WordPress user registration, login and edit-profile – Profile Builder

Easily Login, Register and Edit your Profile directly from the Front-end

Profile Builder lets you add front-end forms that give your users a more flexible way to register, log in, and modify their profile information.

If you allow public registration on your site, you don’t want to force your users to use the backend WordPress dashboard to register and manage their profiles.

With Profile Builder you can customize your registration and profile fields to collect as much, or as little, information as you want, create a front-end user directory, restrict access to content, and lots more.

In this post, we’ll quickly take you through how the core features in Profile Builder work. Then, we’ll dig into some of the advanced customization options that you get and how they can help you create a better, more user-friendly WordPress site.

A Quick Tour of How Profile Builder Works

In this first section, we’re just going to give you a high-level tour of what Profile Builder can help you do. Then, in the next section, we’ll dig into each feature in more detail and explain

Create Custom User Registration and Login Forms

Profile Builder registration form

Profile Builder lets you wave goodbye to the default WordPress login and registration forms for good. Instead of asking people to use the backend, you can include your own custom login and registration forms anywhere on your site.

Beyond that, you can customize your user registration form to include additional fields to collect more information about your users:

Edit registration fields

You can also create multiple registration forms for different use cases. For example, if you have a job listing site, you could create one registration form for job seekers and another form for companies who want to post their job listings. Or, you can use conditional logic to show different fields within the same form based on how users answer previous fields.

Let Users Manage Their Profiles from the Front-End

Profile Builder edit profile field

Once users have registered, they’ll be able to manage their profiles from the front-end of your site, which offers a much more user-friendly option than asking them to use the backend WordPress dashboard.

You can choose exactly which fields users can manage while editing their profile, which may or may not be the same as the registration fields. For example, you have the option to collect some fields upon registration that users can’t edit once they’ve signed up:

Control edit profile form

You’ll also be able to create multiple edit profile forms, each with different types of restrictions.

WordPress User Registration, Login and Edit Profile Shortcodes

Profile Builder makes it easy to add your forms anywhere on your site via a simple shortcode system. To add custom registration forms, login forms, or edit profile forms, all you need to do is place a shortcode where you want the content to appear:

  • [wppb-login] – to add a front-end login form.
  • [wppb-register] – to add a front-end registration form.
  • [wppb-edit-profile]– to grant users front-end access to their personal information (requires the user to be logged in).
  • [wppb-recover-password] – to add a front-end recovery password form.
  • [wppb-restrict] – to restrict a piece of content

Each shortcode also offers various parameters that you can use to customize each individual form – more on those advanced features later.

Display Users on the Front-End

Need to create a front-end member directory? Profile Builder lets you list all/some of your users in a variety of formats, including displaying users on a map. This makes a great option for everything from a community directory to listing service providers, team members, and more.

You can choose exactly which users to display and even create multiple different listings that display different types of users. You can also restrict access so that only authorized users can browse the member listing, which helps you keep your community private if needed:

Profile Builder user directory

Integrate With Other Plugins

Profile Builder integrates with other popular plugins so that you can beef up their registration and profile features.

One of the biggest integrations is WooCommmerce – you can sync Profile Builder with WooCommerce so that you and users can manage the shipping/billing fields inside your Profile Builder forms. You can also integrate your registration and profile edit forms with WooCommerce.

If you’re using bbPress to create a forum, you can also use Profile Builder to let people register, manage their forum profiles, and even upload their own custom avatars.

Finally, Profile Builder also lets you sync its fields with BuddyPress if you want to create more of a social community.

Restrict Access to Content

Restrict content

If you want to create a lightweight membership site, Profile Builder lets you restrict content based on a user’s role. You can restrict entire pieces of content or just use partial restriction via shortcodes.

Or, for a more heavy-duty membership site, Profile Builder also integrates with Paid Member Subscriptions to let you charge for memberships, get access to more flexible restriction features, and lots more.

Profile Builder Pro

Create beautiful front-end registration and profile forms with custom fields. Setup member directories, custom redirects, cutomize user emails & more using the all in one user management plugin.

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Digging Into the Features in WordPress Profile Builder

In the first section, we introduced you to some of the core features that Profile Builder adds to your WordPress site. However, as you might’ve already figured out in your search to find the right plugin, there’s a lot more to picking a plugin than just ticking off the boxes for some core features. You also need to consider all the nitty-gritty options that affect how those features function.

So in this section, we’re going to dig deeper and show you some of the more advanced ways that you can apply and customize Profile Builder’s features to create a better WordPress website.

Create Custom Registration and Login Forms

One of the key features in Profile Builder is that it lets you create custom registration forms and embed them anywhere on your site using a shortcode. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the features that you get…

Add Fields to Your Registration Form (w/ Conditional Logic)

Your site is unique, so you won’t necessarily need the same profile fields as someone else’s WordPress site. You might want to collect additional information about your users to go into the existing WordPress profile fields or you might want to collect completely new custom information.

Either way, Profile Builder has you covered. The free version lets you choose from 17 default fields and the premium version adds 29+ custom field types that you can add. You can also use conditional logic to control exactly when each field displays.

Edit registration fields

Create Multiple Registration Forms

Not all users are the same, so you might not want to use the same registration form for all your users. You might have different dynamics such as “instructors vs students”, “job seekers vs people hiring for jobs”, etc.

To account for these many different scenarios, Profile Builder lets you create as many unique registration forms as needed. Each form can have its own fields, you can assign users to different roles at registration, etc.

Redirect Users After Registering/Logging In

Create custom redirects

To create a better user experience, you might want to redirect users to a certain page after they perform a certain action (like registering). For example, you could create a special “Welcome” page that users see immediately after registering.

To control this behavior, you can set up a variety of different redirects after users perform actions such as:

  • Registering
  • Logging in or out
  • Editing their profile
  • Confirming their email
  • Resetting their password

You can also set up separate redirect rules for certain user roles or even individual users.

Enable Social Login

If you want to convince more people to register for your site, you should do your best to reduce friction. One of the biggest sources of friction is a lengthy registration form, which is why a significant number of people would prefer to register/login using social login.

To make your users’ lives a whole lot easier, Profile Builder lets you enable social login from Facebook, Google, or Twitter.

Add reCaptcha to Prevent Spam

If you allow public registration, registration spam can be a real problem for WordPress sites. To prevent your forms from potential abuse, Profile Builder lets you add reCaptcha to your forms. This blocks bots without negatively impacting your human visitors’ experiences.

Control Registration Behavior

In addition to letting you create custom registration forms, Profile Builder also gives you lots of other ways to control registration behavior on your site. Let’s go through them…

Customize Registration Emails

Edit email templates

To create a more personalized experience, Profile Builder lets you customize all of the transactional emails involved in the registration process. You’ll be able to fully customize emails for:

You can also customize the notification emails that admins receive.

Require Email Confirmation for New Users

Want to make sure your members are using valid emails? You can require users to confirm their email before they’re able to finish the registration process.

Require Admin Approval for New Users

If you’re worried about people registering who shouldn’t be there, Profile Builder lets you take a more active hand by requiring manual admin approval for new registrants. Don’t worry – it won’t take much time. You can even approve users just by clicking a link in an email – no need to use the WordPress dashboard (though you can if you want).

Force Strong Passwords

Worried about malicious actors getting a hold of your users’ accounts? Profile Builder lets you force strong passwords to keep things secure. No more “password” passwords.

Offer Passwordless Login

Want to get rid of passwords altogether? Profile Builder lets you use passwordless login. Instead of entering a password, users will receive a one-time passcode via email that they can use to log in.

Let Users Manage Their Profiles From the Front-End

By default, one of WordPress’ biggest weak points is that it forces users, even regular subscribers, to manage their profiles from the backend. Profile Builder fixes that by giving you a flexible front-end profile management area.

Create Multiple Edit Profile Forms

Just as with registration forms, not all users are equal, so you might not want all of your users to have the same experiences when they’re editing their profile pages. To create more optimized experiences, Profile Builder lets you create multiple profile edit forms with different options. You can then restrict access to the forms based on a user’s role.

Let Users Upload Their Own Avatars

By default, WordPress profiles rely on Gravatar for avatars. That’s a problem because most of your users probably don’t have a Gravatar account, and it’s also just generally not user-friendly because users need to manage their profile pictures from the separate Gravatar website.

To fix this, Profile Builder lets you add an avatar field where users can upload their own custom image and change it in the future.

Require Admin Approval to Edit Field

If you need to limit the options that users have for editing their profiles, you can require admin approval for users to edit certain fields. After a user edits one of those fields, you’ll receive a notification email that lets you approve/disapprove the changes before they go live.

Display Users on the Front-End

If you want to publicly display your users, Profile Builder Pro comes with a variety of options to help you create front-end user listings/directories.

Create Multiple User Listings With Different Rules

As we’ve mentioned a few times already, not all users are the same, so you might not want to include all your users in the same list. Profile Builder lets you create multiple user listings, each with their own style/layout rules and unique rules for which users to display.

Profile Builder frontend member directory user listing

You can create your own custom listing templates using a simple templating system and also control the listing template for individual profiles.

Display Users on a Map

If you associate users with a geographic location, you can display users on a map.

Display Users on a Map using Profile Builder

This is great for any type of local service provider site, but it also has tons of other unique applications.

Add Filters

Create filters

If you have a lot of members, it will be hard for users to find specific people when browsing your member lists. To fix this, Profile Builder lets you include customizable faceted filters in your member listing layout.

You can choose exactly which profile fields users can filter by. You can also add a search box and choose which profile fields users are able to search.

Restrict Access to Member Lists

Depending on how your community is set up, you may or may not want your user directories to be public. If you don’t want anonymous visitors to be able to browse your user lists, you can restrict access to them based on a user’s role or logged-in status.

Restrict Access to Content

Restrict content

You might have some content on your site that you only want to be available to some/all of your registered users. Profile Builder makes it easy to set up lightweight content restrictions on your site. You’ll be able to restrict content by a user’s role or logged-in status.

Restrict Entire Pieces of Content or Just Parts

You can restrict access to an entire post/page/post type with the check of a box or you can partially restrict access using shortcodes.

Customize Restriction Messages or Redirect Users

You can customize the messages that users see when they don’t have permission to browse certain content. Or, you can redirect users who don’t have access permissions to another page (like your custom registration page).

Integrate With Paid Member Subscriptions

If you need more heavy-duty membership site features, Profile Builder integrates with the Paid Member Subscriptions plugin so that you can charge for membership, bulk restrict content, and lots more.

Integrate With Other Plugins and Services

Finally, Profile Builder also has built-in integrations with some of the other plugins and services you might be using on your site.

Integrate With WooCommerce

If you have a WooCommerce store, you can integrate Profile Builder into your store’s processes in a variety of ways:

Integrate With bbPress

If you’re running a forum with bbPress, Profile Builder integrates with bbPress in the following ways:

  • Use Profile Builder to create custom registration/login forms for your forum.
  • Replace the bbPress “edit profile” area with Profile Builder.
  • Let users upload their own avatar and display that avatar in your forums.

Integrate With BuddyPress

In addition to bbPress, Profile Builder also integrates with BuddyPress so that you can:

  • Replace the BuddyPress registration form, edit profile form, profile view, members listing, and avatar.
  • Import BuddyPress fields to Profile Builder.

Add Users to Email Marketing Services

With the premium version, Profile Builder lets you give users an option to subscribe to your mailing list via the registration form or when editing their profile. Profile Builder currently integrates with the following email marketing tools:

  • Mailchimp
  • Campaign Monitor
  • MailPoet

Profile Builder Pro

Create beautiful front-end registration and profile forms with custom fields. Setup member directories, custom redirects, cutomize user emails & more using the all in one user management plugin.

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Why Upgrade to Profile Builder Pro?

Some of the features that we’ve discussed are available in the free version of Profile Builder at WordPress.org. However, upgrading to one of the premium versions will give you a lot more flexibility and also give you access to the many premium add-ons.

With the Pro version, you’ll be able to:

  • Create multiple user registration forms and multiple edit profile forms.
  • Create your own extra/custom user fields and add them to the registration/edit profile forms.
  • Let users upload their own avatars.
  • Use conditional logic, or add repeater fields.
  • Create front-end user listings/directories.
  • Set up custom redirects.
  • Customize all of the emails that your site sends.
  • Hold users for manual admin approval.

You can also get access to premium add-ons for the following features:

  • WooCommerce sync
  • Social login
  • Custom options on the navigation bar (e.g. a logout button for logged-in users)
  • Integrations with Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, or MailPoet
  • bbPress integration
  • BuddyPress integration
  • Multi-step forms for registration or profile editing
  • Control over field visibility

To get started, purchase Profile Builder Pro today.

Profile Builder Pro

Create beautiful front-end registration and profile forms with custom fields. Setup member directories, custom redirects, cutomize user emails & more using the all in one user management plugin.

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