How to Get More Twitter Followers?

Now unless your a celebrity of some sort with a decent following somewhere, getting (genuine) followers who retweet and interact with you will take time and effort. It’s better to have a 100 followers who will actually read your tweets and interact with you instead of thousands upon thousands of useless spam-bots that will do absolutely nothing. People often use programs that promise to increase your followers that do what their meant to do but in reality don’t really help you at as most of these followers will consist of spam-bots.

get more twitter followers

These programs rely on something called ‘Aggressive Following’ and will make you automatically follow thousands of people in the sole hope that they’ll follow back and if they don’t you’ll dump and them and follow other people. Twitter has an policy against this and if caught, will delete your account. Here are 6 Tips to get more twitter followers.

How to Get More Twitter Followers?

  • Write an Interesting Bio: Your Twitter Profile bio is the first and most important thing to get more followers on Twitter. 160 characters for bio may not seem like much but it’s one of the first things your potential followers will see so try to be witty, make an interesting tag-line and write anything interesting that will get people to follow you.
  • Make your presence visible: Tweet too little and people won’t notice you on their Timeline or all together forget that they even followed you. Tweet too much and people will start to think your either a nuisance or a spam-bot and will unfollow you (and you don’t want that happening).
  • Be Entertaining: Try to be witty or funny when making a tweet. Don’t be all like “today was so boring of my life, i am bored and i have nothing to do except being bored” instead try to be like “…. is updating his status to let you know his status is that he has no status” funny and effective.
  • Tweet on Trending Topics: Give your opinion and perspective on things and the latest events. If you’re lucky (and clever enough) you might have a ‘top tweet’ (over 100+ Retweets) which can lead to you gaining many followers.
  • Avoid Promoting Yourself too much: Yes, you can promote your blogposts, products, music etc but their is an invisible that you must not cross. If you do, you’ll either end up looking like a spammer/spam-bot or just clueless. Not only will you NOT gain additional followers but you will wear out your existing followers and many of them will un-follow you.
  • Linking your account: You can link you account with facebook. This will also help you to get more twitter followers.
  • An Inviting Twit-Pic: Chances are, you’d rather follow someone using their own picture or logo than some random spam-bot with a semi-nude twitpic. So why wouldn’t your potential followers? Using your own image goes a long way to create an impact.
And Last but not least, try to have fun! Don’t worry too much about the numbers. Like most things in Life, slow and steady wins the race, so have faith in yourself. I didn’t build my following over-night and neither will you. 🙂


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