Do You Know The Real Truth About Blogging?

Blogging is  a great way of passing information from one person to another using a webpage also called a blog or website, most bloggers earn their full time income from blogging but there are lots of facts you need to know before you venture into the blogosphere.

the real truth about blogging revealed

By now most of our readers reading this article might be wondering and eager to know this real truth about blogging but you should relax because we are revealing every single truth about blogging today.

Before you venture into blogging or any business either online or offline you should be able to know your aim and what you stand to gain, it can be money, fame etc

Am writing this article today based on  the majority  of newbie’s coming into the blogosphere not knowing  anything about blogging but all they know is that blogging is a great way to make money online, because I wouldn’t want any of you to regret any action you take that’s why am revealing the real and whole truth about blogging.

The Real Truth About Blogging

It’s a great way to earn money online

First I would like to say that blogging is a great way to earn money online but most newbie’s thinks blogging is a get rich quick scheme which is completely wrong, before you can  boost of earning good cash from blogging you need to make impart in your readers lives by writing quality and informative articles on your blog.

Long Term Run

long term run

I know that most bloggers hit full time income within some months on their new blogs because sometimes luck is also involved but majority of bloggers do start earning reasonable amount from their blogs when it’s about 6 months plus or even older, blogging is about being persistent you need to keep up doing what you know how to do even if you don’t earn money that very moment in the future you will be smiling to your bank monthly or even weekly to clear your checks.


Patient is the key to success but most newbie’s and amateurs don’t understand this part because they heard about a blogger who claims he earns $100 per day from one blog they will just start losing hope because they can’t earn up to a dollar per day on their blog, not knowing how much hard work that blogger did on his blog or the years he started building his blog’s traffic and authority. Like they say a patient dog eats the fattest bone so you have to be patient to see your blog grown in the right way.

Hard Work

hard work is the key to success

Most bloggers you see today earning good amount of money from blogging didn’t start today like you so you shouldn’t compare your earning with the earning and traffic of the pro bloggers in the blogosphere, If you take the time you use in snooping around pro bloggers blog to work and build your own blog’s traffic, back links and authority like the ones of the pro blogger’s then surely you can expect to earn good income like the pro bloggers.

You should know that no website or blog was created with millions of visitors because it all started from one day so keep working hard on your blog and the sky shall be your limit.

Be Prepared For Anything That’s The Real Truth About Blogging

being prepared for anything

Am adding this part to this post because no matter what you do either online or even offline most people will like your job and while some will criticize your job, don’t be expecting your blog readers to praise you at the starting point of your blog because they won’t praise you because of your poor writing skill, poor content and poor seo etc. instead you should be expecting unappealing comments but even at that never give up until you reach your aim as a blogger that ‘s why you need to be thick skinned that never gets frustrated no matter the temptation.

Copy Cats

ignore copy cats

There is a period when bloggers will start copying your contents but you shouldn’t be angry at all because this is a great way to determine that your blog is growing and that you have improved in your writing skill, although there are some sites that prevent and help you fight against copywriters some of the sites are and

The truth about earning good money from  a blog is about the traffic it generates, a blog with 20,000 visits daily can’t be compared with a blog that receives 20,000 visits monthly so you can’t expect both blogs to earn same amount of money per month.


As a newbie you should make deep research before starting a blog even if you see your friends or pro bloggers earning good income from blogging try learning some basics from them so that you can be set on the right track and you too will be a pro blogger in no time with their guide and support from their experience.

Feel free to drop your awesome comments below because we love discussing with our readers, what do you thing about this real blogging truth reveale­d?


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