How to Register Your First Domain Name in 5 Minutes

In the recent article, I have published the list of best domain registrar with the pricing and features.

Being a newbie in Blogging, Most of you wanted to register Your domain name but not know how to buy and register your first domain name for your business, blog.

How to buy a domain name?

Buying a domain is easy and 5minutes work. However, getting a creative domain is quite I… nowadays. But wait, using these awesome domain name generators and reading ideas about finding a domain will solve your problem.

Tip:Keep Your domain names in notepad before registering and Don’t search your domains one-by-one in any domain registrar

This is because when you enter a domain name in any site. Some of the bots checks for the keyword, branding, how short is the domain name and if their search page has the bots, Your awesome domains will be auto-registered by them in few minutes and you will see your domain in someone hands.

This is why you should always register your domain name as soon as possible.

Using domaintyper or giving a search in whois provides the Availablity of a domain name. This is a safe way to find some golden domains without getting in touch with automatic bots.

How to register a domain name?

Now, as You have your domain name in your mind, it is the time to register it. Here is the step by step guide to get your first domain registered.

STEP 1. Visit the domain registrar site.
Here are some of the best domain providers…

  1. Godaddy
  2. Bigrock
  3. Namecheap
  5. Namesilo

Click on any registrar link where you want your domain registered.

You can find some more registrar by reading the recent article about the best domain registrars list.

STEP 2. Once a domain registrar site opened, you will see a search box. Put your domain name in search box and click “Search” or on “Search ICON”.

If the search box is not present, You will find link something like “Register Your domain”, “Domain Registration”. Click on that and You will see the search box on next page.

Put domain with TLD (.com, in, .net) only if TLD box is not available.

STEP 3. After clicking on search, It will start searching for your domain and will give the list of availability of selected domain with various extensions(TLDs)

If the searched domain is not available, it will show that the domain is already taken (selected TLDs).

If Your domain is available for buy, You will see the option “Add to cart” or “BUY NOW” link.

Click on that, It will redirect you to “Cart” or “Login/Register” Page.

STEP 4. IF You are on Cart Page like the below screenshot, You may have various options available like Domain register (for Years*) “Add Privacy Protection/Whois Protection” and “Coupon Code/Discount”

  • You can register your domain for up to 10years. Some extensions allow maximum 2years of the registration period.

The minimum period of a domain registration is one year.

  • When You register a domain, a record with your details(including name, phone number, Email, and Address) is being added to the whois database.

Spammers catch these records and data and will send you spam emails and phone calls for website building, site requirements and much more types of message you will receive.

Whois Protection or Whois Privacy Protection add a security layer to your whois domain record. No one will able to find the real details of yours.

Namesilo and Namecheap Provide free Whois Protection for the 1st year of registration and more.

Now, once you have added the Duration of domain and Whois or add-on products you will see the total cost you will be charged. You can grab some discount on their offers page or multi years of registration.

Once You have all the things in your cart added, you will need to pay for this and get the domain name owned. 🙂

Click to Process>>Continue or similar button link for next step.

STEP 5. After clicking the Process to Checkout link, You will be redirected to registration page.

It is time to Create a new account so you will able to register the domain name and manage it. or if you have already an account you will see an EXisting member/user link.

Fill all the domains correctly and remember the username/email and password.

Click on Sign up/Create Account.

Now, You have created the account. It is time to make the payment.

STEP 6. Select the Payment method checkbox or box.

b) Mastercard
c) Paypal
d) Funds

I would recommend you to go with PayPal for safe purchase and payment. You can also add a certain amount of funds to your account and select the FUNDS option, that will be used to make payment for your domain name.

Once you will select the PayPal option, you will be redirected to PayPal login page. Log in and >>Agree and Continue>> Pay.

Once you will confirm the payment link you will be back to registrar page with a confirmation page. Woooh Your domain is now Registered.

Check your email if there is any confirmation email is sent to confirm if the domain belongs to you. 🙂

Once you have confirmed the identity, you can use your domain Now.

This is all for today. In the next article, I will write the guide to buying web hosting for WordPress.

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