of the curve for the latest trends.

Post title suggestions:

  • Best Natural Skincare Tips for Millennial Professionals
  • How to Make Organic Skincare Work on a Budget
  • The Benefits of Going All-Natural with Your Skincare Routine

7. Dark circles 

Dark circles under the eyes are more common than you think. To improve their appearance, tell readers about the importance of long-term skincare and healthy habits. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Treatable Conditions that Lead to Dark Circles and How to Get Better
  • Ways to Lighten Dark Circles Under Your Eyes Without Products
  • What Causes Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

8. Dealing with skin conditions

While some people look at beauty blogs for makeup and hair tutorials, others just want their confidence restored. You can help them through informative blog posts on how they can improve, treat, and cure their existing skin conditions.

Post title suggestions:

  • Have Acne/Rosacea? Signs That You Need to See a Dermatologist
  • Over-The-Counter Remedies for Acne You Should Try
  • How to Restore Your Confidence After a Bad Breakout

9. Face cleansing tips

Remind your audience that cleansing your skin regularly is important to keep it healthy, smooth, and glowing. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Here’s Why You Should Cleanse Your Skin Daily
  • Skin Cleansing Stuff You’re Doing Wrong (And How to Do It Right)
  • Skin Cleansing Habits You Should Get Into ASAP

10. Reduce pores

The size of pores is affected by numerous factors, like sebum, genetics, and hygiene. You can talk about the factors people can control on your blog. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Why Are Your Pores Huge? Scientific Reasons and What to Do About Them
  • How to Shrink Large Pores and Stay Looking Fresh All Day
  • Steps to Minimize Large Pores

11. Reduce wrinkles

The anti-aging market is prospering due to the buying power of its target audience. You can get your fair slice of the pie as a beauty blogger – starting with writing blog posts about wrinkles. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Ways to Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles (Backed by Science)
  • How I Keep Wrinkles Away: Easy Habits You Can Adopt Today
  • Anti-Aging Myths Busted: How to REALLY Improve the Appearance of Wrinkles

12. Exfoliation

Exfoliation is a popular beauty topic that appeals not just to women but men as well. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Safe Ways to Exfoliate Your Skin
  • Here’s Why You Need to Exfoliate Your Skin
  • How Often to Exfoliate Your Skin?

13. Tips for going barefaced

Some people need to realize that using less on your face can have more benefits. As a blogger, you can take it upon yourself to spread the word.

Post title suggestions:

  • Reasons Why Going Bare-Faced is the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Skin
  • How to Rock the Bare-Faced Look with These Simple Strategies
  • Surprising Skin Benefits of Going Bare-Faced

14. Improving dry skin

Dry skin can make it more prone to irritation, redness, and inflammation. It can also worsen the appearance of wrinkles.

Post title suggestions:

  • Home Remedies for Dry Skin
  • Everyday Things You Do That Dry Out Your Skin
  • How to Treat Dry Skin Effectively At Home

15. Lips 

Some beauty blogs completely forego topics related to lip care. You can take advantage of this by featuring articles that readers can’t find elsewhere.

Post title suggestions:

  • Lip Care 101: How to Keep Your Lips Soft and Hydrated
  • Tips to Keep Your Lips Rosy and Healthy
  • How to Soothe and Hydrate Chapped Lips at Home

16. Skincare products

If you’re trying to promote affiliate products, you can publish reviews, comparison posts, listicles, and product-specific tutorials.

Post title suggestions:

  • My [Product Name] Review: Is It Worth It?
  • Top X [Product Type] Money Can Buy Right Now
  • How to Make the Most Out of Your [Product Name]

Makeup Blog Post Ideas

Speaking of products, makeup and cosmetic items are the bread and butter of affiliate marketers in the beauty niche. 

But instead of churning out reviews and comparisons, you can increase the demand for certain products through informative content.

17. Makeup essentials for beginners

Regardless of your blog niche, you should always consider creating content for beginners. 

Post title suggestions: 

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Building Your First Makeup Collection
  • Top Things in My Makeup Bag (And Where to Get Yours)
  • The Online Makeup Shopping Guide for Total Newbies

18. School makeup looks

A lot of students turn to bloggers and social media influencers to get their “back-to-school” makeup ideas.

Post title suggestions:

  • Back to School Makeup Tutorial with Drugstore Beauty Products
  • Killer Makeup Tips for a Back-To-School Look on The Cheap
  • Top Back-To-School Makeup Looks You Need to Try Next Semester

19. Summer makeup tips

Applying summer makeup is extra tricky because you have to add a layer of sun protection to your routine. Make sure readers do it the right way by publishing a detailed guide about it.

Post title suggestions:

  • Makeup Tips to Beat The Heat
  • How to Get That Fresh Beach Look with These Makeup Tips
  • Makeup Hacks and Secrets for the Hot Weather

20. Halloween makeup looks

Writing about Halloween makeup may not be viable all year round. But if you time your posts just right, you can give your beauty blog a significant boost in exposure. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Top Halloween Makeup to Try in 20XX
  • Makeup Ideas to Get Your Spooks On this Halloween
  • Cool Halloween Makeup Ideas from Celebrities

21. Night-out makeup looks

A lot of people make an extra effort in looking their best during night outs. 

Post title suggestions:

  • A Beginner’s Makeup Guide to the Ultimate Night-Out Look 
  • Date Night Tonight? Makeup Ideas to Stun and Awe
  • Ranking the Best Night-Out Makeup Looks from Hollywood

22. Office makeup looks

If there’s one place where people need a confidence boost, it’s at the workplace.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to Nail That Killer Office Look with These Makeup Tips
  • Office Makeup Tips for a Look That Slays 
  • Best Makeup Items You Should Keep in Your Work Bag

23. Eye shadow tips

When applying eye shadow, it’s a lot easier to mess up than you think. Make sure your readers get adequate guidance along with clear, step-by-step instructions.

Post title suggestions:

  • How Not to Apply Eye Shadow and Mess Up Your #FaceOfTheDay
  • Quick and Easy Eye Shadow Hacks
  • How to Actually Apply Eye Shadow? Tips from the Pros

24. Eyelashes tips

You can write tips and suggestions for people who wear false eyelashes that complement their looks. 

Post title suggestions:

  • How to Perfectly Apply False Eyelashes in Easy Steps
  • Things to Remember When Wearing False Eyelashes to Work
  • Wearing False Lashes? Important Rules You Must Absolutely Know

25. Concealing flaws makeup

Let’s face it, a lot of people turn to makeup to hide imperfections and boost their confidence. They deserve clear and informative content on how to do it. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Big Day? Here are Clever Ways to Hide That Zit
  • How to Hide Hyperpigmentation Marks in Minutes or Less
  • How to Cover Up Bruises with These Makeup Tips

26. Brushes 

Brushes are a makeup lover’s best friend. Writing about them is a great way to capture their attention as well as naturally promote some affiliate products.

Post title suggestions:

  • Makeup Brush Gift Sets Your Friends Secretly Want
  • How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes the Right Way
  • How to Make Your Makeup Brushes Last Longer

27. Face powder application tips

A face powder serves many functions in a person’s makeup kit, like blotting away and lightening spots. As a beauty blogger, you need to help your audience use the right products the right way. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Makeup 101: The Face Powder and Its Many Uses
  • Best Face Powder for Oily Skin
  • What Face Powder is Good for Acne-Prone Skin

28. Foundation tips

Foundation is a versatile makeup item that can be covered in different ways in a blog post.

Post title suggestions:

  • What Foundation is Best if You Have Dry Skin?
  • Foundation Application Tips from Experts
  • How to Properly Use Foundation if You Have Oily Skin

29. Eyebrows

If your readers can’t leave their front door without doing their eyebrows, supply them with step-by-step tutorials and look guides.

Post title suggestions:

  • Steps to The Perfect Eyebrows 
  • How to Get Natural-Looking Eyebrows Using [Product Name]
  • Mistakes to Avoid When Filling Your Eyebrows

30. Lips

When it comes to lipsticks, you can talk about shades, popular brands, and application tips.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to Pick a Lipstick Shade for You
  • Shopping for Lipsticks? Don’t Leave Home Without These Tips
  • Lipstick Application Tricks You Should Be Doing

31. Celebrity makeup tutorials

If you like to borrow makeup ideas from celebrities, I’m sure readers would like some of that action. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Top Makeup Looks from Celebrities in 20XX
  • Over Celebrity Makeup Looks to Try 
  • How to Look Like [Celebrity Name] from [Movie Name]: Makeup Tutorial

32. Making your look last longer

Not a lot of beauty bloggers talk about the ways to prolong makeup. Sharing a few of your personal tricks will definitely help you win more readers.

Post title suggestions:

  • Long Day? Learn My Secrets to Making Your Makeup Last 
  • Tricks that will Help Make Your Makeup Last All Day
  • How to Make Makeup Last Longer with These Simple Tricks

33. Removing makeup

If you can help readers put makeup on, you can also help them take it off – the right way.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to Remove Makeup if You Have Sensitive Skin
  • Makeup Removal Tips from Makeup Artists
  • How to Safely Remove Makeup and Prevent Breakouts in Minutes

34. Vintage makeup looks

Year after year, vintage makeup ideas tend to get a spike in audience interest. 

Post title suggestions:

  • My Top Hollywood-Inspired Vintage Makeup Looks of All Time 
  • How to Nail that Vintage Makeup Look on the First Try
  • The Ultimate Vintage Makeup Guide for Every Era (1940s-1990s)

35. Cosplay makeup

The cosplay scene is a lot bigger than you may think. You can tap into this niche through makeup tutorials and look ideas from fictional characters.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to Step Up Your Cosplay Makeup Game with These Simple Hacks
  • Must-Have Eye Makeup Tips and Tutorials for Cosplayers
  • Cosplay Makeup Things You’re Doing Wrong

36. “Natural” makeup looks

Natural makeup sounds easy, but it’s tricky to pull off if you don’t know what to do. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Makeup Artists Share Their Best-Kept Secrets for Achieving the Perfect Natural Look 
  • Ranking the Top Natural Makeup Products 
  • How to Have the Perfect Natural Makeup for All Skin Types

37. Makeup for weddings 

If someone turns to your blog for makeup ideas on their biggest day, you know you’ve won their trust. Don’t disappoint them – unload your best makeup techniques when writing about wedding makeup. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Wedding Makeup Ideas for the Best Day Ever
  • Top Natural Looks for Your Dream Wedding: A Makeup Tutorial
  • Questions to Ask a Makeup Artist Before Hiring Them for Your Wedding

38. #FaceOfTheDay

Creating your own #FaceOfTheDay makeup idea will guarantee that you never run out of content for your beauty blog.

Post title suggestions:

  • My #FaceOfTheDay: Get a Natural Look with These Simple Tutorial
  • #FaceOfTheDay: Makeup Tutorial to Feel Confident and Empowered
  • Seize the Day with my #FaceOfTheDay Makeup Tutorial

39. Makeup wish list 

Creating makeup wish lists is another clever way to subtly promote affiliate products to your audience. 

Post title suggestions:

  • My Makeup Wishlist this 20XX 
  • What’s On My Makeup Wishlist this Holiday 20XX
  • [Season] Makeup Wishlist in 20XX

40. Cruelty-free and vegan makeup products

Cruelty-free and vegan makeup products are sub-niches in the beauty industry. Both are large markets, and you can appeal to both audiences by publishing product recommendations and informative posts.

Post title suggestions:

  • The Massive List of Cruelty-Free Makeup Companies in 20XX
  • What is Cruelty-Free Makeup and Why Should You Care?
  • Everything You Need to Know About Vegan Makeup Products (and Where to Buy Them)

41. Makeup tips for people with glasses

If you’re struggling to find new makeup content ideas, remember that bespectacled people need makeup advice, too. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Easy-To-Do Makeup Looks for People with Glasses
  • Crucial Makeup Tips that Every People with Glasses Should Know
  • A Step-By-Step Guide on Wearing Makeup with Glasses

42. Makeup storage tips

Coming up with new ways to store and organize makeup is not only helpful. It’s also fun for makeup enthusiasts. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Makeup Storage Hacks Using Common Household Items
  • Take a Look: Creative Makeup Storage Ideas Everyone Should Try
  • DIY Makeup Storage and Organization Projects You Can Do Right Now

Nails Blog Post Ideas

The top blogs in the beauty niche have an entire category of blog posts for nails. 

This includes topics like nail care, nail polish, nail art, and nail fashion. 

43. Nail care tips

Before you talk about nail art and colors, make sure you provide readers with a lot of nail care tips. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Tips for Healthy and Beautiful Nails from Experts
  • How to Keep Your Nails Clean and Healthy with Nail Polish
  • Planning to Grow Your Nails? Here are Things You Should Remember 

44. Nail art tutorials

Not everyone can do nail art. If you can, it’s your obligation to share your gift with the world – or talk about people who can.

Post title suggestions:

  • Amazing Nail Art Ideas You Can Do Yourself
  • Nail Art Tips and Tricks for Beginners
  • Things You Need to be Your Own Nail Artist

45. Nail colors 

You can educate your blog audience about the science behind nail colors.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to Pick the Perfect Nail Color for Your Skin Tone
  • A Guide to Picking Nail Colors: Must-Know Tips from Experts
  • How to Make Nail Color Last Longer

46. Nail shapes

Talking about nail shapes and trimming ideas can be a fun content theme for a weekend. Other blogs make it a seasonal thing and suggest new nail shapes to try every season.

Post title suggestions:

  • What are the Nail Shapes and How to Pick One for Your Hands?
  • Unique Nail Shapes to Try in 20XX
  • How to Find The Best Nail Shape that Suits Your Hands

47. Repair broken nails

Speaking of nail shapes, some of your readers may have botched their previous nail project. Help them out so they can experiment with more of your ideas.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to Repair a Broken Nail from Start to Finish: A Step-by-Step Tutorial
  • DIY Tips to Fix a Botched Nail Job
  • Proven Tricks to Fix a Broken Nail at Home

48. Manicure tips

Sometimes, readers only need manicure tips and ideas after getting through a busy workweek. 

Post title suggestions:

  • At-Home Manicure Tips for People with Short Nails
  • A Beginner’s Guide to the Perfect Manicure 
  • Things You Need to Do a Professional Manicure at Home

49. Removing nail polish

In the beauty blogosphere, there’s absolutely a demand for nail polish removal content.

Post title suggestions:

  • Ladies: Here’s How to Remove Nail Polish without a Nail Polish Remover
  • Top Nail Polish Removers for Sensitive Hands
  • How to Remove Nail Polish without Damaging Your Nails

50. Pedicure tips

The hands aren’t the only body parts with nails. Be sure your blog has pedicure-related content as well. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Important Rules for Doing Pedicure at Home
  • How to Get a Salon-Quality Pedicure at Home (Tools You Need)
  • Home Pedicure in Simple Steps (With Images)

Hair Blog Post Ideas

Hairstyles, products, and care are all commonplace in a beauty blog. You can focus on hair-related blog posts for months without running out of fresh content ideas to cover.

51. Washing your hair

Teaching readers how to wash their hair properly is important if they want to keep it long, soft, and healthy. 

Post title suggestions:

  • People are Washing Their Hair Wrong: Here’s How to Do It Right
  • Hair Washing Tips from Hair Experts
  • New Year’s Resolution: “I Promise I’ll Wash My Hair Properly This Year”

52. Natural hair looks

A lot of people are going for more “natural” looks when it comes to makeup and hair. Lend them a hand with natural hair look and styling ideas. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Simple Yet Elegant Natural Hairstyles for Women
  • Finding the Perfect Natural Hairstyle that Matches Your Face Shape
  • How to Style Your Natural Hair and Still Look Awesome

53. Repairing damaged hair

People who don’t have the time, money, or both for professional hair repair treatment prefer the DIY route. 

Post title suggestions:

  • How to Repair Hair Damage with Products You Already Own
  • DIY Remedies for Hair Damage 
  • Simple Ways You Can Repair Hair Damage and Reduce Breakage

54. Dealing with dandruff

Got a few tips for people with dandruff? Write tutorials about them and watch your traffic grow. 

Post title suggestions:

  • How to Get Rid of Dandruff Fast: The Ultimate Guide
  • Ways to Be Dandruff-Free Without Spending a Fortune
  • Why You Have Dandruff: Surprising Reasons and How to Fix Them

55. Hairstyle trends

No matter the era, there will always be new hairstyle trends beauty bloggers like you can talk about.

Post title suggestions:

  • [Season] Hairstyle Trends and How to Do Them
  • Rounding Up My Favorite Hairstyle Trends of 20XX
  • Bollywood-Inspired Hairstyle Trends from 20XX

56. Hairstyles from celebrities

A lot of people rely on the internet for ways to replicate their favorite celebrity’s hairstyle.

Post title suggestions:

  • Ranking [Celebrity’s Name]’s Hairstyles Across Movie Roles (And How to Do Them)
  • Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles You Can Get Done in 10 Minutes or Less
  • Iconic Celebrity Hairstyles Recreated (with Tutorials)

57. Short hairstyles 

People, regardless of gender, are now more open to sporting shorter hairstyles – usually after reading hairstyle-related blog posts. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Vintage Short Hairstyles for Women that made a Comeback 
  • Top Short Hairstyle Trends for All Genders in 20XX
  • How to Tell if You’ll Look with Short Hair

58. Long hairstyles 

Long hairstyles are just as in-demand as short hairstyles, so don’t forget about them when planning your blog content strategy. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Long Hairstyles for All Face Shapes
  • How to Look Attractive with Long Hair (A Guide for Men)
  • Stunning Hairstyles for Women with Long Hair

59. Growing your hair

Not a lot of people realize that growing your hair long is harder than it sounds. Those who realize that look for online resources that can help them. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Ways to Grow Your Hair Faster
  • Growing Your Hair Long? Myths Busted and Evidence-Based Tricks to Use
  • How to Grow Your Hair Long with Ease

60. Hypoallergenic hair products

There’s a lucrative market for hypoallergenic hair products that not a lot of digital marketers capitalize on.

Post title suggestions:

  • Top Hypoallergenic Haircare Brands for People with Sensitive Skin
  • How to Tell if You’re Allergic to Hair Dye? 
  • Dermatologist-Approved Hair Products for People with Allergies

61. Hot oil treatments

If you know how hot oil treatments work, you can blog about them for people with zero experience. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Everything You Need to Know About Hot Oil Treatments
  • Things to Remember Before Your First Hot Oil Treatment
  • Top Benefits of Hot Oil Treatment for Dry and Fuzzy Hair 

62. Flat and curly iron tips

Using an iron to straighten or curl your hair is a task that requires care and knowledge. 

Post title suggestions:

  • What is the Difference Between a Flat and Curling Irons (and How to Use Them)
  • Things to Consider Before Ironing Your Hair
  • How to Straighten/Curl Your Hair Like a Pro at Home

63. Hair rebonding

If you know a thing or two about rebonding, tell your audience about its benefits and risks. 

Post title suggestions:

  • What is Hair Rebonding? Things You Should Know Before Getting Treatment
  • The Pros and Cons of Hair Rebonding
  • Facts About Hair Rebonding You Should Know

64. Hair coloring

Hair coloring is a flexible topic with different angles, like picking a color, doing it at home, and choosing products.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to Dye Your Hair at Home Like a Pro
  • How to Choose the Perfect Hair Color for Your Skin Tone
  • Unique Hair Color Ideas to Make Yourself Stand Out

65. Hairstyles for the office

When writing about hairstyles for work, you need ideas that are practical and easy to maintain. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Office Hairstyles You Can Do in Minutes or Less
  • Top Quick Office Hairstyles for a Good Hair Day
  • Easy Hairstyle Ideas for Long Days at Work

66. Outdoor hairstyles

Outdoor hairstyles are a bit tricky since you have to consider factors like wind, sweat, and the person’s comfort.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to Style Your Hair for a Hiking Trip
  • Taking a Run? Here are Easy Yet Beautiful Hairstyles You Should Try
  • Top Hairstyles for Biking 

67. Hairstyles for curly hair

When blogging about hair, don’t make the mistake of assuming everyone has the same hair. Be sure to write enough articles for readers with curly hair.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to Style Curly Hair at Home: Creative Ideas from Influencers
  • Why Curly Hair is the Best: Hairstyles that will Turn Heads
  • Super Easy Hairstyles for People with Curly Hair

68. Hairstyles for afro hair

If you need inspiration, there are tons of amazing afro hairstyle ideas from sources like Pinterest, YouTube, and other blogs. 

Post title suggestions:

  • How to Embrace Your Natural Afro Hair with These Amazing Styling Tips
  • My Favorite Afro Hairstyles from Famous People
  • Ranking the Best Afro Hairstyles from Celebrities

69. Hair loss tips

To make your blog more valuable to readers, help them understand the causes of hair loss and possible treatments.

Post title suggestions:

  • Here’s Why You’re Losing Hair in Your 20s and How to Stop It
  • How to Stop Hair Loss: Home Remedies that Won’t Break Your Bank
  • Hair Loss DIY Remedies to Try Before You Seek a Professional

70. Back-to-school haircuts

Back-to-school hair styling is a seasonal topic that can get you tons of traffic if you handle content promotion right. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Summer Break’s Over: Here are Back-to-School Hairstyles You Should Try
  • Easy Back-to-School Hairstyles for Your Kids
  • How to Pick a Brand-New Haircut for School

71. Prevent sun damage 

More people need to be aware of the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure to hair. 

Post title suggestions:

  • How to Prevent Sun-Damaged Hair Before it Causes Problems
  • Products to Repair and Strengthen Sun-Damaged Hair
  • This is What Happens to Your Hair if You Stay Out in the Sun 

72. Night-out hairstyles

Just like night-out makeup ideas, people are more open to more creative ideas for night-out hairstyles. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Night-Out Hairstyles that are Both Easy and Fabulous
  • Best Hairstyles for a Girls’ Night Out
  • The Complete Guide to Styling Your Hair for Date Nights (Plus Ideas)

73. 30-second hairstyles

Coming up with your own 30-second hairstyle is an accomplishment that must be shared on your blog.

Post title suggestions:

  • How I Style My Hair after Waking Up Late
  • 30-Second Hairstyle Ideas to Beat Rush Hour
  • Check Out These 30-Second Hairstyles for Unwashed Hair

Fragrance Blog Post Ideas

Fragrances will give you a whole new content category to explore in your beauty blog. Not to mention additional opportunities to earn affiliate commissions by promoting perfumes and colognes. 

74. Make perfume last longer

The more you can make perfume last, the more you can get out of each bottle. Do some research or share your personal secrets on how to make this happen. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Ways to Make Your Perfume Last Longer
  • How to Make Perfumes Last All Day
  • My Secret to Making Perfumes Last Longer 

75. Fragrance wheel

To increase your audience’s appreciation of fragrances, you can talk about the different categories and types of scents.

Post title suggestions:

  • A Beginner’s Guide to the Types of Perfumes
  • Everything You Need to Know About the Fragrance Wheel
  • How to Use the Fragrance Wheel when Shopping for Your Personal Scents

76. General perfume application

Believe it or not, there are “right ways” to apply perfume, specifically in terms of where to spray. 

Post title suggestions:

  • How to Use Perfume the Right Way: A Crash Course for Beginners
  • Things People Do Wrong When Applying Perfume
  • Where to Spray Your Perfume 

77. Your original perfume recipes

A surefire way to create unique content is to come up with your own perfume recipes. 

Post title suggestions:

  • My Personal Homemade Perfume Recipes Using Essential Oils
  • How to Make Your Own Perfume at Home
  • Top DIY Perfume Recipes You Can Make Today

78. Perfume gift ideas

Giving perfumes as gifts requires a lot of thought into the scents that the recipient might like. Your readers will definitely appreciate it if you can help them make this crucial decision. 

Post title suggestions:

  • How to Find the Perfect Perfume Gift Set for [Holiday]
  • Creative Ways to Wrap Your Perfume Gift 
  • Reasons Why Perfume Makes the Perfect Gift for All Occasions

79. Perfume storage

You can help readers increase the shelf life of their fragrances through proper storage techniques.

Post title suggestions:

  • Perfume Storage Tips to Make Them Last Longer
  • No – You Don’t Need to Replace Your Perfume Every Year: Here’s How
  • How to Increase Your Perfume’s Shelf Life in Easy Steps

80. Perfume layering

Perfume or scent layering is where you can showcase your knowledge as a beauty blogger and fragrance expert. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Everything You Need to Know About Perfume Layering
  • The Ultimate Guide to Perfume Layering for Absolute Beginners
  • How to Master Perfume Layering: Tips from Experts

Beauty Brands Blog Post Ideas

Brand loyalty in the beauty industry is huge. Beauty bloggers can cash in by becoming affiliates of well-known brands and reaching readers who are already familiar with them.

81. Top skincare brands

In case you didn’t know, even big-name brands like Glossier and Clinique are into affiliate marketing. That means you can leverage their brand’s credibility to push sales through your website and earn passive income. 

Post title suggestions:

  • The Best Skincare Brands of 20XX
  • My 20XX Wish List from the Top Skincare Brands 
  • Ranking My Favorite Skincare Brands of All Time

82. Top drugstore brands

It may be tricky to find affiliate programs for drugstore brands, but your cost-conscious readers should appreciate your recommendations.

Post title suggestions:

  • Top Drugstore Skincare Brands for Savvy Penny-Pinchers
  • My Top Favorite Drugstore Brands 
  • Why Everyone Should Start Buying Drugstore Skincare Brands

83. High-end makeup brands

It’s hard to call yourself an authoritative beauty blogger if you aren’t well-versed in high-end makeup brands.

Post title suggestions:

  • Who Won 20XX as the Best Makeup Brand? Here are My Top Picks
  • How [Makeup Brand] Dominated the Market as the Best Makeup Brand this 20XX
  • Looking for High-End Makeup? Here are the Top Brands You Should Look At

84. Makeup product comparisons

Once you’re done writing listicles, you can write one-on-one product comparisons for your purchase-ready audience. 

Post title suggestions:

  • [Brand Name] vs [Brand Name]: An In-Depth Look at These Top-Of-The-Line Brands
  • [Product Name] vs [Product Name]: Which [Product Type] Should You Spend Your Money On?
  • Makeup Showdown: What to Choose Between [Product Name] and [Product Name]

85. Favorite perfume picks from luxury brands

Got a few favorite luxury perfume brands? Feel free to talk about them on your blog. 

Post title suggestions:

  • The Best Luxury Perfumes and Colognes for Women 
  • Here’s My Top Luxury Perfume Brands in 20XX
  • Best Luxury Perfume Brands that are Actually Worth Your Money

86. Beauty brand underdogs

If you know a few under-the-radar beauty brands, you can use your blog to bring them their well-deserved exposure. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Top Beauty Brands You Probably Never Heard Of
  • Underdog Beauty Brands that Deserve Your Attention
  • What Are the Best Underdog Beauty Brands You Can Buy Online?

Miscellaneous Blog Post Ideas

Ultimately, a beauty blog should be the digital extension of your identity. 

You need to make your personality shine by publishing content you’re personally interested in. 

Of course, you should still keep everything relevant by discussing beauty-related stuff. 

87. Beauty communities to join online

The social media sphere is filled with beauty groups that your audience will gladly join. Start with beauty groups you joined yourself.

Post title suggestions:

  • Best Beauty Groups on Facebook You Should Join
  • Top Facebook Groups to Join for the Hottest Beauty Tips
  • Skincare Communities that I Personally Follow

88. Transformation stories

Transformation stories are among the most engaging and relatable types of content in the beauty niche. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Before and After: Products that Changed My Life
  • How [Person or Celebrity] Transformed for [Event]: A Makeup Tutorial
  • Top Makeup Transformations from Social Media Influencers

89. Becoming a beauty blogger

There’s a good chance that other aspiring bloggers are checking out your blog for ideas and inspiration. You can become their go-to source of blogging tips if you publish blogging and marketing tips.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to Start Your Very Own Beauty Blog in Easy Steps
  • Things to Remember Before Putting Up Your Own Blog
  • How to Be a Blogger? Rules for Success

90. Your most recent obsession

Whenever you feel excited to share something with your readers, you’re always guaranteed to create engaging content. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Exploring My Latest Obsession: What Exactly Are [Product]?
  • What I’ve Been Up To: Products I’m Currently Obsessed With
  • It’s Official, I’m Obsessed with [Product]: Here’s Why

91. Random beauty habits you do

Random beauty habits like using raw honey as a spot treatment make great blog post topics. 

Post title suggestions:

  • My Top Weird Beauty Habits Revealed
  • How I Treat [Condition] with [Ingredient] (Spoiler: It Actually Works)
  • Embarrassing Things I’ve Tried in My Skincare Routine

92. DIY beauty products

Even if you don’t create DIY recipes yourself, compiling them into one post will help get your audience’s attention. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Top DIY Skincare Recipes with Ingredients from Your Pantry
  • How to Make a DIY [Recipe] with Household Items
  • Easy Homemade Skincare Recipes You Can Make Right Now

93. Destressing tips 

Whether you like it or not, beauty depends on your internal health. Write about your favorite destressing tips to help your readers feel and look good – inside and out. 

Post title suggestions:

  • How I Destress After a Long Day at Work
  • Simple Ways I Destress at Home
  • Reasons You Should Destress Today (and How to Do It)

94. Salon reviews 

You can review salons and similar establishments on your blog to give readers something fresh. This only works if you cater to a local audience. 

Post title suggestions:

  • [Establishment Name] Review: What I Liked and Why You Should Give Them a Visit
  • Hair Salons You Should Visit Whenever You’re in [Location]
  • How to Plan the Perfect Weekend: Best Salons and Spas in [Location]


Liked this post?

You should now have enough beauty blog post ideas to last you for months.

Feel free to bookmark and use it for reference later. For now, I suggest you list down the top five ideas you’d like to write about ASAP. 

If you have more questions about the beauty niche or blogging in general, leave a comment below. Also, I’d greatly appreciate it if you give this post a share. 


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