The Beginner Guide To Make Money Selling eBooks

The Beginner Guide To Make Money Selling eBooks

Selling eBooks is a great method of online income and it will be interesting, if you write what you desire. The world of paper books/newspapers has gone; it has all turned to digital.

True to say, Reading something in eBook is quite good than reading in paperback form, with lots of animation, Bright screen. I hope that, there would be no paperback form books in coming years.

In that case, if you are an author, you would have been writing books, now stop that, and start writing eBooks. That would interest your Readers. And when it comes to selling, selling paperback books is quite easier, arranging stalls or Advertising.

But when it comes to making money selling ebooks, you can’t gain attention of the buyers. To gain the attention of buyers, you would have to design an attractive cover for your eBook, and not only cover, there are many factors too!

Most people don’t consider writing and selling eBooks because they don’t know the right method to successfully write, self-publish and sell their eBooks. Here are few steps you can follow to earn money by Selling eBooks.

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The Beginner Guide To Make Money Selling eBooks

Write in your niche

If you are considering to write an eBook then you should write about what you love the most and what in which you have lots of experience. You should not write about something that a friend suggests you or copying the niche of the best selling books, write what you can write.

Choosing the appropriate Title:

You should always create a title which would make the buyers/readers curious before reading the book. For Example; if you have tons of experience in the Gadgets field, you could choose a title like “Is this the Technology Era?” or something creative like that!

What to write on?

You may think that what you know is already known to everyone, that’s right! But there may be few other points which they would not be knowing or it would have not reached to them in an easier form. Provide them the best way, an normal literate person should also understand it! Don’t underestimate yourself.

Before you start writing and selling eBook, check the Best-Selling E-Books. You should go on writing; there are many people out there to learn many new things from your eBook. 

Design attractive graphics:

Make Money Selling eBooks

Most people buy books by looking at their covers only, so design a cover page that is eye-catching and gives a brief idea of what is inside. In a paperback book, designing a high-graphic cover is quite hard, as many wouldn’t be possible to print them.

But now, it is an online world which is going to see it! So just give the highest graphics you could ever give, and prove that A book can be judged by its cover!

Write a perfect description of your eBook

If you want people to buy your eBook then you should tell them, why should they buy?

Your description should include all the mandatory information about the book such as Genre, Word Count, Author bio, Reviews, Pages etc. Do check the description of the Best-Selling E Books Online and create a description like that. Mention some of the common problems faced by people and show that you have solution to those. That would interest many.

Run a Giveaway while Selling eBooks

I don’t know whether you authors have a blog/site, if you have, run a giveaway, and make your eBook as the prize.

Run a giveaway of 2-4 copies of your eBook on some established websites and give users an option to buy your eBook without entering the giveaway. This will let those visitors buy you eBook who have money but no time to wait for the giveaway to end.

Divide your eBook into reports before Selling eBooks:

Make Money Selling eBooks is truly based on how many books you sell. Don’t try to make money with one single book. Don’t think of Selling E-Books to Become Wealthy. You should sell as many eBooks as you can and the best method is to let buyers buy the part they are most interested in.

Give Trial Offers

This method isn’t possible, if you write a paperback form book. It is the digital world; sell half of your book for a quarter of its price. And of course, many will buy it as the price would be low.

Once they finish their first half, make sure they buy the second half, they should come forward to buy it, if not, and it shows that, they don’t like your writing. Mail them, and wait and watch whether they revert back to you. Giving trial offer will allow your readers to try your eBook who are unsure about buying the full version. They will surely buy the full version if they are impressed with the first part.

Offer some freebies while Selling eBooks

This is another great method to boost the sales of your eBook as people are ready to spend more money if they get more one thing at the same price. Offer some freebies which will interest everyone, so that some would even buy it for the freebie 😉

Publicize you eBook

This part is quite time consuming and most probably you won’t be able to publicize your product to that extent that you will Make Money Selling eBooks.

Try these tips: Send a copy to any blogger, and tell him to review it on his blog. Place a Banner of your eBook in your own site. And lastly, comes Advertising, this require spending money, if you are ready with that, advertise as banners in some sites or in magazines.

How to Sell eBooks Online?

Atlast, coming to the main point in this guide to Make Money Selling eBooks. By now, your eBook must be fully finished and ready for arranging in stores.

You might be searching for the best sites to add your eBook and to fetch money out of it. Selling E-Books On Amazon is one of the best way to make money as most of the eBook Readers buy eBooks only in Amazon Kindle Store.

You can also try other sites like Lulu, Smashwords, MyeBook… Before you sell do check the top Selling eBooks.

Final Verdict:

I would like to stress a thing, that’s the piracy.

Once your eBook becomes too famous, many piracy sites would offer people to download it for free, which is a very big loss for you. Even I, you and probably everyone you would have download many paid things for free.

No one can prevent Piracy, it grows day by day. There isn’t a perfect solution for this thing. So keep this thing aside, and you start your goal of selling eBooks! There is nothing more from my part.

Now it is your part! By now, you would have learned about how to make money selling eBooks.

Did I miss any point in this guide? Do you recommend this method to make money selling eBooks? Share below.


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