How to Install, Migrate or Clone WordPress site?

Are you a Blogger? Designer? Internet Marketer?

Want to be one?

Working on the Web is fun and You can be anything you want. However, as per your interest, You will need a platform to share the stuff and WordPress is known as the most popular blogging platform which is easy to use and manage.

WordPress is the best Content Media Management software i.e. CMS which helps you to manage your online contents easily and in a beautiful way. You can be a blogger, designer or can create high converting funnels, landing pages using the WordPress plugins.

WordPress unlocks the infinite possibilities to create and manage your contents online.

After reading hundreds of good things about WordPress, you want to test drive it and so you want a simple guide to install WordPress.

With being said that, there are various ways to install WordPress. The method will slightly different on the various platform, type of installation and server type.

But, the important thing is to know, what requires when you install a WordPress site. The server requirements for WordPress are mentioned here, but for a basic user there are two important things and are

1. WordPress script. Download from Official site.
2. MySQL database. Preinstalled.

How to Install WordPress?

To make things easier, I have listed the Basic WordPress tutorials from Designody that can be used as per your requirements.

You can follow the to-do list after installing WordPress or can install some recommended best WordPress Plugins.

Installing WordPress is simple and a quickly installed using auto-installer which is now freely offered by Best WordPress Hosting Providers.

How to Backup WordPress site?

There are various ways to create Backup for a WordPress Site.

How to migrate WordPress Site?

How to clone WordPress site?

Let me know if you are having trouble working with the WordPress Installation.


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