30 Best WordPress Themes for Lifestyle Blogs (in 2023)

Planning to start a lifestyle blog on WordPress?

The first step in any WordPress website development project is to find a theme you can bank on. 

It sounds easy to do, and it pretty much is. But remember that a WordPress theme will have a lasting impact on your lifestyle blog’s performance and profitability.

Without further ado, I bring you the best WordPress themes for lifestyle blogs — free and paid — available in 2023. 

Sit back, relax, and let’s get started. 

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Premium WordPress Themes for Lifestyle Blogs

Have the budget for a premium WordPress theme? 

Let’s talk about premium themes for lifestyle blogs, then. 

By premium, I’m referring to themes that require a payment to unlock everything they have to offer. Some of them may offer free trials, but they can only be used up to a certain number of days. 

1. Astra Theme

The Astra theme is arguably the most versatile WordPress theme money can buy today. 

It offers a collection of templates that can suit the needs of every website, lifestyle blogs included. They call these “Starter Templates,” which could get any website development project off on a running start. 

Astra Theme’s templates are optimized for specific page builders within the WordPress ecosystem. These builders are as follows:

  • Beaver Builder
  • Brizy
  • Elementor
  • Gutenberg

What are Astra Theme’s top three features?

Astra Theme is designed to be a one-size-fits-all solution for WordPress website owners. As such, its developers loaded it up with every feature that can help overcome every challenge in website-building. 

Its top three features, in my opinion, are:

  • Optimized for maximum performance — Astra is built without render-blocking jQuery using Vanilla JavaScript. The developers also guarantee that the theme runs with code that follows “the best coding standards” for performance. 
  • Multiple layouts for every type of website — You can choose from Astra’s pre-built layouts to easily style your website. There’s a “boxed” layout that highlights your primary content, “fluid” layout for maximum responsiveness, and more. 
  • Seamless Integrations — Astra’s templates are built with drag-and-drop page builders in mind. It also comes with a WooCommerce integration, which essentially makes it easy to monetize your blog by selling online products. 

Other than all that, Astra also has a couple of notable features like extended typography customization and widgets.

How much does Astra Theme cost?  

Astra Pro ($59 annually, $249 lifetime)

  • 20+ free Starter Templates
  • Priority customer support
  • Unlimited website usage

Essential Bundle ($169 annually, $499 lifetime)

  • All Astra Pro features
  • 55+ “Agency” Starter Templates
  • WP Portfolio plugin
  • Bonus page builder add-on

Growth Bundle ($249 annually, $699 lifetime)

  • All Astra Pro features
  • All Mini Agency Bundle features
  • Additional page builder add-on
  • Convert Pro plugin
  • Scheme Pro plugin
  • SkillJet Academy
  • Access to all future plugins

Click here to check Astra demo!

2. Vogue CD

When I think of a lifestyle or fashion blog, I always visualize something minimalistic yet filled with high-quality images. 

Vogue CD is a theme that can make your visual content pop. 

Out of the box, it can give your blog a top-tier “lifestyle magazine” look and feel. This is thanks to the theme’s smart use of whitespace, customizable above-the-fold slider, visual footer menus, and everything in between. 

What are Vogue CD’s top three features?

Vogue CD is one of those lifestyle blog themes that are best used without heavy customizations. But when it comes down to it, building a unique blog with the theme in place is still a breeze.

  • Easy theme options — The Vogue CD theme allows you to make drastic changes in your website’s look with a few clicks. You can also create a “PopUp Layer” to maximize the visibility of specific pages, like contact forms and special promotions.
  • Pre-built page templates — When creating essential pages for your lifestyle blog, you can take advantage of Vogue CD’s pre-configured templates to save time. You can use templates for contact pages, glossaries, categories pages, and more. 
  • Easy shortcodes — Vogue CD supports shortcodes that make website customization a walk in the park. You can add stuff like ordered lists, buttons, accordions, alert boxes, post listings, and icons within seconds. 

Vogue CD also includes support for third-party plugins like Contact Form 7 and MailChimp. Plus, you will get a paid copy of Advanced Custom Fields Pro for purchasing any plan.

How much does Vogue CD cost?

Regular License ($59) 

  • All of Vogue CD’s premium features
  • Six months customer support from Creative Dive
  • Use for you or a client’s website that doesn’t charge the end-user

Extended License ($1,400)

  • All of Vogue CD’s premium features
  • Six months customer support from Creative Dive
  • Use for you or a client’s website that charges the end user

3. GeneratePress

GeneratePress may not be built specifically as a lifestyle WordPress theme. 

However, it surely has the tools needed to create an eye-catching lifestyle or fashion blog. It’s lightweight, fast, secure, and optimized for search engines. 

The premium version of GeneratePress grants you access to a lineup of modules that make website development easy. 

An example would be the “Typography” module, which integrates over 70 typography options into your WordPress site. There’s also the “Menu Plus” module that lets you incorporate advanced navigation features, like sticky menus and off-canvas menus. 

What are GeneratePress’s top three features?

GeneratePress’s site-building features depend heavily on modules. 

With its premium version, you get access to a total of 14 modules. To me, here are the top three worth mentioning: 

  • Site Library module — The “Site Library” module basically lets you import ready-made site skeletons and use them as templates. These highly customizable templates apply different layouts, menus, and browsing experiences for various website types. 
  • Sections module — GeneratePress allows you to effortlessly create different sections on a single page with different settings, looks, and features. You can edit each individual section’s padding settings, colors, backgrounds, borders, and text — enabling the streamlined creation of long-form pages.
  • WooCommerce customization module — With the WooCommerce module for GeneratePress, you can customize your online storefront without writing a single line of code. The visual interface lets you change details like the alignment of product images, sidebar layout, column count, and so on. 

There’s a handful of other modules that make GeneratePress a cost-effective option for lifestyle blogs. And just like the Astra Theme, GeneratePress’s developers made decisions that favor user experience, like discarding jQuery for Vanilla JavaScript. 

How much does GeneratePress cost?

GP Premium ($49.95)

  • All GeneratePress premium modules
  • Use on unlimited websites
  • One year priority customer support

4. Fallsky

In the lifestyle niche, featuring a “hero shot” on your website is a time-tested strategy. This is especially true in travel and fashion blogs wherein visuals can make or break the website’s success. 

Fallsky is a magazine-style WordPress theme that can put your hero shot in the best light. 

It’s a simple theme that lets you add discrete visual elements on top of full-screen background images above the fold. Fallsky also features a sleek, card-based list view that makes browsing a pleasure for your readers.

What are Fallsky’s top three features?

Fallsky is a minimalistic, responsive website theme that ensures readers focus on your blog’s main content. As such, it’s not as feature-rich as most of the themes mentioned in this list. 

But that doesn’t mean it lacks features that make it a great choice for lifestyle bloggers.

  • Retina Ready — Being “Retina-ready” is an underrated feature of a WordPress theme. The responsive Fallsky theme supports website designs with ultra-high pixel densities, enabling maximum clarity and vividness in images.  
  • Optimized for maximum performance — Being stylish doesn’t mean a website has to run slow. Fallsky, for example, allows websites to showcase dozens of images and finish loading in two seconds at the same time.
  • Drag-and-drop homepage builder — With Fallsky’s drag-and-drop homepage builder, you can mix and match various widgets to develop unique experiences from the ground up. 

How much does Fallsky cost?

Regular License ($59) 

  • All of Fallsky’s premium features
  • Six months customer support from LoftOcean
  • Use for you or a client’s website that doesn’t charge the end user

Extended License ($2,950)

  • All of Fallsky’s premium features
  • Six months customer support from LoftOcean
  • Use for you or a client’s website that charges the end user

5. Marni

Marni is another clean WordPress theme that perfectly complements lifestyle blogs with multiple categories. 

You see, successful lifestyle blogs often have multiple content categories that matter for their target audience. Women’s lifestyle blogs, for example, also talk about beauty tips, cooking, fashion, and style.

Marni allows you to stylishly compartmentalize these content categories on your homepage. It lets you add titles and buttons over images, which can be rearranged based on four beautiful layouts.  

What are Marni’s top three features?

Marni’s features revolve around improving the web development experience for new bloggers. 

Let’s take a closer look: 

  • Live Customizer 
  • Over 20 built-in header layouts
  • Custom widgets and sidebars 

How much does Marni cost?

Regular License ($59) 

  • All of Marni’s premium features
  • Six months customer support from red_sun
  • Use for you or a client’s website that doesn’t charge the end user

Extended License ($2,600)

  • All of Marni’s premium features
  • Six months customer support from red_sun
  • Use for you or a client’s website that charges the end user

6. Jevelin

Jevelin is another all-in-one WordPress theme that can be used for lifestyle blogs. 

All their value propositions point to one thing: ease of use.

Installation can be done with one click, plugin support is top-notch, and the theme features a drag-and-drop page builder.

Jevelin also features over 30 demo websites that you can slap on to your fresh WordPress installation. In other words, you can have a responsive, aesthetic, and usable website ready in a few minutes.

What are Jevelin’s top three features?

Usability-wise, Jevelin is definitely a contender for the title of “most user-friendly WordPress theme.” 

Let me break down the top reasons for this:

  • Ready-to-use elements — Jevelin comes with a complete set of visual elements that you only need to piece together. Some examples are the countdown timer, accordion, lightbox, contact form, and pricing table. 
  • Page section variations — Just like visual elements, Jevelin also provides usable variations for cookie-cutter page sections. This includes headers, title layouts, page layouts, and page templates. 
  • Deep customization —  To help make your website look more unique, Jevelin also has deep customization options under the hood. You can play with over 40 element animations, dozens of custom shortcodes, shop layouts, and many more.

Jevelin also supports a WooCommerce integration that lets you build an online store page with little effort. More importantly, the plugin is optimized for speed and search engine visibility.

How much does Jevelin cost?

Regular License ($59) 

  • All of Jevelin’s premium features
  • Six months customer support from Shufflehound
  • Use for you or a client’s website that doesn’t charge the end user

Extended License ($2,950)

  • All of Jevelin’s premium features
  • Six months customer support from Shufflehound
  • Use for you or a client’s website that charges the end user

7. CheerUp

Do you want a simple blog to share your personal style, travel experiences, or any other aspect of your lifestyle?

The CheerUp theme will provide you with an excellent skeleton to start with. It performs great, looks modern, and maximizes the readability of your content.

But what makes CheerUp worth considering is the level of customization you can achieve. With its range of options, you can achieve over a thousand layout variations to base your website’s design on. 

CheerUp also has over 3,000 fonts, infinite color choices, multiple pagination styles, and share icons for a highly personalized blog. All of these can be applied without touching code.

Have no idea where to start? You can also choose from the included demos built with the best practices for specific website types in mind.

What are CheerUp’s top three features?

Other than the wide array of customization options, here are three other reasons why CheerUp is worth picking up:

  • Fine-tuned for performance — The later versions of CheerUp received a major performance boost for optimal UX. This can help your lifestyle blog attain near-perfect scores on performance optimization tools like PageSpeed Insights.
  • Built-in AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages support — AMP refers to a web component framework that allows websites to load almost instantaneously on mobile devices. CheerUp has built-in support for AMP, which makes implementation a whole lot easier.
  • Built-in custom widgets — Need to roll out certain bits of functionality on your website? With CheerUp, you can effortlessly set up subscribe forms, social sharing buttons, and other interactive website elements using custom widgets. 

In case you’re planning to sell products on your lifestyle blog, CheerUp also has WooCommerce support baked into the theme. CheerUp’s focus on maximizing performance should lead to great UX, which can create more sales. 

How much does CheerUp cost?

Regular License ($59) 

  • All of CheerUp’s premium features
  • Six months customer support from ThemeSphere
  • Use for you or a client’s website that doesn’t charge the end user

Extended License ($2,950)

  • All of CheerUp’s premium features
  • Six months customer support from ThemeSphere
  • Use for you or a client’s website that charges the end user

8. PenNews

In web design, it’s crucial to help readers find the content they need quick. 

That’s why themes like PenNews always deserve a spot in “top themes” lists. 

PenNews is a versatile WordPress theme that can help you present your blog content in the best possible light. It has over 150 website demos tailored to the needs of publications — from photography portfolio sites to lifestyle magazines.

These demos can be applied to your WordPress website through PenNews’s one-click installation feature. You can take over from there by modifying the theme’s grids, widgets, content blocks, image sliders, and so on.

What are PenNews’s top three features?

PenNews advertises itself as a multi-purpose, AMP-ready WordPress theme with visually striking demos for websites in various niches. But there’s more to it than meets the eye: 

  • PenNews migration plugin — One of the most unique things about PenNews that caught my attention is their migration plugin. Basically, it allows you to switch to the PenNews theme without worrying about losing your blog content data.
  • Bundled with premium plugins — Aside from the migration plugin, PenNews also comes with a bunch of other premium plugins as a package. Some examples of the included plugins are Advanced Custom Fields Pro, WPBakery Page Builder, Layer Slider 6, and Convert Plug.
  • Creative ways to showcase your content — Using PenNews, you can build custom video playlists and stunning image galleries to show off your visual content. The theme also includes over 40 pre-configured content blocks that can take the content consumption experience to the next level. 

While I consider the advantages above to be PenNews’s most important features, there are few other things worth looking at. You can enable the automatic loading of the next post, integrate WooCommerce, use the quick translation, etc.

How much does PenNews cost?

Regular License ($59) 

  • All of PenNews’s premium features
  • Six months customer support from PenciDesign
  • Use for you or a client’s website that doesn’t charge the end user

Extended License ($2,600)

  • All of PenNews’s premium features
  • Six months customer support from PenciDesign
  • Use for you or a client’s website that charges the end user

9. Gillion

Just like Jevelin, Gillion is a WordPress theme developed by Shufflehound. 

Before anything else, Gillion is not as versatile as Jevelin — hence, the slightly lower price tag. It does, however, have a few website demos that would definitely look awesome on a fashion blog. 

I particularly like the card-based demos like “Foodie,” “Card style,” and “Simple/Clean.” These themes can make readers feel as if they’re reading a lifestyle magazine rather than staring at a website.

What are Gillion’s top three features?

Gillion lacks some of the features that made Jevelin a great choice for lifestyle bloggers, like the ready-to-use visual elements. Still, I could think of a few compelling reasons why Gillion deserves attention: 

  • Smooth learning curve — Gillion matches Jevelin in terms of usability — thanks to its drag-and-drop page builder.  That shouldn’t come as a surprise since they both came from the same developer. 
  • Bookmarking system — With the Gillion theme in place, registered users can log in and build a “read later” list on your website. This feature can be enhanced with the review module, “read time” tracker, and post view counter.
  • AMP-ready — Don’t get me wrong: the more expensive Jevelin is also optimized for AMP. But for Gillion, it’s a key feature since the theme focuses on better reading experiences on computers and mobile devices. 

Of course, Gillion also has features that can make the lives of aspiring lifestyle bloggers a lot easier. This includes the various included post layouts, formats, and custom widgets. 

How much does Gillion cost?

Regular License ($55) 

  • All of Gillion’s premium features
  • Six months customer support from Shufflehound
  • Use for you or a client’s website that doesn’t charge the end user

Extended License ($2,450)

  • All of Gillion’s premium features
  • Six months customer support from Shufflehound
  • Use for you or a client’s website that charges the end user

10. Health Coach Blog & Lifestyle Magazine

Fancy yourself a lifestyle coach? 

Be it about traveling, food, fitness, or style, the Health Coach Blog & Lifestyle Magazine is an excellent pickup. 

As the name implies, the theme is ideal for bloggers who want to build their authority in their chosen niche.

The theme’s design highlights your hero shot, value proposition, and call-to-action button right above the fold. You can then launch a series of sections that can show your brand’s story, top posts, digital products, and more. 

Naturally, the usage and order of these sections depend on your lifestyle blog’s specific needs. Good thing Health Coach Blog & Lifestyle Magazine features a drag-and-drop builder for easy customizations.

What are Health Coach Blog & Lifestyle Magazine’s top three features?

Health Coach Blog & Lifestyle Magazine is a robust WordPress theme equipped with features for would-be authoritative brands. 

  • Pre-built pages for would-be lifestyle coaches — Telling your brand’s story is important to earn your target audience’s trust, especially as a lifestyle coach. This theme has pre-built pages ready for this purpose, including an “About Me” and contact pages. 
  • Built-in Events Calendar feature — Engaged in public speaking events or seminars? The Events Calendar will help your audience get in the know about such occasions. 
  • Powerful integrations — The Health Coach Blog & Lifestyle magazine features integrations with services that will help you run your lifestyle brand. Some examples are WPBakery Page Builder, Essential Grid, Slider Revolution, and MailChimp. 

To make the most out of the features above, the theme also features a user-friendly, drag-and-drop visual interface. Other than intuitive formatting, repositioning, and resizing tools, you can also leverage pre-built elements to cut development time.

How much does Health Coach Blog & Lifestyle Magazine cost?

Regular License ($59) 

  • All of Health Coach Blog & Lifestyle Magazine’s premium features
  • Six months customer support from ThemeREX
  • Use for you or a client’s website that doesn’t charge the end user

11. Soledad

In the web design landscape, less is more. 

A lifestyle blog doesn’t need to have fancy graphics, animations, and visual effects to spread its message. What you should focus on is the efficient delivery of your content through smart website design decisions. 

Soledad is a step in the right direction with its minimalistic and practical approach. Its layouts make sure your lifestyle-related posts are the star of the show. 

For certain post formats, Soledad shows icon overlays when in list view — telling readers what to expect from the post.

What are Soledad’s top three features?

Soledad is one of the WordPress themes that got minimalistic design right. 

It’s not just about fewer less elements on the screen — it’s about optimizing the content consumption experience of readers.  

Other than that, here are three more reasons why Soledad is a top-tier WordPress theme:

  • Exclusive Penci plugins — By purchasing Soledad, you also get to use two exclusive plugins that can elevate the UX on your blog. Use the Penci Recipes blog to effectively share recipe instructions or enable Penci Reviews to write engaging review posts. 
  • Massive library of website demos — If you think that a theme with hundreds of demos is impressive, you should see Soledad’s demo library. To cut to the chase, it has over 6,882 homepage demos that can be installed and used with one click.
  • Hundreds of options on WordPress’s theme customizer — A lot of WordPress users are accustomed to using the built-in theme customizer to personalize their blog. With Soledad’s over 600 options, they’re about to get even more productive with the tool.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Soledad is the fact that, despite its size, it still runs exceedingly well. It’s optimized for AMP, SEO-friendly, and completely responsive to accommodate all screen sizes. 

How much does Soledad cost?

Regular License ($59) 

  • All of Soledad’s premium features
  • Six months customer support from PenciDesign
  • Use for you or a client’s website that doesn’t charge the end user

Extended License ($2,715)

  • All of Soledad’s premium features
  • Six months customer support from PenciDesign
  • Use for you or a client’s website that charges the end user

12. Miss Sunshine

If you need a minimalistic theme that still highlights your high-quality blog images, check out Miss Sunshine

The theme gets rid of unnecessary visual clutter in favor of featured images that can captivate your audience. It is designed for solo lifestyle bloggers whose priority is to share their vision through the use of top-quality photographs.

With Miss Sunshine’s professional layouts and clean design, you can get your lifestyle blog up and running in a day. That means you can invest more time in what bloggers should really focus on — producing engaging and masterful blog content. 

What are Miss Sunshine’s top three features?

Don’t be fooled by Miss Sunshine’s minimalistic look. 

It’s more than capable of in-depth customizations and functionalities that authoritative lifestyle magazines need.

  • Over 99 shortcodes — Miss Sunshine has more than enough shortcodes to keep you exploring for days. By pasting tiny bits of code, you can quickly integrate stuff like quotes, pricing tables, notice boxes, and galleries. 
  • Intuitive drag and drop page builder — If you’re not happy with how certain elements on your website appear, just use your mouse to modify them. Everything from menus to animations can be configured like this — no web development knowledge required.
  • WooCommerce integration — Having an online store page is one of the best ways to monetize a lifestyle blog. With Miss Sunshine’s WooCommerce integration, you can have a full-fledged online store right on your website.

Miss Sunshine also has a couple other features that shouldn’t be overlooked. The theme is Retina-ready, fully responsive, and comes bundled with useful add-ons like the Instagram feed plugin.

How much does Miss Sunshine cost?

Regular License ($59) 

  • All of Miss Sunshine’s premium features
  • Six months customer support from cmsmasters
  • Use for you or a client’s website that doesn’t charge the end user

Extended License ($1,600)

  • All of Miss Sunshine’s premium features
  • Six months customer support from cmsmasters
  • Use for you or a client’s website that charges the end user

13. TopFit

For some people, a blog is just a digital extension of their current profession. 

Fitness experts, trainers, and dietitians, for example, only need a personal blog to widen their reach. 

Sure, they could be planning to release their own eBook or set up their own online shop. But at the end of the day, utilizing the internet to build their authority is their top priority. 

TopFit is a fitness-focused WordPress theme that can help these bloggers accomplish their goals as fast as possible.

In addition to the energetic design, TopFit also has unique features that can speed up your site-building efforts. You can use several page layouts, the testimonials section, element shortcodes, and more to shave hours off your development time.

What are TopFit’s top three features?

Everything in the TopFit theme package is designed specifically for bloggers in the fitness niche. As a result, we get powerful features like:

  • Dynamic animations — The first thing you’ll notice upon visiting the TopFit demo are the dynamic animations in the background. Most of these are made possible with the Mikado Slider integration, which is immediately accessible after installing the theme. 
  • Functional fitness-related page elements — With the TopFit theme, you can present an online BMI calculator right on your fitness blog. There’s also the timetable element for fitness bloggers who also teach their own classes.
  • Inner page layouts tailored to fitness blogs — TopFit has a selection of inner page layouts that fitness bloggers need for monetization, brand building, and storytelling. These professionally-designed layouts include a “Product Showcase” page, “Company History” page, “Services” page, “Before & After” page, etc.  

As far as customizability goes, you can use TopFit’s shortcodes, widgets, and the WPBakery Page Builder to get things done. It should only take an hour or two before an absolute beginner builds a TopFit-powered blog that suits their tastes.

How much does TopFit cost?

Regular License ($75) 

  • All of TopFit’s premium features
  • Six months customer support from Mikado-Themes
  • Use for you or a client’s website that doesn’t charge the end user

Extended License ($2,950)

  • All of TopFit’s premium features
  • Six months customer support from Mikado-Themes
  • Use for you or a client’s website that charges the end user

14. Wellspring

Wellspring is another theme designed for aspiring website owners who want to promote their brands online. 

It is clean, fast, and packaged with elements that can help emphasize your value propositions to visitors. You can create pricing tables, galleries, and clickable content tabs — all through the theme’s visual interface. 

What are Wellspring’s top three features?

When investing in a theme for your lifestyle brand, always look at features that do more while requiring less work. 

Here are the things that make Wellspring well worth your money:

  • Homepage layouts designed for health and wellness blogs — Wellspring’s homepage layouts give off that fresh and calming vibe that authoritative health blogs have. There are layouts that highlight healthy recipes, outdoor exercises, and other activities that the health-conscious needs to know about.
  • Free premium plugins — Just like premium themes like PenNews, Wellspring comes with premium plugins that authoritative health websites have. This includes the Mikado BMI Calculator, Timetable Responsive Schedule, and The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe.
  • Retina-ready font icon packs — Wellspring comes with a selection of seven font icon packs to spice up your on-page content. This includes packs from Font Awesome, Font Elegant, and so on.

Wellspring is also compatible with select WordPress plugins that enable users to do more with your site. Some examples are WooCommerce, bbPress, BMI Calculator, and Timetable for WP.

How much does Wellspring cost?

Regular License ($69) 

  • All of Wellspring’s premium features
  • Six months customer support from Mikado-Themes
  • Use for you or a client’s website that doesn’t charge the end user

Extended License ($2,950)

  • All of Wellspring’s premium features
  • Six months customer support from Mikado-Themes
  • Use for you or a client’s website that charges the end user

15. Noémi

If you’re looking for something more practical and lightweight, you’re going to love Noémi

Designed by PXlab, Noémi embodies everything there is to love about minimalistic design. 

Images become as visible as ever, texts are clear as well as readable, and page elements are well-compartmentalized by whitespace. Noémi also features elegant layouts that are made with love for lifestyle, fashion, travel, music, design, cooking, and photography blogs.

Granted, Noémi’s layouts aren’t meant to be heavily customized. But since they’re already fine-tuned for maximum performance and UX, that shouldn’t stop you from building a killer lifestyle blog. 

You should actually see it as your “go” signal to dedicate most of your time to writing quality content

What are Noémi’s top three features?

Noémi may not be a heavy-duty WordPress theme, but it still has enough features to make it outstanding. 

Here are my favorites: 

  • Over 600 Google Fonts — Your blog’s fonts play a huge role in establishing your brand’s identity. With Noémi’s over 600 Google Fonts, your content can be delivered exactly the way you want it. 
  • Expertly-designed blog layouts — Noémi may not have the biggest library of homepage layouts, but it does offer some of the best ones. You won’t need tons of adjustments to build an authoritative lifestyle blog with its own unique identity.
  • Easily-reusable blog content components — Apart from a massive selection of fonts to choose from, Noémi also has plenty of content components you can use. This includes buttons, custom image formats, alerts, lines, and “drop caps” for paragraphs. 

The theme also has other notable features that can make website customizations and management easy. This includes multiple blog post formats, custom widgets, responsive design, and advanced theme options. 

How much does Noémi cost?

Regular License ($49) 

  • All of Noémi’s premium features
  • Six months customer support from PXlab
  • Use for you or a client’s website that doesn’t charge the end user

Extended License ($2,000)

  • All of Noémi’s premium features
  • Six months customer support from PXlab
  • Use for you or a client’s website that charges the end user

Best Free WordPress Themes for Lifestyle Blogs 

Alright — I think we covered enough WordPress themes for bloggers who are starting out with some capital. 

While premium themes do offer plenty of advantages over free ones, not everyone can afford them. 

Additionally, free themes allow new WordPress users to familiarize themselves with the CMS before jumping to premium solutions. They encourage new website owners to experiment, learn, and be resourceful — things that will help you succeed with WordPress. 

For those who are holding out on their first theme purchase, here are the options you should consider:

16. Cali

Cali is a free theme offered on aTheme’s website. I do, however, recommend downloading and installing the plugin straight from the WordPress theme library. 

In doing so, you won’t have to provide a valid email address in exchange for your free download. 

Not that it’s not worth it. After all, Cali is one of the best free themes that lifestyle bloggers can get.

The homepage layout allows you to feature your top content as beautiful, sliding cards above the fold. Just imagine the experience of your visitors when viewing your site through a touch-enabled device. 

17. Magic Blog

Yes — the theme in the screenshot above can be downloaded and used on any WordPress site for free.

Magic Blog is another theme that looks like a premium product, but actually has a free price tag.  

The theme allows you to compartmentalize the sections of your homepage into content areas with high-quality background images. It also has a complete set of pre-designed page layouts that allow bloggers to start publishing posts on day one. 

18. Cambium Lite

Cambium Lite is the free version of the premium theme Cambium Pro. 

Despite being watered down compared to the paid version, Cambium Lite can still help beginners design a professional-looking lifestyle blog. It allows you to set custom background images, headers, menus, logos, and more. 

Also, did I mention that Cambium Lite features clean and sexy content cards on the homepage?

According to the developers, the theme is designed for online magazines, lifestyle blogs, and news sites. The content cards should make it easier for readers to spot stories that pique their interest.

Cambium Lite is also built for performance and Retina-capable displays. It’s built with SEO in mind, so it’s definitely possible to use Cambium for a competitive project. 

19. Freedom

Planning to start a travel, fashion, or photography blog? 

Freedom offers a great layout for bloggers who want to show off their shareworthy photographs. It’s the default one with no sidebars and a centered, main content area. 

The theme also has three other layouts — two with sidebars and another with a full-width content area. 

In terms of customizability, Freedom does lack a few features that could make it a top choice. Some features exclusive to Freedom’s “Pro” version are over 600 Google Fonts, built-in social buttons, and promo boxes.

20. Chic Lifestyle

Want to establish your own beauty or fashion brand but don’t have the budget for a premium theme?

You can still have a puncher’s chance at success with a theme like Chic Lifestyle

Everything about the theme screams authority — from the professionally-styled interface to the snappy performance. The theme also features drag-and-drop sections, WooCommerce compatibility, header customization options, and social media integrations. 

Chic Lifestyle also features support for certain Google Fonts. But if you want access to all 600+ of them, you’ll have to cough up cash for the premium version. 

21. Radiate

When I first saw the Radiate free version demo, I immediately felt the need to mention it in this post.  

Radiate’s minimalistic design, card-based homepage, and buttery-smooth performance are just too good to ignore. But it’s not just what you see on the outside. 

The theme is also designed with SEO and browser compatibility in mind — and that’s just the base, free version. If you purchase Radiate Pro, you’ll access benefits like WooCommerce support, the “go to top” button, and custom bio box.

22. Neve

Neve is a stylish and flexible theme that can be used for lifestyle blogs that are big on visuals.

Most of the theme’s layouts make your hero image shine — giving your visitors the impression that you mean business. If you’re not happy with the default configuration, simply modify the theme’s drag-and-drop components from WordPress’s theme customizer.

Apart from the elegant and clean design, Neve is also coded to perform well and do great for SEO. 

23. Blog Kit

Looking for a versatile theme where you can unload all your creative ideas into?

Blog Kit by WP Charms is a simple theme that can reflect your inner visualizations. It is designed to work seamlessly with Elementor — a popular, drag-and-drop page builder specifically for WordPress.

The free version of Blog Kit doesn’t offer much in terms of time-saving features. However, it provides budding WordPress designers the necessary foundations. 

Blog Kit is minimalistic, mobile-responsive, SEO-friendly, and fast — the barebones of a high-authority and profitable blog. With the help of the Elementor page builder, you can also easily achieve the look you want without writing code. 

24. Everly Lite

There’s something about themes like Everly Lite that make me want to sit back, relax, and enjoy some well-written content. 

Everly Lite is another minimal theme that prioritizes user experience. Apart from the readable layouts, the theme also loads blazingly fast — making it even easier for users to consume content.

The theme also employs traditional navigation features that every online user is accustomed to by now. It also has a “Grid Version” that can help users find important sections of your blog. 

25. Craft Blog

With the Craft Blog theme, any lifestyle blog can be effortlessly turned to a modern and authoritative-looking website. 

Trust me — no one will suspect that you’re using a free theme if you have Craft Blog installed and activated. It can make your homepage look clean, elegant, and professionally made without even touching the default layout.

Craft Blog’s look and feel are optimized for lifestyle, music, photography, fashion, travel, and design bloggers. In terms of presentation, the theme perfectly balances text, visuals, as well as essential page elements like menus and ads. 

In case you’re wondering, Craft Blog is also optimized to deliver the best possible user experience to your online audience. Plus, it’s developed to be SEO-friendly and compatible with third parties like WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, and major web browsers. 

26. Fukasawa

To describe Fukasawa, I’d say “card-based, masonry theme done right.”

I hope that summary does justice to the theme’s design concept, which is absolute and genuine simplicity. 

Fukasawa is designed for photographers and collectors who want to highlight their pieces. However, the theme also perfectly suits fashion, design, and food blogs with minor customizations.

Sadly, the achievement of Fukasawa in terms of minimalism has a downside: 

It can be extremely difficult for bloggers to alter the theme’s visual style and masonry layout without diminishing its appeal. 

Sure, you can change a few aspects like the accent color, logo, and sidebar area. But modifying anything beyond that wouldn’t be advisable — the theme is perfect the way it is.  

27. Baskerville

Baskerville is made by the same developer of Fukasawa — Anders Norén. 

It’s yet another theme that’s best used as is. 

Like Fukasawa, Baskerville is clearly built with minimalism in mind, but with a little more room for visual clutter. I recommend it as an alternative to the previous theme if you prefer having an image banner.

As for its features, Baskerville supports all WordPress post formats — gallery, image, aside, link, quote, status, video, audio, and chat. It also has a pre-made “Contributors” page template, which is useful if you plan to get help creating blog content. 

28. Garfunkel

You think featuring two themes from the same developer is impressive?

About that — there’s actually one more theme I’d like to include from Anders Norén. 

Garfunkel is another card-based theme that’s perfect for content-heavy websites. What makes it unique, however, is that it allows you to upload a custom background image.

The theme also comes with six custom widgets and built-in social menu. Those aren’t much, but coming from a free theme, they’re definitely game changers.

29. Eximious Magazine

If you’d like to establish your own online magazine brand but is underfunded, have a look at Eximious Magazine.  

It is a multi-purpose, responsive magazine theme that makes it easy for readers to browse your blog content. 

The free version of Eximious Magazine comes with over nine widgets, WooCommerce compatibility, and limited color options. It’s responsive, SEO-friendly, and easily customizable through the WordPress theme customizer. 

30. Magazinely Lite

Finally, Magazinely is a free WordPress magazine theme that came out early in 2020. 

You can download the theme for free from SuperThemes’s website or the official WordPress theme library. Either way, you’ll get a modern, fast, and responsive theme built for news websites and lifestyle blogs. 

Compared with Eximious Magazine, Magazinely Lite has slightly better customizability. Some would-be bloggers may also prefer the theme’s cleaner look. 

In any case, both themes are mobile-responsive and SEO-friendly. Both also make sure your lifestyle blog’s content library is scannable and presented in an organized fashion. 


Got your eyes set on a specific WordPress theme?

Here’s my advice: take it easy, rest on it, and check later if you still have the same decision.

Picking a theme is a major decision that will affect how your blog performs in the long run. If you’re going for a paid theme, check its live demo to see what the theme is really like.  

If you think I missed a great theme for aspiring lifestyle bloggers, don’t forget to leave a comment below. Sharing is caring, and your input just might help another person win at blogging! 

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