Updating Your SEO and Blogging Knowledge in 2020 – [What’s New]

SEO is really important for a site, there’s no doubt about that. It is also very important for you to do a full analysis and review of your website.

seo blogging update 2020
SEO is really important for a site, there’s no doubt about that. It is also very important for you to do a full analysis and review of your website and ensure that it is up-to-date with the most recent SEO strategies. You can always use free tools from websites like alexa, google pagespeed, ahref to do a complete website analysis. You should also check for broken backlinks, otherwise it will affect your SEO and S.E.R.P ranking. With a complete analysis of your website, you will be able to know what is wrong with your site and what is right. You can then easily decide if you should make any changes or not. You generally need to stay aware of the most recent updates that are posted by Google and the other popular search engines regarding the changes in their algorithms.

Mobile Friendliness

As we have discussed previously in other posts, ensuring that your site is SEO compatible with mobile users is really important. A lot of people are using their mobile phones now for searching on google and you need to keep your website up-to-date with the time. Remember that Google made a declaration that cell phones were their principle source of search traffic, this means that Google is going to put much more concentration on sites that are optimized for the mobile devices.

Schema Markup

What you may not have taken a look at in the past because of too many other pressing priorities is that, the Schema Markup is also an important factor for SEO. This is a computer markup language that you can utilize on your website so that it highlights important information that the search engines will be able to find quickly and pass it on to their users. There is no doubt that the search engines want to see this. For example, Your Schema Markup will include  things such as driving directions or phone numbers or hours of operations. And this also includes reviews. You have to make it really easy for the search engines to be able to a display your business information.

Email Marketing

While you may feel that email marketing that includes SEO is becoming mundane because people are sick of all the spams that they’re getting, don’t discount it as being important. The personalized promotional emails are still functioning very well in 2020 and have a higher unique opening rate plus a higher click through rate then those emails that are done with no personalization.

While you probably have the basics of SEO for your site and its main purpose is to be able to drive traffic for your website, you also have to unlearn to incorporate your call to actions within your content as well as balance it evenly with your SEO.

social media and search engines for seo

While the foundation for SEO still remains in effect you must make sure that you stay up with the changing times. Any time that Google is making a change to their algorithm, it creates a ripple of fear throughout the Internet. Businesses worry as to how this is going to affect their ranking.

Final Words

There was a great deal of anticipation that Google would be coming out with another new Panda or Penguin update in March 2020. It doesn’t seem as though this occurred however what came out was a core S.E.R.P (Search Engine Result Page) ranking algorithm update. Other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Baidu also updated their search engine algorithms recently to keep misleading websites out of the user’s way. This had some impact in the search metrics. The entire idea with your SEO strategies is to ensure that you keep yourself in-track and in tune with the latest news, views, changes and updates happening throughout all the search engines

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