6 Reasons Why You Can Get Hired as a Blogger

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Do you know bloggers can also make money outside their blogs?

Ever wonder why they are popular on social media?

Wouldn’t it be possible that they are consultant to firms and organizations?

Blogging is a professional job. Pro-bloggers strive and find new ways to monetize their blogs. They often promote products to earn commission, they use PPC advertisements and sometimes they sell direct ads on their blogs. Besides their blogs, they also provide their consultancies to different companies.

The purpose of this article is to reveal the blogging secrets related to making money and getting hired. It’s about showing the possibilities of Blogging Success to new bloggers.

The only Affiliate Sales or Regular PPC Clicks aren’t a success, but readers engagement, trust of readers, social media following and natural content sharing are the elements that count as success of a blogger.

Even thinking out-of-the-box would take you closer to the jobs that Bloggers get on the basis of their blogging skills, achievements and social popularity.

I’ve helped many companies who approached through different means associated to blogging – whether they arrived on my blog post, guest post or social media sharing… Somehow I’ve received an incredible response on my blogging…

That response and outcome motivated me to write this type of blog post, so that I make myself able to share couple of secrets and few tips to help many other bloggers to start making their personal brands as bloggers.

Ultimately a Blogger needs some cash rolling into his/her bank account to survive, keeping this fact in mind, I would like to share some impact creating facts that will help you to get you respected jobs in the industry or you might get consultancy invitation.

Fawad Saleem, a Content Writer from Pakistan got hired by a ‘Digital Solutions’ when he showed his blog during his interview with the company as a Content Writer.

Muhammad Ismail is also a Blogger and Entrepreneurship promoter in Pakistan, also got hired by Entrepreneurship Development Center at Institute of Management Science as a Website Manager.

6 Reasons Why You Can Get Hired as a Blogger

Take a look on the reasons why you should keep working hard as a Blogger and keep hunting for the great opportunities to arrive your door:

1. Bloggers Make a Communication Funnel with Companies

Bloggers research a lot. They have to. Because without research they can’t do what they do – which is publishing high-quality and useful content. When they don’t do this, they will lose readers attention. Many of the learners and blogging starters don’t understand the ‘Utility factor’ in blogging – Many of them ultimately realize with the passage of time that they have to deliver to the audience.

In order to actually help the readers, they have to find and hunt for different solutions which can be useful tools, plugins, websites, softwares and even companies…

When they keep on finding those tools and companies, they start using few of these, and communicate with the people associated with those tools, websites and companies… and hence they develop their contact with the industry.

When SEMrush‘s Marketing Associate approached me, I had no idea how did they find me – They contacted me for a guest post, and finally within couple of weeks, my first guest post got published on their official blog… (see this)

semrush guest post

Your next employer should know that hiring a Blogger as a Social Media Manager or Editor or even Blogger would give him/her so many contacts and relations.

2. Bloggers’ Content help People in Understanding things

Bloggers are meant to create content that helps people. People read and love their content, because they find answers and solutions.

Maybe next time you write something which makes complete sense for certain people and some company in your city finds out about your article, and they would think that you should create content for them too.

You can even charge for writing for them.

It’s not something that can’t be done!

Problogger Jobs Section almost every day publishes fresh blogging jobs. Companies do need Content writers for publishing their content and blog posts. You might find writing clients on Craiglist.

3. Bloggers Share Ideas and Thoughts with Readers

Maybe your next suggestion in the blog post might be a perfect solution for an organization. It’s a fact. People need solutions and they keep on looking for that. Organic traffic is a serious business for websites and blogs.

When you develop your outreach through your content, people get a nudge and companies find it interesting to see that what you’ve got…

I personally stunned Educester’s owners in a business meeting when I showed them the blog post of my personal blog in which I mentioned their company’s website even the website wasn’t launched… (see this)

The blog post was about coming soon pages or landing pages … They didn’t launch the website at that time (probably it’s still the same)… it was a good match for my article, so I mentioned them in my article, and they really got surprised.

4. Bloggers have Social Media Following

Companies want bright people in their team. Bloggers are all about Social Interaction, talking to people, communication with readers and commenting and replying to others… Bloggers are social, and they should be.

You’ll always find Bloggers discussions threads on Facebook and Google+… People like to interact and Pro-bloggers don’t mind interacting with people, answering to their questions and responding to their queries.

landing page question

When I asked an interesting question about landing page on Quora, it became almost viral in a certain category and got more than 25,000 views within 7 weeks.

Maybe you come across your employer on any Social Media Website – Be ready with a positive vibe, great personality and inspiring views, because you never know when you would get hired as a Blogger.

5. Bloggers know How to Use Content Marketing

Content Marketing has been an important element of any company’s marketing plan. Businesses want to extend their reach. Companies are getting aware of Social Media’s importance – And, with the passage of time they are trying to be active on Social Media.

They know that there is a role of Content Marketer in their whole Social Media and Online Marketing Campaign. A Content Marketer who writes fresh and useful content on company’s blog, attract audience through his/her content, share useful content on social media, manage company’s social media profiles and simply increase the reach of the company to the larger audience.

Bloggers are perfect for a Content Marketing job, because they exactly do this job for themselves. They create content, share it, build relationships on social media and give solutions to people through their online presence and content.

This is one of the solid reasons why companies need bloggers and if you’re good in the industry, helping people, turning yourself into a brand and attracting people through various means, then you’re on the right track to be hired by an Ad Agency, Marketing firm or Web Design Services company.

6. Bloggers Find Useful tools to make Blogging easier

Companies would always check your blogs before contacting you. What they would see is:

  • What type of content you are creating?
  • How do you engage people?
  • How is your writing quality?
  • What standards you follow?
  • What kind of social media following you have?
  • How is your content shareability?

Besides that, Bloggers are keen to find, use and share great tools. I always use and recommend website tools like Canva, Compressor and Easi.ly for image, infographic and banner designing. I personally use them and like to share with readers.

I personally use MailChimp for Email Marketing, so I recommend it to others, because I’m happy with this service, and never had a problem with that.

When Companies find out that you’re a person with resources and tools in hand, they realize that you’re a handy person to be utilized. That’s the key for them.

They would prefer the blogger who shares so much resources with readers rather than who believes in creating dry and typical content.

If you’re a blogger, make sure you keep on adding tools in your record and always share with people!

Your Part

That was it from my side. The purpose of this blog post was to make bloggers aware to keep working hard on the quality of their blogging. Creating content isn’t enough in blogging, you have to create content that helps people. It should make people follow you…

Companies always strive to find great employees. Your blog is your advertising banner, the more you keep in clean and beautiful (with the quality), the more you get chances to get clients or great job offers.

Source: https://allbloggingtips.com/6-reasons-why-you-can-get-hired-as-a-blogger/