Google Adsense Vs Affiliate Marketing – Which is Better and Why?

Since a decade ago, business was all about in-person, that is offline or direct marketing. Later, all sort of business move on to online, as digital approach started proving its efficiency.

Now we will have to blindly agree that “online” itself becomes a business platform to make money through blog. No boss, No Assistants. You are everything.

Adsense vs affiliate marketing

There are loads of online money making sources available. Among all,  these two are the predominant sources of income through online.

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing

However, I am not giving you any fake message that you can merely make money through online trying these type of sources. There are digital players still struggling to earn even enough money out of it whereas many bloggers are making millions of dollar online.

It is not a skyrocket to become an authority in niche blogging. Even if you are a beginner, you can make use of micro-niche marketing guide. As a blogger you can use both the sources to earn money online.

There are some deciding factors which make much difference in making money online. Here are they.

  1. Site or blog Traffic
  2. Niche or Ad Relevancy
  3. Real Audience

Moreover, you have to know the strategy well to meet these deciding factors to make money online.

For more detailed information, you will have to continue reading below. But, I am sure that this page will be more helpful for you move ahead to earn money online favorably.

Now, let’s have an in-depth analysis of this two online money making origins – Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing.

Google Adsense – A Quick Overview

Google Adsense is an online ad placement service where you will get paid per click or impression by placing such advertisements on your web pages.

It is an online money making service render by the famous digital giant, Google. This program offers you a user-friendly process to get things done. You have to apply for the Adsense, stating site on which you want to place ads. Against approval, Google permits you to display relevant ads on your pages, and you can set it wherever you feel worthy.

Placing ad banners is a crucial deciding factor increasing your impressions or clicks rate. Probably you can put banner ads either in the sidebar, header, footer or above comments box.

Google offers tonnes of awesome ad banners. The ad content may be anything like text, image or video. It’s quite an impressive, right.

The primary thing here is that you will have to have a mind-blowing site or blog getting ample organic traffic so that the click ratio will be high in turn brings you money.

You don’t bother about the product or niche relevancy here; Google will take care of that as it analyses your page thoroughly before approving.

Google Adsense is the best source to boost beginners to earn some money at the start. Thereby, they can get more into its in-depth tactics to grow up their earnings.

In short, Google Adsense allows you to make money as quick and secure.

Google Adsense – Pros

  • You can make money against ad impression and if any clicks happen, as soon as you get approval.
  • Don’t require any online marketing skills or need not be a big shot over the net. Any microsites or beginners can enjoy making money.
  • No hectic in choosing a niche or researching on best selling products, it is as simple as just approval and placing ads.
  • No need to sell any product or you don’t want to convince your visitors for anything.
  • You have to concentrate on having an impressive site with quality and informative content bringing high traffic.

Google Adsense – Cons

  • You don’t have control over choosing your niche products for advertising.
  • You have to rely on one and only Google. Google is the BOSS here.
  • You have to conscious in following Adsense rules to get approval and for the account liveliness.
  • Even after approval, Google may ban you at any time if you are violating Adsense rules.
  • You have to be vigilant not to irritate your visitors with your ads; then you will be losing your traffic and hence, your earnings.

Advantages of Google Adsense over Affiliate Marketing

  • However, let’s see how Google Adsense is winning the race in helping digital players to make money Here are few benefits of Google Adsense over Affiliate Marketing.
  • Don’t require much research in choosing niche products whereas in Affiliate Marketing, selecting a niche is a critical part.
  • Adsense brings you money quicker but, you will have to wait for even years to earn money through affiliate marketing.
  • You need not be online marketing expertise, in case of Affiliate marketing, you have to be influential.
  • As a startup, you can begin with some decent income boosting you to go further on.

Tips to be successful at Google Adsense

  • Don’t merely follow any tricks and tips of people throwing simply. Analyse and apply not to violate the rules.
  • People usually won’t drop and sell the account, earning money. So avoid buying existing Adsense account at cheaper cost.
  • Spend all your time and energy in making pleasing, informative content to bring more traffic.
  • Be wise in choosing the right position to place ads and don’t place too many ads irritating visitors to bounce off from your page.

Bonus Tips

  • Google Adsense helps you to make massive money as if you are trying Event Blogging. Create event blog on particular topics about any international celebrations or events like Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s, Black Friday and more. Do optimize your event blogging site and have your ads placement. In short span of time, you can earn hit thousands of dollars.
  • Niche blogging is another crucial strategy to make money through Google Adsense. For instance, you choose to run a “job portal” blog; it’s always appreciable to posts all about your niche. Say “Finance Jobs” and placing Adsense link on the same niche, then the clicks will be more than enough and make you reciprocating money.


Can we customize and use the labels above the advertisement banners?
No, you have to use only labels like “advertisements” or “sponsored links.”

Does Google Adsense pay for every click? Is there any exception?
No Google Adsense does not pay for invalid traffic. Invalid traffic refers to any clicks or impressions artificially raising advertiser’s earnings and for self-clicking on your ads.

Do I get an alert if Google deactivates or bans my account?
Yes, You will get a warning message as you are violating the Adsense rules and policies.

Affiliate Marketing – A Quick Overview

Unlike Google Adsense, many companies offering Affiliate marketing programs to earn money online. It is not the fact that Google does not support affiliate marketing or it shows partiality in ranking such sites holding affiliate marketing links. Don’t panic.

Rather than that, Google recommends you to have affiliate marketing links in any well-authorized blogs.

Affiliate marketing is a way of promoting other’s products online through your blog or web pages. Here, you can choose any of the third party products as a niche and expand online to get commission against successful sale as redirecting from your link.

There are plenty of such affiliate marketing programs available like Amazon, ClickBank, Maxbounty and more. Many favorite bloggers or any online expertise are earning lumpsum currency with Affiliate Marketing.

It is little straightforward to get into affiliate marketing by signing up any product selling or e-commerce tycoon’s affiliate program. Even you can directly have deals with the store whose product you will be marketing.

Against successful enroll, you may start promoting the niche products on your site using their affiliate links. Now, here comes a peculiar task. You have to possess a website or blog rich in quality content relevant to the niche product.

You have to keep your site active, feeding people with all sorts of information related to the niche. You have to talk about it frequently and engage your visitors.

Once building trust and hope among the users, they may strike to click on the affiliate link on your page after reading your reviews. Then, they will redirect to the merchant’s website and thereby leads to purchase or sale. Thus you will be earning money depending on the commission percentage for the specific product sale.

Affiliate Marketing – Pros

  • You can choose any stream of niche which you may love or curious to market.
  • You can roughly calculate the earnings you can make out of each sale as it depends on the percentage of commission for the product sale.
  • The income will be extensive, and it pays you for years. It is the long-term money making source.
  • You can be a part of a blogging network or blogosphere and so that building rapport among people.
  • A vast number of companies offering affiliate programs and they provide training, workshops, marketing collaterals to help you in all ways.
  • Here is a unique advantage, nobody can ban or stop you promoting and hence, making money online.

Affiliate Marketing Cons

  • Need in-depth market study and analysis to choose the best affiliate program and the real selling niche.
  • You have to battle with your competitors and win the race if your niche is very common.
  • You cannot make money by the very next day; you have build baseline to earn later on.
  • You will earn your commission only against the product sale, not for merely clicking the affiliate link.
  • Better online marketing and promoting skills are necessary to maintain an authoritative web page as well as to build rapport and trust with your audiences.

Advantages of  Affiliate Marketing over Google Adsense

Still, statistics are saying that 90% of the online money making webmasters prefer affiliate marketing as the prominent source to make money online. Here are the few points why it is favorite among the digital marketers.

  • Affiliate marketing ensures better earnings than any other sources of online income.
  • You do have control over choosing your niche product to promote so that you will be more comfortable in marketing it.
  • You don’t have to wait for anyone’s approval, or there is no boss to have control over you.
  • There is no need to generate billions or millions of traffic; few thousands will get you remarkable pay.
  • Affiliate program ads are more attractive than Google Adsense advertising banners.
  • There are no such invalid clicks; the repetitive sale would be a positive promotion here.

Tips for Successful Affiliate Marketing

  • Go with your personal or desirable niche product so that you can write valid reviews about the product.
  • Don’t always have the intention to sell the product, instead talk about its real benefits reading the audience’s mind.
  • Place your affiliate links in such a way not to bother your readers and also don’t dump.
  • Don’t produce any false impression about the product just for the sake of selling to earn money. Then you will have to lose your value and the longtime efforts on your blog.

Bonus Tips

  • Micro-Niche blogging is the best work-out tips to make lumpsum money. Design a single landing page for your micro-niche and keep posting blogs with fresh content relating your micro-niche product reviews and benefits. For example, Instead of blogging about “hosting,” you may pick a unique micro-niche to say “Bluehost” or “HostGator” and promote. Hence, you will get more target audience, and in turn, brings you massive money.
  • Niche Marketing does have its equity contribution to micro-niche marketing in generating traffic. In case your micro-niche is out of date or saturates due to any other reason, you may switch over to another micro-niche product related to the same niche.


What are all the factors to consider before choosing a niche?
Go with the famous names like Amazon, ClickBank and so on. You have to be very stubborn in choosing your niche which you are already using, or you have a personal touch with that. By which you can promote it confidently.

Does the commission percentage differ depending on the products price range?
Yes, It depends on the merchants offering affiliate programs. You have to visit their professional affiliate program page for specific details. However, before signing a deal, you will have to clear about all this for smooth running.

Whether I can have monthly or periodical reports on the sale and corresponding earnings?
Yes. Popular affiliate programs provide services like conducting workshops, marketing tips, link generation tools and reports.

Final Words

With its competitive benefits over the other, there always a race lies between Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing. So that, you can attempt both to double your income. But, don’t make your page as an advertising agency dumping multiple advertisement banners and affiliate links.

I recommend starting with Google Adsense having a trustworthy site. Bring high organic traffic from search engines to earn some fair amount of money to begin. Meanwhile, build your readers base or audience strength to promote related niche product. You can easily see significant improvement in your online income as through affiliate marketing.

But, all you have to do is to increase your website traffic, in turn, increasing your possibilities to earn money online. If you could work that level to have such massive traffic, then you are the one expertise in making money online. In fact, you will be able to monetize your blog without ads if you have got targeted traffic.

I am hopeful to see your thoughts about this posts on Google Adsense Vs. Affiliate Marketing. If you are you already an expert in online monetization, then you are most welcome to share your ideas and strategies in the comments box below.


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