29 Best Affiliate Programs for Lifestyle Bloggers

Looking for lucrative ways to monetize your lifestyle blog?

Affiliate marketing is the key.

Sure, it may take a while before you start seeing results. But once the cash starts rolling in, it won’t stop — even while you’re sleeping. 

That’s the beauty of passive income, baby. 

Below are the best affiliate marketing programs for bloggers in the lifestyle niche.

Let’s not keep you waiting — financial freedom is coming. 

Best Affiliate Programs for Lifestyle Blogs

Top Affiliate Programs for Lifestyle Bloggers

Here are some of the best affiliate programs that can help lifestyle bloggers make big bucks.

1. RewardStyle

If you’re a lifestyle blogger or influencer, RewardStyle can provide you with the tools to monetize your online presence.

It’s designed by fellow influencers for content creators on various channels, including YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. Of course, fashion bloggers with a reliable traffic stream are also welcome to apply. 

By being accepted onto the platform, you’ll immediately gain a direct connection to over 5,000 retail partners. This network includes over a million fashion brands, including Urban Outfitters, Reebok, Topshop, and Kendra Scott. 

Looking at these partners, you may think that RewardStyle is exclusively an affiliate program for fashion bloggers. However, they also serve influencers and brands from other lifestyle categories like travel, beauty, and family. 

Unfortunately, RewardStyle doesn’t publicly state their affiliate commission rates for partner brands. Data from various sources, however, have a ballpark figure between five and 20 percent


  • A large network with over 5,000 global retailers and over 1 million brands
  • Potential for high commission earnings from 5-20 percent
  • Easy-to-use content distribution ecosystem for influencers

2. Bluprint

Does your lifestyle blog cater to lovers of DIY projects and handicrafts? 

Bluprint has an affiliate program for bloggers who publish content for the creative crowd. They offer online classes to those who wish to learn knitting, sewing, painting, cake decorating, and more. 

The website also has a section for classes related to fitness, homemaking, gardening, and photography. All of which are well-known lifestyle blog content categories.

As far as commission rates go, Bluprint has a flexible compensation system for affiliates. 

For example, if you generate a first-time online class or DVD customer, you will earn 75 percent of that sale. Repeat customers, however, will only yield 15 percent in commissions. 


  • High commission rates of up to 75 percent on first-time class or DVD customers
  • 30-day tracking cookie to make sure you don’t miss out on delayed conversions
  • Flat rewards for membership signups

3. Fitbit Affiliates

Is fitness your lifestyle blog’s focal point? 

If so, you should definitely consider joining Fitbit Affiliates

In case you didn’t know, Fitbit is a popular manufacturer of fitness activity trackers. Other than their wearable products, they also sell “smart” weighing scales and in-app purchases through their official app. 

Fitbit Affiliates’s commission rate also sits at an attractive 12 percent of every sale. 

Membership to Fitbit Affiliates is also free. And as icing on the cake, you will also receive free educational content to grow your affiliate income. 


  • Free affiliate membership
  • Regular delivery of promotional materials to aid your affiliate marketing efforts
  • Receive support and insights on optimizing and growing your affiliate sales

4. Newchic

One of the major challenges of being an affiliate marketer is building a high-traffic blog. 

That could take weeks, if not months, of solid, unpaid work. 

Fortunately, there are companies like Newchic that allow anyone to become an affiliate — even those without their own websites. 

To become a Newchic affiliate, you start by creating your free account. You can then browse their catalog of over 63,000 products to find something worth promoting. 

After which, all you need to do is promote your affiliate link to any online channel. This can be your own blog, social media accounts, or any other platform that allows affiliate promotions. 

Newchic will reward you with a commission rate of up to 18 percent for every sale completed through your link. 

If you do a good enough job, you may even receive free product samples. You can use these if you draw in traffic by writing product reviews. 


  • High commission rate potential of up to 18 percent for every purchase
  • Affiliates can cash in their earnings at any time
  • Free affiliate membership

5. Sigma Beauty

Want to do create makeup tutorials and reviews on your lifestyle blog? 

A beauty brand like Sigma Beauty will help you monetize the time and energy you put into your passion. 

Sigma Beauty is an international beauty brand that sells products like skincare brushes, lipsticks, and eye makeup. They also launched an influencer program that offers a 10 percent commission rate per sale. 

To help influencers generate sales, Sigma Beauty provides professional banners, images, and a product feed for promotional purposes. They may also provide free product samples, which are useful for writing reviews. 

Members are also qualified to participate in contests and other events, giving them a chance to win substantial cash prizes. And despite all these benefits, the Sigma Beauty influencer program is free to join. 


  • Affiliates are provided with free marketing creatives to hook potential customers
  • Affiliate performance tracking powered by Impact Radius
  • Dedicated account manager to help optimize your affiliate marketing strategy

6. Outdoor Vitals

If you want to make money writing outdoor, hiking, and camping blog posts, you should check out Outdoor Vitals

They offer an affiliate program that pays a 10 percent commission for every product sold. 

Outdoor Vitals produce sleeping bags, pads, tents, backpacks, and various outdoor accessories for the wild at heart. If these product categories match your blog content, consider signing up for their affiliate program. 


  • 30-day tracking cookie
  • Free affiliate marketing tools provided by AvantLink
  • 1 percent of every sale goes to anti-poverty projects around the world


AVON is a world-renowned beauty brand with a comprehensive range of products for both women and men. Their product lineup includes makeup, skincare, jewelry, perfumes, watches, and clothing. 

If you’re familiar with the term “AVON lady,” then you’ll know how popular and trusted the brand is globally. 

That should make it easier for you to build buyer confidence and close more sales as an AVON affiliate. 

For every sale you generate, you are rewarded a 10 percent commission fee. The company will also provide you with marketing media to help capture the attention of your web audience. 

As an added perk, AVON affiliates will also get regular newsletters that contain special offers, news, and product launches. You’ll also be eligible for free shipping on all orders worth $40 and more. 


  • Professionally-made banners and marketing creatives frequently provided
  • Tracking and reporting tools by CJ Affiliate by Conversant
  • Additional perks for affiliates when purchasing AVON products

8. Food52

I consider Food52 as one of the best food blogs on the web right now.

That’s not just because of their commitment to publishing high-quality content and providing their audience with top-notch kitchen products. It’s also because Food52 offers a lucrative affiliate marketing opportunity to lifestyle and food bloggers. 

Food52’s shop consists of a long list of kitchenware — from cutting boards to brand-name kitchen appliances. 

As a Food52 affiliate, you can make a 6 percent commission for every sale generated on your website. Just remember that you must be an approved publisher on CJ Affiliate — Food52’s affiliate marketing partner. 

For that, you need quality, non-gated content under relevant topics like home, lifestyle, business, style, or tech. 


  • 7-day tracking cookie
  • Dedicated affiliate management team 
  • Access to daily product data feed 

9. Food Blogger Pro

Food Blogger Pro is a comprehensive online course built for aspiring food bloggers.

The online course covers a range of topics about food blogging, including food photography, social media marketing, and WordPress development.   

Food Blogger Pro is something I’ve personally tested when I was studying up on the secrets to food blogging success. As such, I am 100 percent confident in recommending their affiliate program. 

I also recommend checking out the Food Blogger Pro affiliate program. 

By promoting their online course on your blog, you’ll earn a 20 percent recurring commission for each customer you convert. That means you’ll get a monthly payment as long as the customer remains subscribed to Food Blogger Pro. 


  • High 20 percent commission rate 
  • Recurring commission means you get paid as long as the customer remains subscribed
  • 180-day tracking cookie

10. FabFitFun

Sometimes, the best things in life are those you didn’t expect. 

There’s always pleasure in discovering something you never knew you needed. In turn, subscription box services like FabFitFun became one of the biggest trends in the past decade. 

FabFitFun sends their subscribers a box of personal care, style, and wellness goodies every season. But unlike most subscription boxes, the company allows their customers to select three to five must-have items in their box. 

FabFitFun also has an affiliate program with plenty of incentives for their members. Other than the flat $8 per subscriber commission, you can also take advantage of giveaways, cash bonuses, and various incentives. 

Affiliates are also eligible for a free FabFitFun box if you manage to generate at least three sales in one season. 

The flat-rate commission structure, however, isn’t really as attractive as percentage-based payouts. That said, I only recommend FabFitFun’s affiliate program if you’re also interested in their subscription box yourself. 


  • Exclusive giveaways, incentives, and bonuses for affiliates
  • Get a free FabFitFun box after three confirmed sales
  • Professional banners for promotional purposes

11. Zaful

Zaful is another international fashion brand that designs, manufactures, and distributes their own fashion products.  

The company strives to produce quality and timely pieces through intensive fashion trend research. They’re also advocates of the “green” way of manufacturing — a compelling selling point to mention when blogging about their brand. 

Zaful’s product catalog includes original swimwear, women’s tops, activewear, accessories, and menswear.

As an affiliate, you can earn up to 30 percent in commissions for paying customers you send their way.

Zaful’s affiliate program is tailored to individual fashion bloggers, influencers, agencies, and everyone with a social media account. 


  • A high 30 percent commission rate per sale
  • Interested affiliates don’t need their own website to participate
  • Influencers can apply for free clothes and coupons


Want to promote plus-size clothes on your fashion blog? 

ROSEGAL is an online shopping destination for all things fashion. Their collection includes stylish tops, bottoms, swimwear, shoes, bags, accessories, and men’s clothing. 

Yes — they also have a list of plus size products for bold women who want to look confident and stunning. 

ROSEGAL’s affiliate program employs a tiered commission structure with rates between 6 percent and 18 percent. This can go even higher up to 25 percent for selected publishers. 

Similar to Zaful, ROSEGAL also pays out commissions to affiliates without their own website. All you need to do is funnel paying customers to their storefront via your affiliate link and you’re golden. 


  • Commission rates can reach 18-25 percent per sale
  • No need to have your own website to apply
  • Track your affiliate sales through FirstGrabber

13. Men’s Modern Wear

Have a predominantly male audience on your lifestyle website?

Men’s Modern Wear is a fashion brand for men that focuses on streetwear and formal clothing. You can find a selection of suits, casual coats, hoodies, pants, shoes, watches, and jewelry for men on a mission. 

Despite the brand name and content focus, Men’s Modern Wear still has a product catalog for women — albeit smaller. There are women’s professional wear, tops, sportswear, and shoes. 

Men’s Modern Wear launched an affiliate program that offers members a generous 20 percent commission rate for all products. Payouts are regularly released during Fridays, so you’re sure to have your monthly blogging expenses covered. 

They also allow non-website owners to sign up and earn commissions. 

This can be YouTubers, Instagram influencers, or anyone with a social media account. What’s important is that they can convert customers through their affiliate link or coupon code. 


  • High commission rate at 20 percent per sale
  • Convert more readers by offering trackable coupon codes
  • Weekly payouts via PayPal

14. Paul Fredrick 

Other than Men’s Modern Wear, Paul Fredrick is yet another men’s fashion brand that you can become an affiliate to. 

The brand produces men’s clothes made with quality materials. Some of the products in their collection are dress shirts, ties, sports coats, outerwear, and shoes. 

Paul Frederick’s affiliate program is one of the few that employs a scaling commission structure. 

For starters, a commission rate of 9 percent can be earned for each sale. This rate scales up based on the affiliate’s monthly sales performance: 

  • 11 percent commission — For affiliates that generate $100 to $249.99 per month
  • 13 percent commission — For affiliates that generate $250 to $999.99 per month
  • 15 percent commission — For affiliates that generate over $1,000 per month


  • Scaling commission structure based on performance
  • 15-day tracking cookie
  • Dedicated affiliate account management team

15. ShopStyle Collective 

ShopStyle Collective is an advanced site monetization platform developed for fashion bloggers. 

What makes ShopStyle Collective unique is that it not only helps their members look for products to promote. They also help them create custom product widgets that they can embed in their blog posts. 

This will help bloggers provide more engaging shopping experiences to their audience — without the need for a professional developer. 

Creating text links and shoppable photos for Instagram are also a breeze. Using ShopStyle Collective’s drag-and-drop interface, you can start publishing professional-looking, monetized social media posts within minutes. 


  • User-friendly dashboard and tools for affiliate marketers
  • Higher affiliate compensation through the cost per acquisition or CPA program
  • Increase your conversions by offering coupon codes

16. Pinch of Yum

Pinch of Yum is made and managed by the same people behind Food Blogger Pro. 

It’s a popular food blog that shares easy-yet-flavorful recipes to their readers. 

Pinch of Yum’s recipes include healthy meals like gluten-free and superfoods along with wholesome dinners and desserts. They also have an online store section where readers can purchase cooking utensils, appliances, eBooks, and ingredients. 

They only offer an affiliate program for their eBooks — “Tasty Food Photography” and “How to Monetize Your Food Blog.” These are great if you write for readers who also want to make it big in the food blogging sphere. 

Pinch of Yum’s affiliate program will get you a 50 percent commission rate. They also use a six-month cookie — getting you paid even if customers take half a year to finalize a purchase.


  • 50 percent commission rate per sale
  • 6-month tracking cookie
  • Payments can be received via Payoneer or direct deposit 

17. Zeus Beard

Does your blog offer content about men’s grooming? 

Zeus Beard is, as the name suggests, a beard care brand that mainly sells beard shampoos and brushes. They also offer body and hair care products along with a handful of fashion items. 

The brand also offers a free-to-join affiliate program where members can earn a 10 percent commission for every sale. 


  • Free-to-join affiliate program
  • Low minimum payout requirements at $30
  • Payments are sent directly via PayPal

18. Sephora

Do you want to become the go-to, authority blog in the beauty niche?

You’ll need to review a long list of cosmetic and beauty products for that. 

Sephora is an international beauty company that can help you with this goal. Through their website, they provide readers and affiliates access to over 200 brands and 13,000 beauty products.

Like most affiliate programs worth considering, the Sephora affiliate program is also 100 percent free to join. Since the brand is also well-known, you can leverage their authority to raise buyer confidence and close more sales. 

The only drawback of affiliating with Sephora is the 5 percent commission rate. Still, the brand’s credibility and top-of-the-line products should make up with it through higher sales volumes. 

Not to mention that being part of the Sephora affiliate program also makes you eligible for some perks. 


  • Professional banners, creatives, and regular promotions to help with sales
  • Exclusive promotions, product sneak peeks, and offers to affiliate program members
  • 100 percent free-to-join affiliate program


If you’re interested in promoting makeup as an affiliate, you may also want to look at REALHER

The brand has an impressive list of cosmetic products — more than enough for beauty bloggers to write reviews for weeks. They offer lipsticks, lip glosses, eye makeup, highlighters, brushes, and a bunch of other beauty products designed to empower. 

REALHER also offers a profitable affiliate marketing opportunity to content-driven beauty bloggers. The commission rate is 10 percent per sale with an average conversion rate of 5.6 percent.


  • 10 percent commission rate with bonuses
  • 30-day tracking cookie
  • Additional benefits like regular consumer promotions and marketing materials

20. Lose a Pound Daily

Going back to the fitness sub-niche, Lose a Pound Daily is a weight-loss-focused website that sells weight management products. 

Lose a Pound Daily also published comprehensive diet guides that can help readers make the most out of their products. These are the “LAPD Meal Program” and the “Keto Program.”

That’s the kind of content you should publish if you want to compel your readers to make a purchase. 

Aside from physical products like probiotics, teas, and food supplements, the brand also offers eBooks. You can promote any of these products as an affiliate in exchange for a 20 percent commission on each sale. 


  • 20 percent commission rate on all Lose a Pound Daily products
  • Free-to-join affiliate program
  • Useful linking tools and affiliate toolbar

21. Generation Mindful

Here’s a potential brand you can promote if your blog caters to parents. 

Generation Mindful is an education brand that provides parents the tools needed to enforce positive discipline. They have online courses, toys, children’s books, and gift cards for children during their formative years.

The brand’s products are aimed towards parents, daycares, classrooms, and therapists. 

Generation Mindful also sells their own “Time-In ToolKit,” which contains items for the development of children’s social and emotional skills. Included are posters, stickers, a card game, an activity mat, and printable PDFs.

As for their affiliate program, Generation Mindful offers a 10 percent base commission rate to their members. They will also supply visual banners and real-time performance tracking — despite being free to join. 


  • $25 minimum payout transacted through PayPal
  • Real-time affiliate performance tracking
  • 30-day tracking cookie

22. Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a popular life and business coach who serves a massive audience base on his website. 

He sells life-changing programs can be purchased digitally or physically — spanning categories like health, wealth building, leadership, and productivity. These products contain hours of audio content plus a comprehensive workbook to cultivate learning and application. 

Tony Robbins’s life training programs already influenced the lives of over 50 million people across the globe. As a result, his brand is one that’s easy to promote and be profitable with as an affiliate. 

The Tony Robbins affiliate program guarantees a 15 percent commission rate. They’re also backed by an award-winning affiliate marketing management team, which prioritizes the success of their members.


  • 15 percent commission rate with high average order value
  • 45-day tracking cookie
  • Access to banners, links, and tracking tools by CJ Affiliate

23. Marriage Fitness

The married life is a topic that a certain generation of lifestyle bloggers tackle.

Marriage Fitness by Mort Fertel is a “marriage crisis” brand that can help even licensed marriage and family therapists. 

The site offers the “Tele-Boot Camp” program, an audio learning system, and private consultations. All of which are formulated to help couples identify and resolve the root of their problems for a happier marriage. 

Marriage Fitness also offers a flat-fee commission structure that pays for the sale of their products. Payment amounts depend on the product being purchased. 

For example, a full-day “house call” session rewards affiliates with a whopping $200. Selling the Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp program, on the other hand, pays a modest $125 per sale. 


  • High, flat-rate commission structure that pays up to $200 per sale
  • 1-year tracking cookie
  • Free banners, text links, and articles you can use for promotional purposes

24. Beau-coup

Beau-coup is a brand that produces favors, supplies, and gifts for all occasions. 

Their focus, however, is wedding — selling wedding favors, decorations, bridal party gifts, and everything else to make the occasion memorable. 

Beau-coup also sells products for baby showers, birthdays, corporate parties, religious events, and holidays. 

If your blog has a “party” keyword somewhere, you can definitely monetize your content through the Beau-coup affiliate program. 


  • 90-day tracking cookie
  • Dedicated affiliate marketing management
  • Banners, affiliate tools, updated product feed, and other resources 

Best Affiliate Networks for Lifestyle Bloggers

Want to take matters into your own hands?

I’ve listed some of the best affiliate networks for lifestyle bloggers below. Check them out to find an affiliate program that matches your specific needs and goals.

Take note that some of the affiliate programs mentioned above are also linked to some of these affiliate networks. 

Your touchpoint with a merchant shouldn’t affect the commission rates you can earn from their affiliate program. As such, feel free to either use these affiliate networks or sign up on the brand’s website directly. 

25. Amazon Associates

Let’s get one thing straight: Amazon is the biggest eCommerce company in the world. 

It only makes sense that Amazon Associates is also the most popular affiliate marketing program on the web. 

Amazon Associates boasts a wide selection of products under various niches — from kitchen supplies to eBooks. Of course, lifestyle-related products like personal care and fashion items can also be sold as an affiliate from the network. 

How to be an Amazon Associates affiliate

According to the program’s participation requirements, your blog must have original content and is accessible via a provided website address. Your application may be rejected if your website includes offensive content or violates any intellectual property protection law. 

Amazon Associates affiliate commission rates

Amazon Associates offer fixed standard program fee rates that depend on the product categories you sell. 

Here are the rates for some of the affiliate product categories for lifestyle bloggers:

  • Luxury beauty — 10.00 percent
  • Furniture, home, pets, pantry, home improvement, lawn and garden — 8.00 percent
  • Beauty, musical instruments — 6.00 percent
  • Outdoors — 5.50 percent
  • Digital and physical music, groceries, handmade products — 5.00 percent
  • Physical books, health and personal care, sports, kitchen, baby products — 4.50 percent
  • Watches, jewelry, shoes, handbags and accessories, luggage — 4.00 percent

26. ShareASale

ShareASale is another popular affiliate marketing network with one goal: to connect merchants with affiliates and vice versa. 

Just like Amazon Associates, ShareASale’s network encompasses merchants in lifestyle-related niches. This includes gardening, home, fashion, health, sports, family, and weddings.

ShareASale is particularly appealing to new lifestyle bloggers due to their low minimum payout threshold. Unlike Amazon Associates that holds payments until you reach $100 worth of sales, ShareASale’s minimum payout is $50. 

That means bloggers can receive their money faster — enabling them to pay for blogging expenses like hosting and content creation. 

How to be a ShareASale affiliate

ShareASale requires your own website and go through their elaborate affiliate signup process. Your site’s eligibility will be manually reviewed by their team within one to three days.

ShareASale commission rates

The commission rates on ShareASale vary from merchant to merchant, but they’re generally higher than Amazon’s fixed standard program fees.

For example, promoting the Reebok brand will give you a sales commission rate of 7 percent. Minted, on the other hand, gets you a commission rate of 20 percent with a $1 per lead bonus. 

27. Awin

Awin is part of the Axel Springer and United Internet Groups along with ShareASale. It is a global affiliate marketing network with advertisers and publishers all over the world. 

Lifestyle bloggers can find a range of products to promote from Awin — from clothing to sports equipment. There are also services positioned for markets like dating, education, and insurance. 

Awin also has an entire category of affiliate programs with travel advertisers. This includes car rentals, airlines, travel agencies, and hotels — prospects for aspiring travel bloggers.

How to be an Awin affiliate

The general requirements to be an Awin affiliate include your own website and a library of quality content. You will also be required to have a complete, legal affiliate disclosure for your readers to see.

After your application, you’ll also be required to pay a $5 screening fee, which will be immediately refunded upon approval. 

Awin commission rates

Just like ShareASale, your affiliate commission rates with Awin depend on the advertisers you affiliate with. Travel companies like ExpertFlyer, for example, offer commissions of up to 50 percent per sale. 

Research is your friend when it comes to determining your potential income with Awin. The good news is, they provide a comprehensive advertiser directory for would-be affiliates.

28. Sovrn //Commerce

Formerly Viglink, Sovrn //Commerce is an affiliate marketing platform that equips publishers with advanced solutions and insights for maximum profits. 

Sovrn //Commerce features a data-rich dashboard where you can track metrics like revenue, clicks, pageviews, and more. Crunching these numbers will help you fine-tune your content strategy by understanding your audience’s preferences and top-performing channels. 

The website also has a user-friendly “Merchant Explorer” that can help you find potential partners from anywhere in the globe. 

For lifestyle bloggers, some of the merchant categories to look for are dating, fashion and accessories, health, travel, and self-help. 

How to become a Sovrn //Commerce affiliate

Sovrn //Commerce lets merchants set their own restrictions pertaining to the publishers they want to partner with. You may be approved as an affiliate for one merchant, but that doesn’t mean you’re automatically approved for others. 

As a rule of thumb, make sure your blog has enough quality, niche-relevant content. 

Sovrn //Commerce commission rates

Just like your campaign’s approval, the merchant also plays an important role in determining your commission rate. 

To give you an idea, a top brand like Nike offers a calculated commission rate of 23.59 percent per sale. That figure is based on the merchant’s weekly sales data. 

29. Target Affiliates 

One key advantage of affiliating with a big-name company like Amazon is the trust that consumers have for their brand. 

The same goes if you choose to become an affiliate to Target through Target Affiliates.

While Target is primarily a U.S. retailer, they accept affiliate applications even from foreign website owners. They also help newcomers become accustomed to the affiliate marketing lifestyle through weekly newsletters and dedicated program management. 

For the product categories, Target’s catalog includes items on beauty, dining, home, luggage, health, personal care, and more. 

How to become a Target affiliate

To be part of the Target Affiliates program, you must own a family-friendly website. Additionally, the bulk of your website’s traffic must also come from the U.S. 

Target Affiliates commission rates

Target Affiliates’s commission rates depend on the product categories you sell. They also take into consideration the volume of orders you generate on a monthly basis.  

As of writing this post, the highest commission rate is 8.00 percent for apparel, accessories, home, and outdoor categories. That is, if you break through 10,001 monthly net orders. 


As always, remember that choosing an affiliate marketing partner should be a long-term commitment.

Be sure to choose a program that makes full utilization of your blog’s content. The products you promote must be relevant and valuable to the target audience your blog is trying to serve. 

If you have suggestions, questions, or general feedback, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Good luck and let this be the start of your affiliate marketing journey!

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