Linode Review: The Smart Cloud Servers for Developers

I have tried multiple VPS platforms and Linode is now my recommended option for all the developers.

While using the Digitalocean in the past, I was good to go until my account was locked, one server disabled and no support was there to answer.

After 4-5 days I got the account but the droplet was not recovered. It was really frustrating but somehow the site backup was available and safe on s3 compatible storage.

I start Looking for an affordable VPS who offers quick support. I started using Upcloud and I am happy with it. However, I noticed that the support team is good but not advanced and not able to clarify the advanced technical problems that happen with servers.

New search made and I signed up for Linode using the coupon DOCS10 and that was the best decision I made. Now, while I still use different platforms, Linode is the first choice.

Linode is similar to Digitalocean, Upcloud, AWS, Vultr but with premium support from a Dedicated Support Team.

The Pricing is affordable, the advantage is the support and I am really impressed with their responsive and detailed instructions and solutions. You will be amazed too.

The pricing starts from $5 (Nanode) for 1Gb of RAM, 1 Core and 25GB SSD storage. You can find all the available options on their pricing page.

Servers are worth and I own 4-5 servers and all are running without any downtime.

I have the plan to explore High memory and Dedicated CPU plan to launch my first application. One should start with the Nanode Plan and then upgrade as per the requirements.

Sign Up for a Linode account.

Use Coupon DOCS20AA00X1 ($20) or DOCS10 to get started with $10 credit.

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