One Funnel Away Challenge Review: 30 Days to Profitable Biz

Let me start off this review with a fair warning.

The One Funnel Away Challenge may drastically change your life.

It was the secret ingredient behind the successful launch of my first book: The Content Rulebook.

In addition to helping me close more sales, it also allowed me to earn a nice $1,000 in four days.

Believe it or not, there was no grand marketing scheme behind that mini-campaign.

It all worked through social media and the power of the One Funnel Away Challenge.

You, too, can achieve the same results.

However, there’s a catch.

You can be the most gifted blogger or online entrepreneur in the world. But unless you’re willing to take action every day for the next month, it’s not going to work.  

Think you can keep up?

First, let me explain the concept of funnels for beginners.

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What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is essentially a series of steps designed for the conversion of visitors into paying customers.

The typical sales funnel model has four key stages:

What are sales funnels for?

Sales funnels let you segment your audience according to their current needs and how close they are to purchasing.

For example, leads in the interest stage will require loads of educational and non-promotional content.

Leads in the decision stage, however, will require the right offers since they’re near the bottom of the funnel.

By offers, I’m talking about freebies, discount coupons, free trials, templates, and the likes.

Sales funnels aren’t strictly for businesses, entrepreneurs, and eCommerce brands.

As you can see, bloggers who sell affiliate products will also benefit greatly from a well-optimized sales funnel.

Picture it as a flowchart for planning interactions through squeeze pages, emails, and sales offers.

That brings us to this review’s topic — the One Funnel Away Challenge.

What is the One Funnel Away Challenge?

The OFA Challenge is an elaborate, 30-day training experience about building sales funnels that not only work, but work great.

During that 30-day period, you’ll learn all about topics like offer sequencing, publishing, hooks, one-time offer pages, and more.

I cannot recommend the OFA Challenge enough for bloggers who want more results out of their monetization strategies.

The reason is simple: I accepted the challenge myself and couldn’t be happier with my decision.

Everything I learned about successful funnel building came from the OFA Challenge when I signed up on April 14, 2019.

Worried that the OFA Challenge may not be for you?

Early on, you’ll also learn how to find the perfect product to promote.

That’s right — the OFA Challenge can help you build profitable funnels even if you’re starting from scratch.

How to get started?

You can take part in the lessons purely digitally or with the physical OFA Challenge Kit. That will be delivered to your doorstep after signing up.

Photo of Challenge Kit

Lessons are handed out as daily “missions” with training content from multiple coaches. One of which will be held as a live coaching call via a private Facebook group.

Who are these coaches, you ask?

That’s part of the reason why the OFA Challenge is almost legendary.

It features a star-studded cast of coaches.

Who is behind the OFA Challenge?

The OFA Challenge is engineered by a small team led by Russell Brunson. 

Russell is a digital marketing expert, entrepreneur, public speaker, and author of one of my favorite books, Expert Secrets. He is also the co-founder of ClickFunnels — the premier resource website and funnel builder for entrepreneurs.

Accompanying Russell are digital marketing coach Julie Stoian and master offer creator Stephen Larsen. 

You definitely can’t book a one-hour consultation with any of them for just $100 — that’s for sure.

What does “One Funnel Away” mean?

If you’re considering the OFA Challenge, I think it’s important to understand the scale of what you’re getting into.

It isn’t just about sales funnels.

It’s about funnels that take you from point A to point B, and those points can be anything you require.

You could be someone unemployed who wants to land their dream job. Perhaps you own a business and currently has no clue on how to grow your profits. 

Whatever goal gets you up in the morning, the OFA Challenge will help you get there. 

How does the challenge work?

Before anything else, I think it’s my responsibility to say this: 

The OFA Challenge isn’t for quitters. 

I signed up for the OFA Challenge with some ideas on what to expect. 

“It will be an online course with a library of training videos and maybe some downloadable worksheets.”

Or so I thought.

After watching the “welcome” video, I realized that it’s much more than all that. 

Once the challenge starts, you will get the following: 

1. A daily challenge email

The details of your daily challenge will be sent to you via email, around 6AM Eastern Standard Time. 

During that day, it’s up to you to decide exactly when you want to do it. Just be sure it gets done by the end of the day — no excuses!

You can also access the daily challenge from the “super-secret” OFA challenge group. 

2. Training content from Russell and Julie

If you accept the daily challenge, the next step is to receive training from Russell and Julie. 

In simple terms, Russell will tell you what you’ll do and why you’ll do it. Julie, on the other hand, will show you how to do it — sometimes through a video, sometimes through a worksheet. 

3. Live online coaching session with Stephen

Each day, you’re also given access to the time for Stephen Larsen’s live group coaching session. 

Yes, you can participate in these sessions in real time. 

The purpose of these sessions is to make sure you put in the work. 

It’s one thing to learn from the information provided to you by experts Russell and Julie. Choosing to refine knowledge into detailed plans of action is another. 

4. Your turn

The final part of your daily OFA Challenge comes from you. 

If you paid attention to the coaching you received, you should be done in two hours, tops. However, I will be lying if I told you that there are no tasks that will need more time. 

Fortunately, the OFA Challenge offers a pre-training that will make sure you’re mentally and strategically prepared. 

Master Funnels Through One Funnel Away Challenge in Just 30 Days!

Does it Work? How Mario Pajaj made $7,000 in 30 days

The short answer is absolutely.

For the long answer, I’d like to share the results of another OFA Challenge member: Mario Pajaj.

Mario took on the OFA Challenge not once, not twice, but three times.

I won’t be surprised if he’ll take it on the fourth time and beyond.

Just for the record, Mario had zero knowledge in digital marketing prior to joining the OFA Challenge.

That was in March 2019.

Mario didn’t even have a product to sell upon starting his first day of mission training.

But by fully dedicating his time to the challenge, he managed to pull off something amazing.

From the ground up, he created his brand story, developed his funnel, and adjusted his beliefs.

And in 30 days, he generated roughly $7,000 in profits.

Make no mistake that the OFA Challenge is a big commitment.

But if you really put your 100% into your daily missions, you’ll be rewarded tenfold — most likely more.

Think about it.

If Mario — who had zero marketing knowledge, was able to succeed — what more are bloggers and marketing-savvy people like you?

Of course, Mario’s success story is just one of the many out there.

You can read about my personal results later in this review.

Exploring the One Funnel Away Challenge Member’s Area

After creating your member’s area account, you’ll gain instant access to features like the “Secret Mission Area.” 

If you successfully completed the OFA Challenge, you’re officially an OFA Alumni. 

That means you can review all of the mission details, including recorded coaching calls with Stephen Larsen. This can be done from your OFA Challenge member’s area. 

The OFA Challenge is structured to weave the training into your daily routine. 

That’s what the first seven days of the OFA Challenge is called “pre-training.” 

This is broken down into the following daily missions:

  • PT-M1: You Must Believe (Adopting the right mindset for the challenge)
  • PT-M2: Failure (Preparing for failures and building a plan to get back up stronger)
  • PT-M3: Who Not How (Focusing on people WHO knows HOW to gain momentum)
  • PT-M4: 10X Secrets (Following and doubling down on frameworks that already work)
  • PT-M5: Belief
  • PT-M6: Catch Up Day
  • PT-M7: Mission Review

Allow me to share a bit about my experience. 

First, you need to hack your mind to believe in the power of daily decisions. 

It doesn’t matter how small they are. The success of everything you want to do depends on whether or not you believe in it enough.

Walkthrough of your first pre-training: Mission 1 — You Must Believe

The first OFA Challenge is all about embedding this mindset into your head.

It’s aptly called “You Must Believe,” where Russell himself gets you psyched up for the things to come.  

In addition to the video, members are also required to download the pre-training worksheet.

The first pre-training checklist includes the following objectives:

  • Watch Russell’s video for today
  • Fill out the challenge worksheet 
  • Go to the OFA community and write a comment with the hashtag #MISSIONCOMPLETE

Easy — I know. 

But be reminded that, as you go deeper into the OFA Challenge, you’ll face harder and more meaningful tasks.

That’s a promise.  

Below the checklist, the worksheet will also guide you through essential activities that will position you for success. 

Here’s an overview of the worksheet:

  • Crushing False Beliefs — First, you need to define your most honest fears and create a tangible plan on how to overcome them.
  • Building Belief & Certainty — You will also be required to substantiate your beliefs by writing your reasons, contingency plan, and reassurance. 
  • Finding Time — My favorite part of the pre-training worksheet, however, is the “Finding Time” section. This helps establish a clear daily schedule that will guide you through the 30 days of the OFA Challenge.

It’s a good idea to print worksheets so you always have instant access to them whenever you need. Alternatively, you can wait for the physical copy of the OFA Challenge workbook.

This will be sent to you via mail after signing up for the challenge. 

INSERT Photo of worksheet

You can learn more about the bonuses you’ll receive from the OFA Challenge later in this review. 

What Else is Inside?

Getting over pre-training is the easy part. 

After pre-training, you need to step up your game.

Here — let me give you a glimpse of what the following weeks of the OFA Challenge entail:

Week 1: Offers

Now that you’re done conditioning your mind for the OFA Challenge, it’s time to master the art of crafting offers.

Week 1 is where Russell and crew will teach and show you how to come up with lucrative product ideas. Not only that, they’ll also give you actionable advice on how to sell them. 

  • W1-M1: Offer Hacking
  • W1-M2: Greatest Showman
  • W1-M3: Offer Sequencing
  • W1-M4: eCovers and Offer Assets
  • W1-M5: Create
  • W1-M6: Catch Up Day
  • W1-M7: Mission Review

Week 2: Leveraging stories 

Week 2 will help you build your brand through brilliant storytelling. 

You will learn about publishing platforms, writing your origin story, leveraging hooks to get your audience’s attention, and more. 

  • W2-M1: Publishing
  • W2-M2: Epiphany Bridge
  • W2-M3: Your Origin Story
  • W2-M4: Hooks, Hooks, and More Hooks
  • W2-M5: Catch Up Day
  • W2-M6: Catch Up Day
  • W2-M7: Mission Review

Week 3: Building your funnel

A killer offer and a captivating brand story are two of the most important tools in funnel building.

That’s why, in Week 3, you will develop your core strategy and build the crucial stages of your funnel. 

  • W3-M1: Core Funnel Strategy
  • W3-M2: Your Share Funnel
  • W3-M3: The Squeeze Page
  • W3-M4: The Sales Page
  • W3-M5: The OTO Page
  • W3-M6: Members Area
  • W3-M7: Mission Review

Week 4: Getting traffic

Your funnel is the key to unlocking profitable traffic to your online business. 

If you’re done with the missions from Week 3, you’re almost there. You just need to understand who your ideal users are, how to pull them in, and what funnel metrics to measure.

  • W4-M1: 3 Types of Traffic
  • W4-M2: Dream 100
  • W4-M3: Earn Your Way In
  • W4-M4: Buy Your Way In
  • W4-M5: Funnel Audibles
  • W4-M6: Mission Review
  • W4-M7: Mission Debrief

Jumping Aboard the One Funnel Away Challenge 

Ready to make the big jump?

Here’s what to expect:

OFA Challenge Pricing

The OFA Challenge has two pricing plans you can choose from:

  • Digital Only — Receive your mission training and freebies without having to worry about shipping.
  • Both Physical & Digital (Recommended) — If you want your customized, physical OFA Challenge kit delivered to you, choose this plan.

Signing up for the OFA Challenge requires a one-time fee of $100 regardless of the plan you choose.

The only difference, you’ll have to pay for the shipping of your challenge kit with the Digital & Physical plan. That costs an additional $19.95 if you’re in the United States or $29.95 if you’re from another country.

Is it worth it?

If you’re a believer, I guarantee that it’ll be the best 100 bucks you’ll ever spend. 

It’s definitely unlike the majority of online courses and training programs out there. 

Let’s face it, most of them simply dump a truckload of resources on your face and call it a day. The OFA Challenge, however, sees to it that you get your money’s worth. 

The accountability calls with Stephen Larsen, for example, is a huge difference-maker. 

If you want to attend the live group coaching sessions, you can’t afford to be lazy. 

Rather than saying “I’ll do it later,” complete the challenge now and participate with your chin held high. 

Other than that, signing up for the OFA Challenge also comes with huge bonuses. 

All the free stuff

Let me tell you something right now. 

Even if you don’t take part in the OFA Challenge, the $100 you’ll spend would still be worth it. 

The bonuses you’ll receive already exceed that number in terms of value. 

Bonus #1: 30 Days Hardcover Book (unlimited access plus behind-the-scenes interviews) — $491 value

The success of Russell Brunson’s ClickFunnels is unquestionable. 

As a matter of fact, he runs an exclusive group called the “Two Comma Club.” These are for ClickFunnels users who already generated over a million dollars with the platform. 

In the book “30 Days,” Russell Brunson asked 30 members of the Two Comma Club a very interesting question.

“If you suddenly lose everything, what would you do in 30 days to get back on top?”

By everything, he means everything. 

No money, no reputation, no traffic, no website — nada. 

All you have is an internet connection, a phone line, and ClickFunnels. 

Naturally, members of the Two Comma Club came up with detailed, 30-day action plans. These are blueprints that can guide even beginners to direct response marketing and funnel building success.

By signing up for the OFA Challenge, you can get these blueprints right at your fingerprints.

I read the book myself and I can tell you this: 

It’s pure gold. 

The 30-day action plans are simple enough to be repeatable even for absolute newbies. 

In case you’re wondering, all the wisdom and experience packed into this book take up a total of 550 pages.

Just imagine that for a second. 550 pages’ worth of success blueprints — right at your fingertips.

In addition to the 30 Days book, you will also get exclusive access to behind the scenes interviews. 

This will help you truly understand the brilliant minds who made it big using the same tools available to you. 

Bonus #2: Physical Spiral-Bound Copy of the OFA Challenge Workbook — $97 value

Let’s face it, printer ink is expensive. 

Printing the downloadable worksheets from your member’s area is ideal if you want to get started right away. But once you receive your OFA Challenge kit, you can use the included OFA Challenge Workbook. 

Include photo of workbook here

Bonus #3: MP3 Player with over 40 hours of live recordings — $297 value

The trickiest part of the OFA Challenge is making it an integral part of your everyday routine. 

Bloggers like us are busy as bees. As such, we need to make every minute count in order to achieve progress. 

Fortunately, the OFA Challenge kit includes an MP3 player with 40 hours’ worth of training. That means you can keep up with the challenge as you go about your activities, like:

  • Commuting
  • Driving
  • Eating
  • Exercising
  • Relaxing

INSERT Photo here

When was the last time you purchased an online training program that packs so much value through bonuses alone? 

Referral Program

If, for some reason, you’re still not confident that the OFA Challenge is a worthy investment, I have good news. 

You can easily make your $100 back with their referral program. 

I’m not talking about some kind of affiliate marketing program that earns you a small commission per referral sale. 

For every referral, you get the full $100 that the new member pays. 

Yes — you get 100% of all the referral sales you make. 

I, myself, easily made my money back with minimal promotions. 

As I mentioned before, I made $1,000 in a mere four days. That’s insane as far as referral programs go.

Exclusive Bonuses for Master Blogging Readers

If you’re reading this review, congratulations!

I’m offering two additional bonuses for Master Blogging readers who choose to participate in the OFA Challenge:

1.  Facebook Group Funnels Course — $28 value

By signing up for the OFA Challenge, you’ll also get full access to my Facebook Group Funnels course. 

It’s the perfect complement for the OFA Challenge, especially if you want to build a scalable sales funnel through Facebook. 

Some of the lessons you’ll learn from the Facebook Group Funnels course are: 

  • How to design shareable images for social media with Canva
  • Optimizing your Facebook Group settings
  • Easy ways to get unlimited content for your group
  • How to attract targeted members that turn into profitable leads

Normally, I charge around $27 for the Facebook Group Funnels course. But if you sign up for the OFA Challenge, you’ll get it as a gift. 

2. The Content Rulebook — $32 value (plus bonuses)

That’s right.

My very first book — The Content Rulebook — will also be yours.

The Content Rulebook is my entire 10 years of writing experience rolled into one, juicy package.

In this book, I revealed ALL of my blog content writing secrets, including:

  • The P.E.N. writing flow — An easy, repeatable strategy that will make you virtually unstoppable.
  • The R.U.E. method — Simple guidelines to ensure you’re writing top-quality content all the time.
  • Three-step outline creation process — Get your blog content off to a running start by building powerful outlines.
  • Get your blogging schedule in order — See the exact steps I use to create a sustainable and productive weekly schedule for my blogging tasks.

Take a look at what readers have to say about The Content Rulebook:

Of course, as a recipient of The Content Rulebook, you’re also eligible to receive all freebies that come with it:

  • Content Ideas Flashcards — Printable flashcards that will help you decide your next blog post idea.
  • Content Rulebook Checklist — Everything you need to remember about The Content Rulebook right in your pocket.
  • Additional Resources — Useful resources that will amplify your results with The Content Rulebook.

I’m basically giving you something free for choosing to take control of your life. 

Also, you can’t ignore the actual value of all bonuses you’ll receive.

How you actually make money by taking this offer

The truth is, the value you’ll get from the OFA Challenge is mind-blowingly great — it’s almost like highway robbery.

Let’s do the math.

Value of bonuses from OFA Challenge Kit

  • 30 Days of Video Missions provided by Russell Brunson — $997 value
  • 30 Days of Coaching provided by Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen— $997 value
  • One Funnel Away Challenge Customized Kit — $247 value
  • Challenge Workbook physical copy — $97 value
  • 30 Days hardcover book — $97 value
  • Unlimited access to interviews plus behind-the-scenes interviews — $394 value
  • MP3 player — $297 value

Total: $3,126

Value of bonuses from Master Blogging

  • Facebook Group Funnels Course — $28 value
  • The Content Rulebook with Bonuses — $32 value

Total: $60

Now, let’s get the sum of all that and subtract it from your OFA Challenge membership:

100 – (3,126 + 60)

100 – 3,186

Total cost of OFA Challenge = -$3,086

Long story short, spending $100 on the OFA Challenge doesn’t actually cost $100. The moment you sign up for the challenge, you receive $3,186 value in return.

You actually made $3,086 from that deal.

All you need to do is sign up for the OFA Challenge through the link below.

Get Started with One Funnel Challenge!

The Verdict

To summarize, the OFA Challenge is the best thing you can buy right now for $100. 

Ignore the bonuses and exclusive content for a second and focus on the challenge itself. 

Ask yourself, what do you want to accomplish in the next 30 days? 

Do you want a blog that generates tons of affiliate sales? How about thousands of new customers for your own business?

Whatever it is, you can architect the perfect funnel for it through the OFA Challenge. 

Once you’re done with the challenge, building funnels will become a deeply ingrained habit. There’s nothing in the world you can’t accomplish if you embrace the lessons you’ll learn week after week.  

I live by these words because it happened to me after being an OFA Challenge alumni.  

Good luck, and have fun transforming your life. 

Click Here To Take One Funnel Challenge!


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