Conversational Forms by WPForms: Typeform Alternative

Do you want to create Conversational Forms that deliver superior customization, features directly from your Dashboard without getting any burden on your pocket or your Business?

WPforms, a popular Drag and drop Form builder plugin introduced a new “Conversational Forms” add-on that will help you to create Conversational Forms to collect feedback, responses, user details and interact with users directly on the WordPress site.

You can find more details about this form builder in WPforms Review. I also wrote about their add-ons like Form Pages and Survey and Polls in a separate article.

It is good to see that WPForms Team (behind WPBeginner) continuously working hard to bring new features that work out of the box. WPforms is easy to use and with these type of add-ons gives a huge boost to the Business.

Today, We are going to learn about the Conversational Forms and how it helps you to give a positive value on your Site/Business.

Forms created by WPforms+add-on are optimized for all devices and works great on mobiles, tablets making your forms more accessible and easy to use. See Conversational Forms add-on is in Action.

Conversational Forms Demo


The first thing I like about WPforms and its add-ons is that it is Open source. It Works on your site without relying on third-party services like Typeform who also saves your customer form data on their servers.

You are not only promoting someone business with their link to collect responses but also trusting them for your user data security.

Conversational Forms add-on unlocks the feature of collecting feedback, responses and other details directly on Your own WordPress site. No third-party calls.

Just Activate WPForms Pro and this add-on and you are ready to go.

The Second thing is Pricing. Typeform is not only expensive but it is a recurring based SAAS (software as a service) tool make you think if this is really a monthly based subscription service.

On the other Hand, WPforms comes with an affordable price and is yearly based. Wait, You can choose not to renew and keep using the plugin forever.

However, It is recommended to renew your license to access future updates and support.


Conversational Forms add-on is available as part of the WPForms Pro or Elite plan. WPForms Pro normally costs $399/per year and Elite plan normally costs $599, But Wait…

They are currently running a promotional offer and You can get 50% off on WPForms when using the coupon code: SAVE50

The pricing is for a limited time:
WPForms Pro: $199.50/per year
WPForms Elite: $299.50/per year

and you are protected under 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee! If you don’t like WPForms over the next 14 days, then they will happily refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

You will not only receive “Conversational Forms” but you will get all the add-ons currently they have.

Each add-on has different feature make it easy to create powerful forms directly on your WordPress Website. Add-ons like Surveys and Polls will help you to create surveys and polls directly on your WordPress site and Form Pages by WPForms add-on helps you to create custom form landing pages on the WordPress site.

You can use conversational forms to improve your form completion rate on:

  • Survey Forms Completion – More than 30% of users abandon the form because they’re too long or complicated. Conversational Forms’ one-question at a time approach similar to a face-to-face conversation to improve your survey completion rate.
  • User Feedback Form – You can create User Feedback form for your projects, Ideas and Improve your Online Business. Work best when someone Unsubscribe from your services.

WPForms is the first form builder that brought Conversational Forms add-on exclusively for WordPress that is guaranteed to boost form completion and your overall form conversions.

Plus, You are getting some more premium add-ons (mentioned above) at the price of $199 only.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get Conversational Forms with WPForms Pro today! and start creating powerful Contact forms, Conversational Forms, surveys or polls directly from the dashboard of your WordPress website.


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