17 Best Affiliate Programs for Travel Bloggers (of 2023)

You don’t have to limit yourself to promoting retail products. Educated affiliate marketers know that travel
packages are just as profitable.

When you join travel affiliates, you can earn a commission for every product or service your reader buys from your affiliate partner.

Let’s see which travel affiliate programs would work best for your blog.

17 Best Affiliate Programs for Travel Blogs

1. Agoda Affiliate Program

Agoda is a
booking site that handles flights and hotel accommodations for its users. Its web app can translate text into 38 languages, making it a great program for foreign markets.


  • You get at least 4% commission for bookings.
  • More bookings gets you a higher commission (up to 7%).
  • You can tweak the banners to make them more appealing for your users.

2. Expedia Affiliate Program

is a one-stop online travel agency. As far as travel sites go, Expedia is one of the most popular ones with over 60 million unique visitors.


  • You get access to exclusive rates (up to 50%).
  • Site has over 260,000 bookable properties plus 400 airlines.
  • Expedia supplies you with tools, data feeds, and storefronts.

Sign up through Commission Junction.

3. Booking.com Affiliate Program

lets users reserve hotel rooms, buy plane tickets, and book cars or airport taxis. You can sign up for free and get approved immediately.


  • Site gives you two ways to earn commissions.
  • You can get 25% to 40% for every successful booking.
  • You get 50 Euros for every property you bring to Booking.com.

4. Lonely Planet Affiliate Program

Lonely Planet is
a travel news website that also happens to sell ebooks and physical copies of guides designed for travelers.


  • You get 12% of the transaction fee from travel guide sales.
  • You can track sales in real time.
  • Not limited to just U.S.-based sites.

Those who need more information should contact Lonely Planet via email.

5. Kayak Affiliate Program

Kayak is a
site that shows you the best deals on travel accommodations and packages. The company allows you to apply even if your site has less than 100,000 unique monthly visitors.


  • Kayak pays 50% of its revenue per successful
  • The average booking price on Kayak is $257.
  • You can also use email to earn commissions (though you will need their approval).

6. Priceline Partner Network

Priceline works just like the other sites mentioned earlier. You can book hotels, flights, cars, and cruises.


  • You have the ability to perform A/B testing.
  • The site has a dedicated account management team if you need help with tech support.
  • You can only apply if you’re currently generating five or more bookings per day.

7. Skyscanner Affiliate Network

specializes in booking flights but has gone on to provide hotel and car rental booking services as well.


  • You can expect fast payments, real-time reporting, and incentives.
  • You get half of what Skyscanner makes from each sale.
  • The program is also open to social media influencers and cashback sites.

8. Tripadvisor Affiliate Program

goes beyond the typical hotel and flight bookings. It’s a resource site for everything one might do while on vacation. It has dining options, attractions, guides, and more.


  • Affiliates get 50% to 80%
  • The site has over 500,000 city and hotel pages in its database.
  • You get a dedicated account manager and access to new products.

You can sign up through this link.

9. Viator Travel Partner Program

offers travel services that include sightseeing packages, tours, attractions, and transfers in more than 75 countries.


  • You need to have a high-traffic site to join the network.
  • Your affiliate account will be terminated if you don’t convert within 180 consecutive days.
  • You are paid via electronic bank transfer (EFT).

For more
information about Viator’s terms and conditions, click here.

10. GetYourGuide Partner Program

lets users find one-of-a-kind experiences in cities across the globe. You can join for free without the need to commit.


  • There are four programs for
    earning money (local hosts, airline and booking partners, travel agents, and travel writers).
  • You are paid on a monthly basis.
  • You can monitor your earnings through analytics.

You can sign up for the program by entering your details here.

11. Airbnb Affiliate Program

connects its hosts with prospective guests as an alternative to staying in hotels. It’s one of the most popular travel-related services in the market today.


  • There are two affiliate programs
    you could join (host and guest affiliate programs).
  • Your site must have at least one million monthly visits before you could join.
  • Site gets 100,000 daily bookings.

12. CruiseDirect Affiliates

focuses on matching travelers with cruise vacations. It offers trips for destinations across the globe.


  • You get 3% of CruiseDirect’s gross sales.
  • You get credit for referrals for up to 45 days upon clicking.
  • You can explore pay-per-click (PPC) opportunities.

Sign up with Commission Junction to become a member by accessing this link.

13. Anantara Resorts Affiliate Program

is a hotel and resort chain with locations in Asia, UAE, Europe, and Africa. The company has an online booking engine that makes reservations a breeze for users.


  • You will only be able to promote Anantara properties.
  • You get 5% commission (so long as the guest does not cancel the booking).
  • The resort provides you with their own banners.

14. Sandals Affiliate

is a luxury resort with branches in Jamaica, the Bahamas, Saint Lucia, Antigua, Grenada, and Barbados. It has 16 resorts in total.


  • Commissions start at 4% (covers all of the services they provide).
  • You get incentives like free trips and performance bonuses.
  • Sandals Resorts provides the banners you use to promote their company.

Click here to get to the sign-up page.

15. G Adventures Affiliate Program

G Adventures
operates as a deal site for travelers who’d like to find an easier way to plan the adventure of a lifetime.


  • All confirmed sales will land you a 5% commission.
  • The company’s average order value is $2,600.
  • You get the credit if a sale is made within 90 days of the user clicking the ad.

16. Allianz Global Assistance Affiliate Program

sells travel insurance plans on a one-time or annual basis. It’s considered as one of the leaders in the travel insurance industry.


  • You can make $12 to $25 based on
    Allianz Global’s tiered structure policy.
  • This affiliate program is only available for U.S. websites.
  • Cookies last for 45 days.

This site also
uses Commission Junction. You can apply here.

17. World Nomads Partner Program

World Nomads
is also a travel insurance provider with a good affiliate program. The travel insurance company also serves 140 countries, meaning you can target potential customers from all over the globe.


  • There is no referral fee cap.
  • You can link to their safety articles or destination guides and still get credit if the user buys insurance.
  • You can take a break from the
    program without consequence.

You can send an application by clicking here.


Being a travel blogger is great. But why not get paid to share your passion with the world? Any of these affiliate programs would be a fantastic source of extra income.

But what if you don’t find any of these travel affiliate programs appealing? What’s your recourse?

There are plenty of products you could sell as an affiliate. You just need to find them. If you need help, we have a post on how to find the right affiliate products to promote.

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