How to Write SEO Optimized Blog Posts

There is a simple and easy way to make SEO Friendly Posts on your Blog.
Posting SEO Friendly means writing your blog content in a way that is easily

write seo optimized blog posts

Search engine optimization or SEO has noteworthy importance in the present blogging world. All things considered, nobody can deny that Google is, hands down, the best search engine in the world. Google adores SEO friendly and mobile friendly blog posts that is why Google rank these posts on top in search index or SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Writing SEO Optimized Article for search engines and blog visitors is a skill set. Only way to acquire this skill is to read/write lots of blog posts and practice every day. Many of us think, doing SEO and writing SEO optimized blog posts or article is a complex method. We believe what people says without even giving it a try and seeing it for ourselves, if it’s that hard or not. 

Generally, most of the new bloggers simply make posts to catch the eyes of their visitors, they don’t give a little consideration to make their post SEO friendly. Right? 

There is a simple and easy way to make SEO Friendly Posts on your Blog.

Posting SEO Friendly means writing your blog content in a way that is easily and quickly indexed by Google, so that the blog gets visited by lots of people from the search result. With search engine friendly posts, your posts will be ranked higher in the search results and will be easily found by users in Google’s search result.
SEO must be applied in writing articles in order to compete on Google search.

  • A “Search Traffic Study” of HubSpot shows that,

91% of web content gets no traffic from Google!? While creative marketing tactics like blogging will boost brand awareness and show that you have expertise on an industry, not writing a post properly for SEO could mean it misses out on all the great SEO traffic it could get.

How to Make SEO Friendly Posts on Blogs 

1. Use an Attractive Post Title (Eye Catchy but not too flashy)

First, the most important thing is to make sure to choose informative and eye catchy titles that attracts the attention of the targeted audience to your site.

The title plays an important role to get people from the search result page to read the post. 
To create an SEO friendly blog title you must have targeted keywords in the title of your blog post.

The title makes an impression on your readers and search engines to determine the relevance of your post. Another important thing for optimizing your title for SEO is that your title should not be too long. A title between 65-70 characters long is considered good title.

In a survey, it was estimated that 90% of searchers only took up to 10 seconds to decide whether to visit a post or not. Excessive and unsightly titles lose thousands of organic visitors every day.

how to write seo optimized blog posts

2. Images: SEO Optimized Illustration/images

To optimize images and make them SEO friendly you must add ALT text for each of them.

Naturally posting pictures with Alt text increases SEO for blog posts. This also helps to get thousands of visitors from Google’s image search.There is an option called ‘Title Attribute’ for your images. By using the title attribute you can easily check the image title text by hovering your mouse cursor over the image. 

You can use online free services like Compress PNG to reduce the size of your image.

3. Must Use Keywords in the Post

Once you have chosen your keywords, make sure to use keywords where needed in the post. Make your blog post SEO friendly by adding relevant keywords at the beginning and end of the blog post.

Be sure to use targeted keywords in the middle of your blog content. I suggest you to use the long tail keywords in your post as these keywords get a lot of visitors back to the post and rank fast in the search engines too.

Remember: Don’t use too many targeted keywords as this action harms your SEO and makes your blog post ugly and annoying. Keyword stuffing might even result in getting kicked off of the search result page.

4. Use SEO Friendly URL 

To make your blog posts SEO friendly you need to have an SEO friendly URL. Having a SEO-friendly URL makes posts more relevant and are found faster by search engines. 
Don’t know what an SEO friendly URL is?

No problem, if you are a WordPress user you can easily set your URL structure from the admin panel of your blog. The main difference between SEO friendly URLs and SEO unfriendly URLs is that you have targeted keywords in the URL of the blog post.

5. Content Must Be Original, Not Copy Paste!

how to write seo oprimized blog posts

For SEO, search engines like google, bing likes to filter out all the duplicate contents that are exactly the same on other sites. They never want to show the same content in different sites which is detrimental to their user experience.

Make sure not to just copy and paste the article from other websites. Always try to write your own posts. If you need to copy a few lines from another site, make sure to get the permission and give them the credit.

The first and foremost step is to do research on your topic and just remember all the important things then start writing in your own words. Always remember that your content must be original and not be plagiarized. You can use plagiarism checkers to check for plagiarisms.

6. Have Meaningful Meta Description

Last but not least, meta description plays an important role in capturing the attention of visitors and search engine bots. This description is used as part of the snippet displayed in the search results.

Be sure to use targeted keywords when adding meta descriptions to blog posts to make it SEO friendly. This is one of the best places where you can easily use keywords to increase the relevance of posts and to increase search engine visibility to find your blog posts quickly.

Final Words

SEO is a very important factor for any blog if they want to be ranked higher in search results; and in order to make that happen, every post should be SEO friendly. I hope this post helped you to understand how to create SEO friendly blog posts. If you liked this post or if you have any questions, please leave a comment below and i will try to help you out. Don’t forget to share this post! Peace!


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