15 Top Indian Bloggers List + [Their Earning Revealed] 2020

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If you want to become a successful person in your life then you have to do many things to achieve your goals.

You have to make plans, strategies, and decisions with the right mindset. One of the most important tasks among them is Clear Mindset

If your mind is not clear about your plans or strategies then you can’t achieve your dream.

So, The best way to make your mind sharp and goal-focused is, Read other successful people’s thought.

Let’s say, If you want to be a blogger then you can read top Indian bloggers thought on their blog.

When you read the other blogger’s thoughts then you get to know that how they started, what mistakes they have made and how can you become like them, etc.

Those blogs will help you to achieve your goals with blogging (or anything you want to achieve).

So, I always recommend, You must read the top Indian blogger‘s thoughts.

Basically, I’m writing this article to aware all of you about top blogs in India which you must follow to grow in Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, Youtube or Blogging, etc.

Famous bloggers don’t reveal their real income so, I’m listing all the popular blogs in India by evaluating their Alexa Rank, Moz Rank, and their website estimated traffic.

I will also show you the top Indian bloggers earning (unofficial or official) that they earn per month.

So, Let’s move to our quality-rich content.

Source: https://askblogging.com/top-indian-bloggers/