138 Travel Blog Post Ideas You Need to Cover in Your Blog

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Best Travel Blog Post Ideas

Here are the best travel blog post ideas you can write about on your blog.

1. Off-the-beaten-path travel spots

You can cover more unique, off-the-road travel routes and destinations on your blog to make it stand out. 

Post title suggestions:

  • off-the-road travel destinations you should try when you’re in (destination)
  • I discovered this cool off-the-beaten-path spot during my visit to (destination)
  • Think you know (destination)? Here are hidden spots that’ll make you think twice

2. Luxury travel

A lot of people look for travel tips on a budget — and that’s perfectly understandable. But what about those who have the moola for more luxurious trips?

Post title suggestions:

  • Luxury travel planning guide: tips for serious travelers
  • Top five-star hotels to visit in your next trip to (destination)
  • Flying to (destination)? Here are the top luxury hotels to stay in

3. Work abroad

When thinking of what to write about in a travel blog, just remember that some people want to work abroad. In fact, a lot of travel bloggers funded their early travels by taking on jobs in countries they’ve visited.

Post title suggestions:

  • Want to be a digital nomad? Think about the idea of working abroad first
  • A travel blogger’s handbook to working abroad
  • How to make money traveling with these travel jobs

4. Wildlife

A handful of travel bloggers make their dent in the industry by highlighting a destination’s wildlife. 

Post title suggestions:

  • A traveler’s guide to (species) in (destination)
  • Best spots to see (species) in (destination)
  • Swimming with (water species) in (destination): told in pictures

5. Solo travel for women

A lot of female travel bloggers share advice for women who wish to travel alone. Doing the same would be better if you can compile a list of tips based on your experiences. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Top destinations for solo female travelers
  • Going solo? travel tips every woman should remember
  • Solo female travel tips when going to (destination)

6. Travel safety

Every traveler — not just women — needs to pay attention to travel safety. 

Post title suggestions:

  • travel safety tips every traveler should know
  • How to stay safe in (destination): travel safety tips to live by
  • The essential travel safety guide for traveling to high-risk countries

7. Local delicacies and exotic food

You can’t call yourself a serious traveler if you don’t, at the very least, consider trying out local delicacies. 

Post title suggestions:

  • local delicacies to try in (destination)
  • So, I tried the (local delicacy) from (destination) — TL;DR: it was amazing
  • reasons why you should try (local delicacy) and why I love it

8. Travel fashion

Let’s face it, you need to make yourself look presentable if you want to take travel selfies. Wearing stylish outfits will also make it easier to socialize with other people in foreign countries.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to travel light and look fashionable: a guide for travel bloggers
  • fashion tips for jet-setters
  • travel fashion tips to be comfy on the road

9. Travel photography apps

Not everyone’s packing a professional camera — see to it that everyone else can take Instagrammable photos with the right apps.

Post title suggestions:

  • Top photography apps you can use on your phone
  • How to level-up your smartphone photography with these handy apps
  • Best mobile apps for DIY travel photography

10. Local sports

If you’re traveling to a destination with a popular local sport, consider writing about it to show readers something new. 

Post title suggestions:

  • I tried playing (local sport) in (destination), see what happened
  • things I wish I knew about (local sport) before purchasing a ticket
  • Top reasons why visiting sporting events should be a part of your travel plans

11. Local celebrities

If you have a large enough influence, you can try interviewing famous people in your destination.

Post title suggestions:

  • Having lunch with (celebrity name)
  • I attended (celebrity name)’s event in (destination): here’s what I learned
  • things you didn’t know about (celebrity name) that will blow your mind

12. Getting press trips

If your readers think about starting a travel blog themselves, you might want to share some tips on press trips. These are basically sponsored trips by an establishment, city, or any organization who needs positive press.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to get press trip proposals as a blogger or social media influencer
  • Travel for free? Here’s how to make it happen with press trips
  • things to do to get your first press trip opportunity

13. Terrifying travel experiences

Every travel blogger has loads of stuff to say about their positive travel experiences. Then, there are bloggers like Lauren Juliff of Never Ending Footsteps who also shares her not-so-fun moments.

Post title suggestions:

  • The story of how I got stranded in (destination)
  • I was scammed in (destination): here’s how you can avoid my mistakes
  • So… I broke my (body part) in (destination): the road to recovery

14. Long-distance relationships

A lot of travelers have to deal with the troubles of a long-distance relationship.

Post title suggestions:

  • golden rules that will make your long-distance relationship last
  • A digital nomad’s guide to long-distance relationships
  • How to keep your long-distance relationship strong while you’re abroad

15. Local nightlife

When it comes to travel, there are different strokes for different folks. And some folks enjoy the local nightlife whenever they’re in a new location.

Post title suggestions:

  • A traveler’s guide to the (destination) nightlife
  • nightlife destinations in (destination)
  • Top cities with the best nightlife in (destination)

16. Other travel bloggers

As a travel blogger, you do have the right to share your opinions about the best travel blogs. Hopefully, you have a lot of positive things to say about them. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Top travel bloggers in (destination)
  • Hot off the press: my interview with (travel blogger)
  • travel bloggers to follow about (travel blog topic)

17. Traveling with pets

Yes — traveling with pets is possible. It’s not your usual travel blog content, but there are websites that talk about them.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to travel with your beloved pet: a step-by-step guide
  • tips on traveling with your pet for the first time
  • Everything you need to know about traveling with pets

18. What you do when you’re not traveling

You may have a travel blog, but there are other things worth sharing with your audience other than travel-related stuff. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Not going anywhere? Here are things I do when I’m not on the go
  • things to do when you’re stuck at home
  • How to deal with a serious case of wanderlust when you have nowhere to go

19. Step-by-step travel guides

Describing a destination and your experiences are one thing, crafting a comprehensive travel guide to that destination is another.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to plan the perfect weekend to (destination)
  • The ultimate (destination) travel guide for first-timers
  • Traveling to (destination) in (date): A step-by-step guide 

20. Airlines and booking

While there are travel blogs dedicated to the airline industry, traveling by plane involves loads of content topics to discuss. 

Post title suggestions:

  • The traveler’s advanced guide to frequent flyer miles
  • My experience with the (airline company)
  • How to maximize your frequent flyer miles with these tools and hacks

21. Traveling by train

Apart from flying, traveling by train can also be a source of good travel blog ideas.

Post title suggestions:

  • An uninitiated’s guide to traveling in the USA via trains 
  • How to make the most out of your first train ride
  • overnight train trips you should try going to (destination)

22. Family travel

Traveling with your family is a whole different experience from traveling alone. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Family vacation ideas in (destination)
  • How to plan the perfect family vacation
  • My top favorite family travel destinations in (year)

23. Travel credit cards

Aspiring travelers will definitely appreciate it if you can shed some light on the best travel credit cards available. 

Post title suggestions:

  • questions you need to ask before choosing a travel credit card
  • These are the best travel credit cards in (year)
  • Top travel rewards credit cards you should take a look at

24. Your travel blog marketing strategies

Do you also write about travel blogging and how readers can follow your footsteps? You may want to share a thing or two about your go-to blog marketing strategies.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to promote your travel blog content in easy steps
  • Travel bloggers: here’s how to leverage the power of social media to boost your traffic
  • Top email marketing services for travel blogs

25. Your travel blog headquarters

A lot of established travel bloggers have a main base of operations somewhere. Your loyal readers may be interested in learning about it. 

Post title suggestions:

  • An exclusive tour of our (location) HQ
  • workplace tips to boost your productivity (that we do ourselves)
  • Here’s what the (your brand) team does in our spare time

26. Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism stems from the idea that travelers need to make a positive impact on the environment.

Post title suggestions:

  • Everything you need to know about responsible tourism
  • How to be a responsible tourist: travel rules to live by
  • A beginner’s guide to responsible tourism

27. Tour company reviews

Want to recommend a tour company to your readers? Then, by all means, do so.

Post title suggestions:

  • My review of (tour company) 
  • I chose (tour company) on my trip to (destination): here’s what happened
  • Top tour companies to consider when visiting (destination)

28. Overcoming travel anxiety

Sometimes, a traveler at heart needs to break through a barrier of anxiety to embark on their first adventure.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to overcome travel anxiety and live the life you deserve
  • tips on overcoming travel anxiety
  • things that helped me overcome travel anxiety: my story

29. Digital nomadism

Ever feel like traveling forever with no permanent place of residence? That’s what digital nomads do — and there’s definitely a lot to love about their lifestyle. 

Post title suggestions:

  • pros and cons of digital nomadism
  • Are you ready to be a digital nomad? Ask yourself these questions first
  • steps you need to take to be a digital nomad in (year)

30. Traveling by sea

There are a few popular blogs that talk about sea travel. If you’re well-versed in the topic, feel free to chip in your thoughts.

Post title suggestions:

  • Sea travel 101: how to travel across the globe via cargo ship
  • I took a cargo ship to (destination) for the first time: read about my experience
  • most memorable cruises I took from (year) to (year)

31. Travel software

When you hear the word “travel gear,” you probably think about bags, outfits, accessories, and outdoor sports equipment. Allow me to introduce you to a potential goldmine of topic ideas: travel apps and software. 

Post title suggestions:

  • travel apps that I couldn’t live without after trying them
  • My review of (travel app) and tips for beginners
  • These are the best travel planning apps you can get your hands on

32. Driving around a specific destination

Sometimes, all readers want are tips and advice for their next road trip experience.

Post title suggestions:

  • driving tips for long rides to (destination)
  • ways to make your next long drive to (destination) more fun
  • Driving to (destination)? Here’s how to make the most out of your trip

33. Extreme sports

A lot of travel blogs focus on extreme outdoor sports for adrenaline junkies. There’s no reason not to talk about these activities if you’ve done them yourself. 

Post title suggestions:

  • high-adrenaline activities you can try in (destination)
  • Top destinations in (destination) for extreme sports
  • The ultimate list of extreme outdoor sports to try in (year)

34. National parks 

National parks serve as reminders that we, as humans, are responsible for the protection and conservation of our planet. They’re always worth talking about in any travel blog. 

Post title suggestions:

  • Top national parks to add to your travel bucket list
  • I visited the (national park name) national park and reasons why you should too
  • The story of my visit to the (national park name): told through pictures

35. Traveling as a retiree

Believe it or not, a lot of people wait for their retirement before they go on adventures.

Post title suggestions:

  • reasons you should travel your retirement years away
  • destinations to visit as a retiree traveler
  • Better late than never: essential travel tips from and for retirees

36. Volunteering abroad

You can help travelers around the world make a difference by discussing volunteering opportunities. 

Post title suggestions:

  • top websites to look for volunteering opportunities
  • Why everyone should consider traveling to volunteer
  • My first volunteering experience in (destination) with (volunteer event name)

37. Your favorite travel books

A lot of full-time travel bloggers started their careers drawing inspiration from travel books. Share your favorites with your readers to inspire the traveler in them as well. 

Post title suggestions:

  • My top travel books of all time: I still read #1 to this day
  • How the (travel book name) changed my life
  • takeaways from the (travel book name) by (author)

38. Travel goals

Every successful travel experience started with a plan. Help readers experience the same by teaching them how to set travel goals.

Post title suggestions:

  • How to properly set travel goals in your (age bracket)
  • resources that will help you plan your travel goals like a champ
  • travel goals I wish to accomplish this (date)

39. Becoming an expat

An expat is someone who permanently moved from their native country to another. It’s not an easy decision, which is why travel bloggers are particularly detailed when discussing this topic.

Post title suggestions:

  • Read this before you become an expat: mistakes to avoid at all costs
  • How to be an expat: a comprehensive guide for the clueless
  • tips on looking for a job as an expat

40. Studying abroad

For a lot of people, studying abroad is their first-ever travel experience. You can help your readers make the most out of it by giving advice and sharing resources. 

Post title suggestions:

  • How and why studying abroad is a good idea
  • How to study abroad: everything you need to know and do
  • Studying abroad: how to do it and my personal experiences

41. Your most memorable travel experiences

When traveling, you never know when the next life-changing moment will occur. Document them on your blog to make sure the lessons remain forever.

Post title suggestions:

  • My unforgettable experiences in (destination)
  • Recalling my most unforgettable experience traveling in (destination)
  • unforgettable experiences in my (years) of traveling

42. Staying fit on the road

Staying fit on the road is as hard as it sounds. People need actionable advice from travel bloggers like you — assuming you’re knowledgeable in fitness yourself. 

Post title suggestions:

  • simple exercises that will help you stay fit on the road
  • quick and easy exercises you can do without equipment
  • How to become a food travel blogger without worrying about weight gain

43. Dealing with homesickness

Everyone feels a little homesick at some point, but travelers have to deal with it constantly. 

Post title suggestions:

  • surefire ways to reduce homesickness while working abroad
  • things I do on trips when I’m missing home
  • How to deal with homesickness as a travel blogger

44. Best photo spots in a location

In the age of social media, traveling is getting synonymous to “looking for a brilliant photo spot.”  

Post title suggestions:

  • Top photo spots to check out whenever you’re in (destination)
  • How to find Instagram-worthy photo spots wherever you are
  • best undiscovered photo spots in (destination)

45. Seasonal destinations

Want a quick spike in your blog traffic? Consider writing about seasonal destinations at the right time. 

Post title suggestions:

  • (destination) beaches you need to visit this summer
  • A beginner’s guide to seasonal destinations across (continent)
  • The ultimate list of seasonal destinations in the world 

46. WordPress plugins and themes you use

Finally, every blogging niche has a set of WordPress resources worth talking about. As a rule of thumb, focus on a list of plugins that can help readers with specific objectives.

Post title suggestions:

  • Top WordPress plugins to add a contact form to your travel blog
  • best WordPress plugins to improve your travel blog’s on-page SEO
  • Ranking the top themes for WordPress travel bloggers


Ready to put your travel blog content generation into high gear?

The list above should provide you with travel blog post ideas for months to come. You’re welcome to bookmark this post and come back whenever you’re unsure what to write about in a travel blog.

Remember that there are still tons of strategies you can use to keep your content development rolling. For example, you can always look at the travel blog post examples created by your competitors. 

That’s a strategy I discussed right here

If you have other tips, questions, and general feedback, please leave a comment below. Good luck and happy writing!

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