How to Buy Web Hosting from Different Hosting Providers

So, You have got a domain.
Getting a domain is a great feeling 🙂 and It makes you awesome when you buy a short memorable domain which seems impossible in 2018.

Once you have bought a domain, You will look for a reliable hosting to host your domain.

That’s where you search for best web hosting.

You will find thousands of hosting providers claims to be best and best hosting provider but most of them will fail in reality.

If You are still looking for a domain then you can learn how to choose a great domain using best domain name generator tools.

How to Buy Hosting?

Buying a hosting is as simple as buying domains. However, Selecting a good host of your choice take time.

You should be careful while buying a hosting. A cheap looking 1$ hosting might ruin your day, week or even month.

That’s why I recommend you to take a look at best WordPress hosting.

If you are still unsure which web hosting will work for you read the illustrated guide about different types of web hosting. This guide definitely will help you find information related to Web Hosting.

What will fit you?

A shared hosting? or a managed one?

If you are just starting in online marketing then a shared plan will completely a good start. If You have a business and have a good reputation of the company then you should to definitely go with a managed WordPress hosting.

If you are a web designer or web developer then Cloud VPS servers like DigitalOcean will be a great choice. 🙂

Once you have everything is in the list, It is a perfect time to buy hosting.


STEP 1. Open your favorite web hosting provider site.

Here is the Best shared hosting. In short
1. Siteground
2. BlueHost
3. Dreamhost

Here is the Best Managed Hosting.
1. Kinsta
2. WPEngine
3. GetFlywheel

STEP 2. Finding the Right Web Hosting Plan of Your Budget

A shared hosting is a great start if you have a monthly 1000-2000 visitors or less and have the ability to manage the things yourself. Like Updating, adding security, backup, and everything to keep your site secure, faster and foolproof from attackers.

A Managed hosting is perfect if you don’t want to spend daily hours on above works or want to be free from this headache.

Managed hosting providers will Update your site, add security layers, optimize the site for performance and Backup it.

Once you have found the right plan. Click to “BUY” and go with Next Step.

STEP 3. Registering the Account

Once you have a suitable plan in your cart, it is a perfect time to register an account with them.

You can add the domain You want to host with them. This option is generally visible for Shared plans. You can change it later.

Fill the Details ‘correctly’ and Use a ‘Strong Password’ and save it somewhere securely.

STEP 4. Making the Payment

Once the Account Registration is completed, You have a link to Complete Your purchase and make the payment.

Sometimes, You have the option to select the preferred payment option on account registration page.

Payment options.

  1. Card
  2. Paypal

You should go with PayPal option to make the purchase. Select the option and you will be redirected to Paypal payment page.

Confirm the Payment and wait…

You will be redirected to Payment and Order Confirmation page,

Wooh… You have a hosting now. 🙂

Keep the hosting details in notepad and save it.

The Next article will be written about to set up the Hosting and installing WordPress on the different platform.


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