9 Best WordPress Themes For Travel Blogs (of 2023)

Today, I am going to list the best WordPress themes for travel blogs HANDPICKED!

In fact, I have seen these themes in quite a lot of travel blogs that are already making good money and are popular.

I have one thing to tell you:

Choose the theme that works for your needs by following this checklist.

Checklist To Select The Right WordPress Theme For A Travel Blog

I will tell you how I have selected the travel theme for you.

  1. Multilingual option in your travel theme is important as you can expand it to different languages in the future.
  2. It’s important to see what extras you get when you purchase a travel theme.
    For example, your blog will contain stories and you need a geotag plugin that will pinpoint destinations. If your theme gives that as an addon, then go for it.
  3. Check if your theme has a good load time as travel blogs typically contain many pictures and loads of text.
    Google Page Insights is one such indicator that you should check in the theme description.
  4. Find out if your theme has responsive photo grid options. This is extremely important to your travel theme.
  5. If you plan to present pictures in the same layout, it will reduce your site visits. It is also TOOOO BORING.
    When you have spent money to take pictures, don’t you think they deserve an applause?
  6. If you are planning to enter blogging full-fledged, you may think about becoming affiliate and adding a shop to sell local products.

The trick is to see if your theme is WOOCOMMERCE-READY!

7. Play with DEMO version before you say YES to the travel theme!


I have seen successful travel blogs have “Instagram feed” for display just above the footer. Check if your theme allows you to enable this feature.

Got your domain and hosting ready?

Best WordPress Themes For Travel Blogs

1. Evoke

I recommend Evoke for 3 reasons:

1. you can upload as many albums as you want and like I said before, your load time is stable

2. I navigated through the site for few minutes placing myself as the reader of a travel blog. I just felt elated with the UI. It is super easy to drag and drop elements and a novice travel blogger can even become a pro with this theme.

3. SEO-friendliness – We start a blog with an intention to make money but we are not SEO experts, right? This theme has in-built SEO options and at least, we need not have to worry about being an SEO expert already.

The bonus reason if you choose this theme is..

The fastest turnaround time for all your queries related to the theme.

Check Demo

2. Interactive

I call this travel theme “PROFESSIONAL”.

I was delighted to see the feature – low bounce rates. During my search for best travel themes, I have never found one that guaranteed this feature. The customer reviews also stand as evidences to this statement.

If you look at the demo section of this theme, there is already a travel blog demo with pre-defined pages like stories. So, your primary page – stories – is already there neatly aligned and you can visualize.

As a travel blogger, there are some repeated actions that you may have to do. Let’s say you wanted to add few images in each post. It is impossible to write codes separately. The shortcodes option makes it easier!

Here comes my favorite feature of this theme –the mega menu.

Even if you have multiple categories to your blog, this mega menu solves it without making your site heavy and slowing down the speed. That’s impressive, isn’t it?

Check Demo

3. WPVoyager

Not everytime do I get that WOW feeling when I see a theme..

This theme is a visual treat. Let me tell you what made me go WOW.

First of all, it is the map integration to each place you write about. That makes your posts accurate to your readers.

Secondly, I love the responsive photo grid where you can scale images as you wish and there is no standard size as demanded by other themes.

Thirdly, it is the KML support. Now, that’s new to me but to a travel blogger like you, you should definitely know this. It is a file format meant to expose rich data in innovative ways.

And finally, you can create collages on the go to sum up your entire travel experience.

Haven’t these made you WOW too?

Check Demo

4. Trawell

The key to a successful travel blog is to create stunning designs.

I have selected this travel theme based on 3 aspects

1. The different post formats available

2. Just on the home page, you can tell your readers where you have been with the world map integration.

3. The infographic feature that remains accurate about your journeys

Wait.. I have got one more bonus reason..

It is possible to customize/resize images without affecting pixels with this theme.

Check Demo

5. Lifestyle

On the first look, it looks neat.

But.. when you see the live demo, there are many things that you will love.

There is no fuss in navigating between the pages and there are cute animations here and there to keep your readers glued.

The off-canvas mobile menu option gives your blog a rich look irrespective of how small the mobile screen is.

I also like the supporting features available with this theme like..

  • WPReview Pro plugin
  • Let’s shop option and
  • Instagram integration

Planning for a personal travel blog? You can blindly choose this

Check Demo

6. Essence Pro Theme

Though the price of this theme is on the high end, I strongly remark that this is all you need to add a power to your blog.

If you ever dream about building an authority site in this travel niche, you SHOULD choose this theme. It is apt for PERSONAL BRANDING.

It follows a minimalist style. As I navigated further, I also observed another interesting aspect which is CLUTTER FREE.

Your page is not filled with too many things disturbing your readers. That’s a PLUS, don’t you think?

It also comes with email subscription plugin that will help you build visitors to your travel blog.

Check Demo

7. Magnus

According to me, you need not have too many pages and categories and deviate from what you planned.

Tell readers about your new articles, most read pieces and give them an opportunity to subscribe to your wonderful contents.

Magnus lets you do all these and you also get the chance to control the performance of site with its performance options.

Zoom out effect, lightbox and featured post layouts are few more features that I like. Moreover, the aesthetic sense is great that will give your readers an unparalleled experience.

Check Demo

8. Hit the road

I somehow did not want to miss listing this theme on the top 9 because of its sleek look.

It looks professional and clean and assures that your readers will have a wonderful time at your blog.

As I navigated across the pages, I happened to admire the interesting icons of countries around the world and all you need to do is to simply embed icons relevantly.

The broad cover image on the home page is just fulfilling and lets your readers to scroll down.

This theme comes at a handy price and is ABSOLUTELY WORTH.

Check Demo

9. Felly

A personal travel blog needs a rich UI and that is why you need Felly WordPress theme.

From font styles to overlays to post formats, this theme will make you adore the design.

This theme comes with a range of premium plugins that your travel blog will need. If you may have to purchase those plugins separately, they may cost huge!

Also, I like the option of adding unlimited sidebars.

Check Demo


Travel blogging is an art and you need a theme that converts your memories into beautiful layouts!

I personally prefer these themes as they have all the essential elements that will let you to share stories as well as EARN MONEY…

Happy blogging ahead!

Source: https://masterblogging.com/travel-wordpress-themes/

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