Double Your Website Income With Infolinks Native Advertising

Making money online has never been easier since the past few years. But now, it is easy to make money online, and all you have to do is just a little effort!

You might have seen people earning money through Google AdSense, but have you ever thought there is another reliable method to earn money online? Yes, there is. You can also earn your online money from your site or blog through Infolinks.

In fact, you might agree with the statement that, the visitors dislike the advertisements while they are reading your blog. Even if they somehow find some highly exasperating web, there are chances, that the visitors won’t click on the ads. There are many reasons for lower earning of blogs, that includes, the lack of clicks per visitors, the unsatisfactory reviews of the visitors and the also the irrelevant ads.

If we look deeper into this situation, we might come to the point that, most of the advertisements shown on the website are useless, that gives a bad impression to the users, and thus annoying! These ads are also irrelevant to the website the user is visiting. This gives a really bad impression of the website to the user. ­

But, what if these ads are shown on the proper websites, and also according to the demands of the users? Both the owners of websites and the users visiting the website will be happy. I can bet on that. A user demand only what he/she wishes to see. Showing him what’s annoying will only result in a great loss.

Here comes the solution!

Well, the perfect solution to this problem is Infolinks!

The first question that arises in the mind is what is Infolinks? It is an online platform offering the advertising of products from different brands from all over the world. This Infolinks first into existence in 2007. The products that the company offers are the InFrame, InSearch, InTag and InText. All these products were built to overcome the blindness of banners. It also offers a platform for advertising for the users from all over the world. This platform is called as the self-service marketplace.

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What Is Infolinks Native Advertising?

We all are aware of the fact that every day new websites are being launched in the world. Some of these websites offer paid services, but most of the website offers a great variety of services free of cost. Why are they free of cost? Their earning or profit depends upon the number of clicks on the ads available.

Because most of the users visiting a blog do not like the advertisements. And if they find these ads annoying, there are chances that they might not visit the website again. This is the reason why people do not visit your blog again.  This not only affects the owner of the website but also affects the publishers who are advertising. This is the reason most of the websites run down every day. Mainly due to the lack of clicks on the ads and also due to bad reviews.

The main problem is the appearance of irrelevant ads on the irrelevant blogs, which a user finds annoying.  Therefore, the problem with this solution is the Infolinks native advertising.

How Does It Work?

The Infolinks native advertising helps both advertisers and the publishers. With the help of Infolinks native advertising, the sites gain enough profit that they can be easily monetized keeping their proportion of layout and architecture constant. The publishers are granted the opportunity to choose from a variety of refined ads available on the Infolinks. This helps the user to understand and judge what ads will be suitable for his/her blog. Moreover, the advertisers can also create a self-serve market place.  They can also customize their campaigns,

The publishers are granted the opportunity to choose from a variety of refined ads available on the Infolinks. This helps the user to understand and judge what ads will be suitable for his/her blog. Moreover, the advertisers can also create a self-serve market place.

They can also customize their campaigns, also they can deliver their messages to the users in a very powerful way. The quality is balanced and completely blended with transparency, and thus is highly reliable for all the users. These qualities in the Infolinks native advertising make it up to a standard for all the publishers and advertisers in the world.

Introducing AdShop by Infolinks

adshopInfolinks have recently launched their self-serve advertising platform called AdShop.

It basically enables everyone who wants to advertise through the Infolinks platform and to enjoy a highly targeted audience, to do that with very low fees!

The really great thing about AdShop is that any business, big, medium or small, can increase their revenue and benefit from 2 major advantages:

  • 1. Smart targeting – you can reach up to 1 billion users with the right message at the right time, by targeting what they are interested in at that exact moment.
  • 2. Affordable advertising – you might be surprised how far your advertising budget can take you with game changing AdShop.

AdShop can help you grow your business by building campaigns in just a few minutes and to reach high quality targeted users when it matters the most, all with entry level prices.

What I Like About Infolinks?

Having all these qualities mentioned above makes the Infolinks the best platform the for advertisers and publishers. There are a lot of other things included in the Infolinks that I liked the most. These factors make it a perfect solution for advertising.  It includes the following;

1. Easy To Get Approval:

It is a known fact that most of the advertisement companies have a long hectic process for the advertisements. For example, getting approved by Google AdSense is very hard even if you do all important things before applying for AdSense. This makes it difficult for the users to start advertising and make money. Infolinks isn’t the same as you might be thinking. Advertising through the Infolinks is really easy. In the start, there is a signup process, which is for both the advertisers and publishers.

All you have to do is just enter the name of your website, your email address and a password to get started. The services are open for the publishers on both big and small scale.  There is no fee for this process. There are also no minimum requirements for the page views and page visitors. Yes, there are some rules and regulations for both the publishers and advertisers. Their policies include that the websites should not contain any offensive or illegal content.

The policies of Infolinks are not hard to follow. They are simple but a few of them are mandatory to follow by the publishers and advertisers both.

2. Variety Of Ads Available:

There are varieties of ads available on the Infolinks for the publishers. The users can choose from a bulk of advertisements for their blogs.

Infolinks offer 6 smart and advanced ad units that include unique techniques for the publishers:


The InFold technique has the advantage of search and display. It displays the ad above the fold of the site in order to grab the user attention and to increase his engagement.

The InArticle is a highly viewable ad, once opened, it dwells the users completely into the content. The InArticle serves various ad formats to boost unit engagement and revenue.


The InScreen acts as an “ad intermission” between page views. This results in a well-timed display ad, driven both by user intent and site content.


The InText scans the page’s content in real-time in order to deliver the most relevant adsto the users.


The InTag displays the most valuable keywords that are related to the page’s content, as highly customizable ad units.


The InFrame displays the ad on the unused real-estate of your site, providing a great solution for wide screens.

3. Does Not Affect The Speed Of Blog:

You might be thinking that using the Infolinks native advertising may affect the speed of your blog. You are wrong about it. The Infolinks native advertising does not affect the speed of blog in any way.

4. Easy Payout Process:

The payout process of Infolinks is really easy but you might have to follow some policies while your payout.  That is; the minimum amount that you can payout is $50. The payments can easily be taken through the PayPal, Payoneer, web money and also through the bank wire transfer ($100).

5. No Ad Space Required:

The Infolinks boasts six layouts and the techniques that help the publishers. In these six layouts comes the InText, that scans the content on the basis of keywords used that matches the ads. Dues to this best technique, there is no ad space required.

6. Compatibility with the Google AdSense

We all know that Google AdSense is known for earning online money for the blogging websites. It offers a reliable amount per clicks. They hardly approve any new blog now-a-days. So, Infolinks can be used as best adsense alternative. Infolinks is highly compatible with Google AdSense. The publishers can use both of these platforms for earnings without affecting each other!

7. Referral programs for publishers

Infolinks also offers a super profitable referral programs for their publishers. The program is specially designed to increase revenue generated by Infolinks. It also allows the customers to earn up to 100% revenue per year. Check out a screenshot of Infolinks referral program.



Today Infolinks generate revenue to more than 150,000 publishers in over 130 countries worldwide, with 2 trillion analyzed keywords that display ads per clicks on demands by the users. These clicks include up to 4 billion monthly views. In fact, Infolinks is the third largest marketplace on the internet. It also provides satisfactory services to all the users out there. Hence, Infolinks can also be used with AdSense and also as a great AdSense alternative.

What are you waiting for?

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. I’ve personally used Infolinks ads as well as their referral programs and have great success with it.


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