Why is My WordPress Site Down (Quick Solutions)


WordPress site down error can be occurred due to many reasons.

Sometimes due to the Cache problem in your browser, You may face “WordPress site down error”, but your website is still live for the USERS and GOOGLE So you need to check your website if it is really down.

Here is the list of Four Websites, where you can check if your website is down:

Visit any one of the above websites, and just enter your website URL to check the status of your website.

It will generate a brief report and shows you the status of your website, whether your website is DOWN or RUNNING WELL.

If your website has NO PROBLEM then it will show you the interface like the below image.

why is my WordPress site down

If your website is live for the USERS and GOOGLE but you are facing website down the error, then there are maybe cache problem in your browser.

To remove the website down the error, Try all the below steps to solve this problem.

Clear the cache of the browser, Then revisit the website.


Visit from a different browser


Visit from a different device

Now, If your website is DOWN then it will show you the interface like this image.

why is my WordPress site down

In this situation, You have to identify the correct reason for this website error rather than asking yourself “why is my WordPress site down

8 Possible  Reasons On Why Is My WordPress Site Down

There are currently eight possible reasons and solutions, in which you can solve this error, and if you didn’t find your solution here or your problem is something different.

Then you can mention your problem in the comment box, I will be very happy to solve your queries.

#1 Hosting Related Issues

Why is My WordPress Site Down

Most probably, You may face this error due to server related issues from your hosting site, and you can identify this error if you get the following message on your screen when visiting your website.

  • If You Get Time Out Error
  • If You Get Error With Your Host Branding
  • If You Get A Cryptic Non-PHP Error (For GoDaddy Host-Only) 

If you are facing server related error then you should contact your web hosting provider immediately.

If your host is reputed (like BlueHost or A2Hosting) then they will immediately listen to your problem and will take action.

This error is normal and if you have good hosts like A2Hosting or BlueHost then the host error chances are less than 0.01% but if you have a bad host then the chances are increases to 0.5%.

This type of problem also can happen, if you have recently installed a new plugin.

In this situation, Uninstall all the plugins that you have installed in your WordPress site but if you don’t have access to the WP dashboard, Then you can also delete all your plugins from your File Manager.

Here is the video tutorial about, how you can delete the plugins from File Manager

and check if your website is loading now, But if it didn’t work then move to further steps.

This error can also happen if you have made any changes to your PHP files of any theme or plugin. 

In this situation, you have to delete that particular theme or plugin and re-upload the same theme or plugin again from the File Manager or WP dashboard.

Now check your website, if it loading then Congratulations! You have successfully fixed your “website down problem” but if it is also not working then move to further steps.

#2 Theme or Plugin Conflict

Why is My WordPress Site Down

If you have just installed a new plugin or theme and after that new plugin or theme, you are seeing this error, (and you are asking your self “why is my WordPress site down“)

Then this might be the reason for this “website down error”.

Some plugins and themes contain malicious codes, and from that code, plugin or theme’s developer might be want to build backlinks or want to hack your website.

To solve this error, Delete all the new plugin or theme from your WP Dashboard or File Manager and check if your website is loading now.

But if it is didn’t work, Then you should move to further solutions.

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